Support Systems: My Number One Fan

There are many support systems a writer can turn to and some of them may be as close as the next room. A few years ago when i wrote my first science fiction screenplay Paradox, I received great motivation and insight from my poetry writing, movie going thirteen year old daughter Catherine. You wouldn’t expect that from a young teen, but her suggestions were invaluable.

After reading my script, Catherine recommended changes in dialogue responses that added conflict and foreshadowing to many scenes. Her observations about my characters helped me build better secondary characters, a delicious antagonist that everyone will love to hate, and kept my protagonist always in character.Β Later when I adapted Paradox to novel format, she suggested tweaks to dialogue that improved characterization. Her poetry writing habit of always searching for the right word improved my manuscript with a few minor words changes.

My arduous journey to publication may be a lonely one, but at least I had my number one fan in my corner.



31 thoughts on “Support Systems: My Number One Fan

  1. My 17-year-old was a beta reader for my latest novel. He was 15 when he read it, which was perfect because I have a 15-year-old character in it. Not only did he give me insight into the character’s mind, he offered great insight for the novel in general. We should never underestimate teenagers. I plan to use him again as a beta reader for my current WIP!

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    1. Congrats. It is amazing how our teens can provide such helpful hints. If I were a writer of MG or YA I would definitely take advantage of having a teen in my house. My daughter always wanted to be a director, so she had a keen eye for weaknesses in my novels and screenplays. Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts.


      1. Good for your daughter. We need more female directors! I don’t even write YA. I write adult fiction, and my son’s insight was still invaluable. Then again, he’s a great writer (according to his teachers). I suspect he’ll have a bestseller long before me. Sigh.

        Look at us bragging about our kids. Just as it should be, right? πŸ™‚

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  2. Again, you have put words to what I have been thinking. I have one or two friends that read my posts but I don’t have a support system. Not having one makes feel lonely. It seems everyone is in a hurry. Let me tell my kids to grow up fast

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    1. Haha. Enjoy your kids while you can. They will be out of the house sooner than you think. Right now, we have to squeeze time here and there to write. Blogging is the best support system I have ever seen. There are so many supportive bloggers in this community. I love it. What do you write?

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      1. I write on parenting and some personal musings . I write short stories too but I want to put them on a different page so they will have their distinct features.
        As per the kids, they grow up so fast for sure. They are beginning to find their different interests and thats good.
        Blogging is awesome. The connection with people all over the world is incredible. People are only a click away.

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        1. Okay, I didn’t remember seeing fiction on your page. Yeah, blogging is awesome. Better than the other forms of social media. When you decide to open the second blog. I love to follow everything about writing. So, I can read your stuff and comment.

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  3. So you started with a screenplay and developed it into a novel… I’ve wondered about trying to write a screenplay. My novels are so full of dialogue after all. Perhaps in the doldrums of winter when we are not so busy, you could give me some pointers?

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    1. One day I want to write a serious post about screenwriting. It helps with the novel writing because it forces you to concentrate on dialogue. Also, instills the habit of keeping descriptions brief. When I read your Soldier series, I visualized it as a movie.

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  4. Like father, like daughter! Sounds like she has talent like her dad! I’m fortunate to have my daughter, who inspired me to write a blog and is a great support and “fan in my corner.” πŸ™‚


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  5. Yeah.your number one fan is your daughter.most brilliant and active.her face is like are lucky father having a most enthusiastic and cute daughter,my dear friend.🌷


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