Andrew Duran: Forever in the Shadows

Ocean waves stroked the tranquil beach as a warm breeze rustled idle palm leaves. Moonlight glistened off of the barrel  of his Smith and Wesson radiating its own personal glow. The scene appeared as natural as the shifting tides or setting sun; as normal as the death and betrayal that punctuated his godforsaken life.

Scratching his stubble covered face; Andrew Duran considered his environment and the ungodly events that brought him here. Time may wane the pain of this treason. His memory might fade as years go by, but he would never forgive their treachery. His square jaw moved as he ground his teeth in rage. Unwavering hatred grew like an unholy tumor, consuming the goodness that once resided inside him, eradicating the man that once existed.

No one could see it coming. They framed a true American hero and labeled him a traitor. Duran should have expected it; his eyes had seen the forbidden. Destined to a life on the run, hunted by the very government that made him, he swore he would never trust again. He expected his past to haunt him.

His enemies would eventually come for him. Here on the shores of Communist Cuba, an island condemned to live in shadows, Andrew Duran would wait for them.


  •    – Andrew Duran is the protagonist of my novel/screenplay thriller The Exterminator’s Diary

23 thoughts on “Andrew Duran: Forever in the Shadows

  1. Andrew Duran sounds like a man with lots of patience and something tells me that when he decodes to leave the shadows, all hell is going to break loose. Great build-up of this character.

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    1. Which came first the chicken or the egg?
      Which came first The Lonely Author or the ho???
      Such profound philosophical questions to start the morn.

      The correct answer is: It doesn’t matter who came first, once the Lonely Author arrived, everybody started cumming.


            1. Yep.
              Little guy was occupied.
              I went to the bedroom.
              I had been reading some of our little female friend’s posts. We’d had a chat. (I’ll show you, nothing explicit she is super shy and not a ho at all lol)

              I thought about you. Things we could do…
              And it took me about 5 minutes to have 3 sweet little Os.
              (Sounds like a poem, didn’t intend it to lol)


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