Mabus: The Nucleus of Evil

Mabus strolled through the courtyard behind his Ziggurat Palace admiring the green plants and colorful flowers. Their delicious fragrance reminded him so much of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. He plucked a leafy flower to sniff its multi-colored petals. Relishing its fresh scent, he ignored the wilting stem. He entered a private cemetery. Walking past the small tombstones that marked his failures, he whispered, “Why did the flowers have to die?”

His mind wandered to the distant past, recalling the horrific fate of his wife and five children. A heinous act the aliens made him watch. His enemies offered to spare his young heirs, if he agreed to relinquish his kingdom. Mabus declined and his adversaries showed no mercy. One by one they dismembered his family. Even as his children’s cries tormented his ears and their warm blood splattered his anguished face, he refused to concede.

The atrocious memory remained lodged in his soul like an annoying nail hammered into his skull. The ultimate sacrifice saved the kingdom and the planet Sumer. Now, thousands of years later here on Earth, he refused to permit the human epidemic to contaminate his conquest. He needed to protect his people and the children from the violent humans full of intolerance and hate. The revolting species must be eliminated.

Grounding the little flower in his powerful hand, Mabus walked away, vowing to protect his community as the waning cries of his children echoed in his recollection.

  – Mabus is the antagonist in my novel/screenplay trilogy Paradox



30 thoughts on “Mabus: The Nucleus of Evil

  1. Powerful piece. Kind of character that grabs and holds my attention. This is a well written post – not only does it gives us insight to Mabus – but to his creator’s skill as well.

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  2. Don’t know if I could have been as resolute had it been my family. Is that lack of passion … or highly intense passion that gives a man the fortitude to live through times of torment and stick to his values …? Interesting write, definitely makes me want to know Mabus more.

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    1. Thanks for reading my characters Meg I am still sending out queries. I guess I would turn to self publishing in the future if all else fails. My 2016 plan is query agents, enter the screenplays in contests. Query Hollywood agents as well. It will be a full marketing assault. We will see what happens. Thanks for the encourgement.

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