Introducing Veyda

Her resolute aqua eyes spied the barren subway tunnel. Grateful no one occupied the dark passage, she clenched her trembling fists. Tiny glints of light reflected off of subway rails reminding her of the unseen orbs twinkling in the evening sky. A thousand years have passed since the last man witnessed the unholy heavens. Perhaps, she could succeed where hundreds of others had failed before her.

Veyda possessed no fear of death. With mankind on the brink of annihilation, she refused to wait for the inevitable. Unlike her apprehensive comrades, who rejected the idea of an aggressive campaign against the powerful aliens; she relished the opportunity. Let us decide the time and place of our final destiny.

Extinction. The ungodly thought coursed through her angry five foot eight inch frame like a rabid roller coaster on steroids. Detesting the toxic way it reverberated inside her ears, she expunged the word from her vocabulary. How could fate be so cruel? Did life on Earth really have to end here and now? Not if she had anything to say about it.

Veyda refused to join the dinosaurs and Neanderthals in extinction.

Veyda is the lead female character of my novel/screenplay trilogy Paradox 


484 thoughts on “Introducing Veyda

  1. This is a very interesting and strong female lead, which unfortunately “the biz” doesn’t have enough of. I am an emerging writer of short stories and have thought about challenging myself into writing novels and, later on, screenplays. Which would you say is easier? Any advice on how to start the what-seems-overwhelming process?

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  2. Alexia thanks for your comment and questions. Each format has its advantages, disadvantages, and challenges. I personally enjoy writing both, but if I had to choose one I would say novel writing is easier. Novel writing expects you to include your character’s thoughts and feelings, something good screenwriting omits. .

    When you are ready to tackle novels and screenplays chose one of the two formats. Screenplays are written in present tense and novels in past tense. Therefore, it is better to master one format before considering the other. There are great books on screen writing written by Syd Field (my favorite) and Robert McKee. There are dozens of great books on novel writing.

    When you think you ready, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you get started.


  3. Another interesting character that appears to have great inner strength and a lot of passion. I love the name as it is not common and carries with it beauty and strength.

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  4. Veyda – I like her. Strong, angry, resolute. I’ve written male characters in the first person, channeling my dear men friends past and present. How do you get inside the heart and mind of your female lead? You have powerful women in your life, I know!

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    1. Good question. No, never had strong women in my life. I tried to imagine George Patton as a female. I try as hard as I can to be in the head of the POV character. I do the stuff we read in books of actually writing down each character’s back history.

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                    1. Nothing today. Little one is eating now (multitasking…) and I have…less of an appetite these days lol. Others eat at work today.
                      But tomorrow something with sliced beef and mushrooms and rice…I usually wing it!

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        1. I am good baby.
          Past couple of days have been up and down but today is a good day.
          Just cooking Sunday lunch now.

          How are you more to the point! Having fun?

          Please give me credit for keeping my explosive emotions under control right now ❤️


          1. I have so much faith and confidence in you. You know you don’t have to worry about a thing Baby. Proud of you.

            We don’t have 24 hours of electricity here. So wi-fi does come and go. It at least the speed does.

            Well, I hope this will be an up day for you


            1. Smiling baby. After almost two days of not touching you, I think I have faith and confidence in me too!
              Well, whenever you want, you can reach out and I will see it. I have a lot of alone moments.

              It’s an up day today. Don’t worry.

              So cool that you’re on a farm…I can’t imagine you being all rural lol


                    1. Okay…I thought you had said Thursdays lol so this was an amazing surprise for me!❤️
                      I felt that when I read it baby. I really did
                      I’m good. I will have some alone time in a little while
                      How are you.
                      Can’t stop thinking about you


                    2. smiling
                      in respnse to your comment about writing

                      i figured it would be hard to write with a negative vibe around you. it has to stifle creativity some what

                      i know i need near silence, positive vibes, and inspiring music to get my creative juices flowing.

                      i don’t know how you can create such beauty with the negativity
                      I wouldn’t be able to


                    3. It’s hard. That’s why I need to be alone during the week, you know. I have all these words in my head, they won’t properly take form though. I get all confused and cloudy.

                      I knew you’d understand. Just needed to talk to you about it.


                    4. i know Mami
                      it is like that for all writers
                      oh i know you needed to voice it

                      i always wonderred how you could write so beautifully about love with that less than shining influence around you


                    5. I used to write about pain more than love or love from pain

                      Now I write about love because of you.
                      Even in the darkest days around here, there’s always a poem forming about how much I love you , even if it’s not ready to come out

                      You’re my light


                    6. By the way, I think I’ve been wrong about my stats going up on the days you post. must just have been a couple of coincidences that made me think that. Hasn’t made a difference the last couple of times. That’s good though.
                      It means no one thinks anything about our back and forths or is connecting anything.
                      Hoes don’t seem to be worried about me and my silly comments to you! so all good lol


                    7. No.
                      Even before you were half blogging. Think I was just wrong

                      The hoes just heart you a lot and don’t how to deal with it.

