Obstacles: Detached Retinas

This happened to me several years ago. I queried the literary agent for one of my favorite authors. The agent called me two days later asking me for three sample chapters. The chapters were dropped off at the concierge desk the next morning. Later that week he called me, bursting with excitement assuring me my novel would reach the big screen. He wanted the entire novel dropped off Monday morning.

With visions of a six figure deal, book signings, and my Oscar acceptance speech dancing in my head, I sat down to begin the printing process. Murphy’s cruel law reared its ugly head and my computer died. The next day I rushed out to purchase a new computer and saw the first 17 inch monitors on display (I did say this was several years ago). It was a heavy monstrosity with built-in speakers on the side. I have friends who hurt their back and others who suffered hernias carrying heavy things. Not me. I tore my retina.

Emergency surgery reattached my retina, but I suffered from blurred vision for several years. I stopped writing. How could I overcome the obstacle of blurred vision? Today, I regret those lost years. This past December on the eve of Christmas Eve I tore the same retina. My second surgery, like my first, left me with blurred vision. This time I refuse to stop writing and querying. I refuse to make that mistake again.


282 thoughts on “Obstacles: Detached Retinas

    1. Oh, sorry about that. I handed in the entire manuscript and went off to have my surgery. It took years to fully recover my full vision. The agent returned the manuscript to me several months later. He provided a small list of suggestions,told me to keep promoting it because it would sell, and said it was not for him. Very disappointing.

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  1. Hi, Andrew! Now it’s my turn to peruse your older blog posts! I’m thinking it must be somewhat encouraging to have had such initial enthusiasm for your manuscript. I can’t believe that nothing came of that. The right person has not read it yet! Your vision still hasn’t returned to 100%, is that correct? We were talking about reading books and you said you weren’t able to read except your computer screen…

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    1. First, I still hold hope to find a literary agent for my work. (I refuse to quit). Yeah, I had retina surgery years ago and again this past year. I still have plenty of blurriness that will take time to heal. I take many breaks when reading blogs to rest my eyes. I also set the screen to super large print to read. I set January as my date to start reading books again. I miss reading.

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  2. Couldn’t possibly hug you harder.

    Also, I may be commenting a lot as I browse your head, so don’t feel the need to reply to everything, please. I’m just blah blah blah- ing in your direction


        1. Good. Nandita had to return to mhy blog with the other blog she uses “Ria.” I just approved and replied.

          By the way, that strange blogger “thecandiclub” left old messages while I was gine. Both nothing as strange as she left on yours.

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          1. So weird that one. And I have to stop myself from unleashing the rage when she comments, she pisses me off so much!

            You replied? You are a better person than me. I would have told her to fuck the fuck off a long time ago and stop acting like such a psycho.

            Sorry…rage monster peeking out

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