Melinda Gordon Conversing With The Dead

From September 2005 until May 2010 CBS produced and aired five seasons of the supernatural drama Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love Hewitt played Melinda Gordon a young lady with a special gift; the ability to see and speak to Earth bound spirits (ghosts). She helped these lost souls and their grieving families resolve unfinished business in order for the ghosts to eventually cross into the light. Thanks to Hulu, my wife and I have spent valuable (yes, honey I said valuable and typed it in italics) time watching the life of Melinda Gordon.

Figured October would be the perfect time to discuss death. We will be discussing ghost dead not zombie dead (Ha ha, you see I know zombies are in and vampires are out).

Of all the gifts in the world to receive, conversing with the dead is pretty low on my list. Probably comes right after the gift of tooth decay and mental illness.

My apologies to Mitch Albom author of One More Day and The Five People You Meet In Heaven, but other than my parents, I don’t wish to speak to anyone from beyond unless its Bed, Bath, and Beyond. (My wife just bought these wonderful leaf shaped place mats for Thanksgiving. You have to see them). Every week the dead waste their time fighting and complaining with Melinda like Walmart shoppers on Black Friday. And if you believe courtesy and politeness are out of style, the dead don’t bother with any formalities. They are selfish, unforgiving, and cold. Well, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised by the cold part.

The dead don’t talk about sports, politics, or the weather. Even the ghosts of the elderly act strange. No mention of their hip replacement surgery, their rheumatoid arthritis, or cholesterol. And wouldn’t you know it; I have yet to see a smoking ghost. I guess they finally learned that cigarettes kill when they arrived on the other side. At that point, you may as well continue smoking, it won’t kill you again. Hey, Surgeon General we don’t need to see those disgusting commercials that ruin my late night snacking. Trust me, all smokers are going to quit.

On a positive note, if I received the gift of talking to the dead, I can talk to my parents again. My mom would complain about my poor diet. My father would snicker, still writing stupid crap? I told you to study accounting.

Yeah right, talking to the dead. This is one present I will definitely re-gift.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to talk to the dead?

Please note: asking for directions doesn’t count.



27 thoughts on “Melinda Gordon Conversing With The Dead

  1. I must admit, one of my show I do enjoy watching. I think that is because I have had my own experiences, so the idea of helping the other side move on and seek peace is indeed a gift that I wouldn’t mind having. There are boundaries of course, but all in all – it would be a gift. 🙂 Nice post!

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  2. Oh, I joked about talking to the dead, but I had a supernatural experience once which I will discuss later this month. Have you mentioned your experiences on your blog? I would like to read about them. As for Ghost Whisperer, I love the show. We started season 5 last night. It has actually given me a few ideas for short stories and a novel.

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  3. My wife and I saw every episode of Ghost Whisperer and it probably shaped our ultimate opinion we would be interested in conversing with the dead..but would want no part in dealing with helping the dead cross over…too emotional. They’d already have to be on the other side to have a good chat with. Besides…we’d obviously want the inside scoop on how “things” are there. We’d selfishly want some insight into our future.

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  4. Ghost Whisperer is one of my all-time favorite shows!!! I loved that show, I loved Melinda & Jim, they were the cutest couple…I didn’t like it when they had Jim die and then come back inside someone else…nah! I thought the name of her antique shoppe was very clever, it was a very smart show…as far as talking to the dead, yes I would love to talk with them. I think I have a pretty good idea of what it’s like where they are but I could be all wrong. I would think they could enlighten me more, I believe that they would truly be “know it alls” once you cross-over I think you receive all the answers to everything…apparently I could go on and on about this…but I won’t. Enjoy Season 5 and I loved this post!!

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    1. My wife and I love it too. We are currently in Season 5. That is a great name for an antique shop. And when Jim died, we almost stopped watching the program. You are courageous to want to talk to the dead,.but you are correct. It would be an enlightening experience. Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment.

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  5. Sitting in the silence…
    Just before the dawn…
    You can hear their whispers…

    I have very much enjoyed spending my early morning… wandering through your words… Thank you for sharing them with us…
    Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments… and perhaps… a whisper from the ‘other side’…

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  6. You had me at ghost. Humorous take on the show and beyond. I have to admit I did watch the show and liked it. Maybe wouldn’t mind having Melinda’s gift, I would love to talk to pick the brain (or lack of) of some dead famous artists. But occasionally I will get hit with insight on a problem or location of a lost object or a thought pop in my head and wonder where did it come from?

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  7. My husband and I enjoy Ghost Whisperer as well and have spent “valuable” time, too:) It’s actually one of our fave times together. As for having “the gift”, I think it would freak me out and seeing Melinda’s life it is too consuming of actually living and enjoying your own life and loved ones. I would re-gift it, too.

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    1. Not only would Melinda’s gift horrify me, I couldn’t play the role of Jim and try to be the good guy supportive hubby if my wife were conversing with the dead. The series made for great bonding with my spouse. Tonight, we are scheduled to watch the very last episode. So sad.

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  8. I have always been afraid of the dead coming to visit me. My sister talks of these ghosts that make night visits. When my father passed in 2004 I asked him to NOT come to me, NOT to show his face and scare the living daylights out of me. I was fine and made my peace with him on his deathbed. Done! For months after his death, my two cats would meow for hours between 2 and 4 in the moning in the dining room. Well, he didn’t come to my room at least. When my mom died last December I felt a presence and cold air pass through me. I was petrified at first but tried to stay in my chain knowing Mom was trying to hug me. Other weird electrical appliances turned on in the middle of the night and I just found that comforting. She is the only one I would want to listen to if she wanted to contact me and my grandmother of course but I don’t need to talk to them…I know they know how I feel.

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