                      I get it lol


                    8. Good grief.
                      I was all heartbeats with the first bit of this message now I’m all ‘hoes are effing crazy’
                      You have my heart baby. Always


                    9. I think they’re trying their best to do that.
                      I literally trust no one around here lately

                      They won’t have much luck with me..There’s enough crazy up in my head already


                    10. I really do love you.

                      I managed to write something today. If I still like it when I read it in the morning I’ll post it. It’s called Would You


                    11. Not yet. trying to get little one to sleep now. He’s being stubborn lol

                      you know who is watching football I think.

                      baby you don’t have to read my poems right now. just catch up on your other reading. I’m not going anywhere


                    12. New Zealand……hmmm
                      It is a blogger who wants to be able to crush me without people knowing who she is

                      How do you find out where the IP is from. I know how to find the IP but not where it is from


                    13. Yep. Agree with you.
                      Basically if you find the IP then just do a basic google search of IP location it whatever and copy paste it it will tell you where it’s from


                    14. well rested. just so you remember, the electricity comes and goes here, that means the wifi too.

                      feeling heart beaty and relaxed

                      inspired to write too
                      hey, yesterday’s poem was all about me imagining you here.


                    15. Sounds like a dream

                      Hey remember the last time well spoke on the phone and I told you that I had “seen” you dressed in khaki trousers and a white shirt but I knew that it was somewhere hot because of the way you were dressed and it was a wedding (although I had told you that I was sure I was seeing your wedding)?
                      How spooky that you’ll be dressed like that at a wedding on a tropical island very soon


                    16. I know this is not your wedding!!! Lol

                      So funny though.

                      I told you. I get strong feelings about you and see weird inexplicable stuff.


                    17. Good morning baby.
                      I have some more alone time. I’ve been trying to write poetry and as usual, during these times when he’s home I just can’t. Something about his energy blocks me. Even when he’s out. I just can’t get the words out right. I don’t like that feeling.
                      I think you asked me once if I get blocked with my writing. I know I said no and that’s true, I usually don’t.
                      But when he’s around this much, something in my mind and heart just doesn’t work quite right and I can’t get my poetry out. It’s like I can feel it all there but something’s in the way.
                      Anyway. Doesn’t matter. I’ll feel normal by Monday. I’ve half written 3 poems. I know! Me! You’d probably like them in their half finished state. They’re kind of ..innocent somehow.
                      Not being able to write how i want and need feels wrong somehow. Hence all the reblogs. I didn’t reblog that one I showed you yesterday. I did put the comments in pending regardless. But in the end I went for another one. Doesn’t matter anyway, only a few people will read it since most followers have already read it. I’m mostly doing this for me. Reminds me of when we were falling so deeply..
                      Do you know we’ve only been touching each other this way for 4 months or so? Feels so much longer doesn’t it.
                      Hope you’re resting well baby.
                      Touch me whenever you can


                    18. Hey if I suddenly disappear I’ll be back at 6.30 my time. If you’re around.
                      Wish we had more time. Feel like I have so much to say and ask ❤️


                    19. Nothing dramatic lol.
                      I just wanted to ask about the wedding and how it was and how many hearts were a flutter with you all gorgeous and stuff lol


                    20. You will baby. You’ll just wake up one morning and that will be the right day to write.
                      you’re probably just enjoying a well deserved break and bit if peace away from NY. Nothing wrong with you!


                    21. Why would I be asleep at 9pm?? Is that what time you’d send me to bed?

                      He’ll be busy today.

                      Are you thinking of popping in for a coffee?


                    22. I’ll probably disappear in a few minutes

                      so so happy we got a little time today.

                      and all these touches from you helped me finish my poem and that makes me feel all sorts of good .

                      miss you as we speak


                    23. Good morning baby.

                      Hope you’re okay ❤️

                      You’ll have to forgive my messages yesterday, I was a mess and on top of the mess I was missing you and on top of that none of my logic or sense were working.
                      It was a bad bad day for me.

                      Hence the tone of my messages lol

                      Feeling better today.
                      Such a warmth in my heart for you



                    24. Good morning Baby
                      sorry you had a bad day. I was reading one of your messages when the wifi went out. didn’t return until this morning.

                      Happy to hear you are doing better today
                      wish you never had a bad day


                    25. Hey baby. Missed you terribly.

                      It was awful. Probably best you didn’t read the whole message, would have just upset you.

                      I wish that too.
                      One day maybe there won’t be any more bad days.


                    26. Yeah I bet you were. Must have been so annoying being cut off from civilization lol

                      I’m okay baby.

                      Feeling a bit bruised and stiff but on the inside I feel better.

