Top Ten Disadvantages To Marrying a Writer

Top Ten Disadvantages to Marrying A Writer

10- He encourages you to find your voice even when you don’t have laryngitis

   9- You will be expected to critique the first draft of the Dear John letter he is writing for you.

   8- Writer’s block prevents her from completing the grocery list.

   7- During disagreements your spouse will always take the omniscient point of view.

   6- He provides vivid descriptions of what he did in the bathroom.

   5- The only time he will throw out the garbage if you refer to it as the slush pile.

   4- During the middle of an argument your spouse stops to search for a thesaurus in order to avoid word repetition.

   3- You go to a sex counselor and realize your spouse’s definition of climax is different from yours.

   2- Your spouse will inform you the threatening tone in an IRS letter is an example of foreshadowing.

   1- He reads your private diary at his weekly writing workshop.



55 thoughts on “Top Ten Disadvantages To Marrying a Writer

  1. We writers are a crazy bunch! but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you for reading my poem, I am looking forward to reading much more of your work, as time allows… so much to read, so much to write and so little time!! Namaste, Michelle

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  2. This list is so true, and funny. I have actually gotten out the thesaurus in the middle of a heated argument, or used a wide range of swear words to get my point across. Believe me, I know all of them. LOL.

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