                      Just trying to keep the day calm and cheery.

                      How’s everything with you 💋


                    27. Not at all. I told you electricity and wifi come and goes. They get about 10 -12 hours of electricity a day. Don’t know how these people survive.

                      Imagine middle of the night, lights go out. the ceiling fans stops. You are sweating from head to toes and then the mosquitos swarm in on you.

                      That was last night


                    28. I know I know baby. I knew all that with the WiFi and electricity but have no idea the battles going on my head. It was too much to deal with and on bad days like that nothing manages to stop my horrible thoughts. I just spiral and I can’t get back up, if you get what I mean . But today I’m better I think. I block things out that happen here and get on with stuff. I have to.

                      No idea how they cope out there like that! Sweating, no air and mosquitoes…literally 3 of the top 10 things I can’t stand about Cyprus lol. I get you!


                    29. I wonder too. I don’t know.

                      In the past I think it was just the power I have to block things out temporarily or just quickly move on while I pushed things deep down only to have them resurface with a vengeance at some point.

                      Now… I don’t know. I have a strong feeling or sense of hope or like something good will come after so much sad stuff


                    30. I know you did.
                      I’m sorry.
                      But that’s one reason among many that I feel you understand me so much and the way you deal with me..I’ve never had that before.

                      I try so hard to not let things affect him. I feel like I’m failing


                    31. Really? !
                      Baby that’s amazing.
                      You are a beautiful writer and poet and person. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you.

                      You deserve 100 times that number, though I don’t know how you’d cope with that many lol.

                      You are magnetic.


                    32. Hey baby
                      You know who has gone to take his mum to the airport so I thought I’d touch.

                      You’re either partying or asleep lol.

                      Thinking about you ❤️


                    33. Hey.
                      Sorry my.replies were short, I was in the garden.
                      I don’t want you to be teary and I’m so sorry.
                      I am okay, I promise. Even the soreness has gone. Things have been a bit calmer so that’s good. My head still in a mess, but I can deal with that.
                      I love you.


                    34. In case we don’t touch until tomorrow, have an amazing time baby, have drink nd a dance for me lol.

                      I am in a permanent state of missing you.

                      So many kisses


                    35. How am I…
                      Deeply in love

                      I will read your post now
                      I was just writing you a long little message while waiting for you. I’ll give it to you later


                    36. But don’t forget you’re in PARADISE and you’re there to enjoy yourself and relax and not get frustrated. Everyone knows you’re away, no one is rushing you to answer all your comments ASAP.
                      You have to chill the eff out baby!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    37. I know you did. And you are. I’m just trying to say, everyone one of your followers understands that you’re a little less present, not absent

                      Me too baby. Every time I press send I think that it will be the last time I hear from you today


                    38. Baby… stop writing responses on today’s poem!

                      I am crazy for you too, but one of us needs to keep our crazy little love a secret or we’ll be in trouble!

                      As for seeing me naked.
                      That could be arranged … eventually


                    39. I have a little confession too.
                      Your valentine’s Day poem, the dress of sand.
                      I commented on it btw, but when I read it, and I read the word ‘weeds’ my heart kind of hurt! I know I shouldn’t have made the connection but I blame my stormy head.
                      Had to tell you.


                    40. I don’t have any idea of the connection. please explain”

                      oh, you’re overactive mind

                      confession: dress of sand was written while I was in Cancun
                      never used it. while i was in the resort, poetry was the furthest thing from my mind
                      so i used that post. it seemed perfect since i was on vacation.

                      now wht are you imaging baby


                    41. I don’t know!!!!!

                      I don’t do it on purpose. I promise. Things just pop into my head and they just sit there tormenting me.

                      Yes I trust you for eff’s sake

                      I know it was. When I started reading it I was like….okay where is he going with this???
                      Then i reached the end lol

                      I love it.
                      I apologise for my head and the way it misbehaves.
                      I do love you very tenderly


                    42. I bet the WiFi went just when I was being a ridiculous typical woman about one stupid word.

                      Pretend I never said anything and just rewind to the parts when we were talking about naked bodies and sexy stuff lol.


                    43. Sighing baby
                      I’ll disappear somewhat in a little while.
                      But I’ll be back at that precious little monent when I always touch you around 2pm your time.
                      How much I need and want you is fucking ridiculous


                    44. Did you now..
                      What so you think I am sooooo into you that I am sitting here thinking about laying on a beach with you as you pound me so hard i can’t think straight?

                      well you’re right


                    45. Don’t worry about it or overthink it baby You’ll get to it.

                      Trust me if I was on the island I’d be visiting Andrew too. With some special welcome gifts


                    46. So the other thing I wanted to ask you yesterday was, when you have time and have NOTHING else to do (no rush), I want you tell me about Amani’s love. I can’t remember her name now.
                      I know nothing about her and I want to know

                      Okay touch you later


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