Do Fiction Writers Live Vicariously Through Their Characters?

Yes, I do.

Remember the last time someone acted a bit snarky with you at the supermarket or on line at the local bank. Have you replayed a moment like that in your mind wishing you had said something clever? Well, one of my secondary characters in my manuscript Paradox, his name is Razor, always has a wry remark ready. Yes, and I grit my teeth and shake my fist every time he says the clever line that’s never discharged from my mouth.

Do IΒ Live vicariously through my characters?

YES, yes, yes. I admit it. With no shame or guilt. My characters accomplish all the things that I never could. They lead exciting lives traveling the world, sipping on the finest champagne, making love to the most beautiful women, and most importantly; overcoming every obstacle. And trust me, I make it hard for them!

Andrew Duran the mysterious fugitive with the secretive past; skilled in combat and in bed.Β Veyda the unselfish warrior determined to save mankind, ready to sacrifice her own happiness to save the world.Β These guys are filled with such passion. Theirs lives are extraordinary.

So, I admit my characters bring excitement to my life. And why not? They are the most interesting people I know.

Do you live through vicariously through your characters?



216 thoughts on “Do Fiction Writers Live Vicariously Through Their Characters?

  1. You better believe it!
    Where else can I get that sense of adventure, see the world, have a vast extended family of friends, if not for the characters I write? (Mostly fanfiction)
    Writing has been my savior for more years than I care to admit to.

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  2. Oh, yes. I am some of my characters, for good or bad. They look like me (or like I did once) and have similar thoughts and ideas. My heroines get to do and be as I might have been, or wanted to be. Other characters just pop in…they knock on the door, or just step into a scene…sometimes they are Me, but often they are not. At times I don’t even want them to come into my story, but how in the world can they be kept out? Sometimes these strangers change the whole plot…or lead into a whole different genre (taxi cab to space-trolley?) Other writers will nod and agree–non-writers just think I’m a nut. Oh well…

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  3. Each of my female characters exhibit facets of a personality I wish I possessed. And the men, well, they portray traits that fascinate, attract and arouse me (and sometimes annoy). But what I like most is the control that I maintain over their lives, relationships and yes, sexual escapades. Smiles.

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    1. Are you talking about the characters in your poetry or do you write longer pieces? Yeah, I like that control as well. I live through my characters and I leanr from them as well. lol
      BTW I love your Who is She page. well thought out and written.


  4. I know this is an old post but it was linked in your sidebar. The title caught my eye because yes, I very much live vicariously through my characters! Exactly as you wrote — they do all the things I wish I could and say all the words I wish I had spoken. I’m convinced this vicarious living is why I write, perhaps more than a result of writing. It’s an escape to a lovely world I can mold into anything.

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    1. That is exactly the same thing for me. It is a delicious escpae from this hard world. And you know what? My characters have made me a better person. I always ask myself what my hero would do. Thank you for stopping to read this. I am so happy to reminded of this post. You are too kind. I will stop by to visit you a little later. Smiling

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      1. I do that, too. The other night my husband and I were discussing something and I said something like, “here’s what Charlie would do…” And he looked at me utterly confused. “Who’s Charlie?” Oh, oops, someone I made up. No wonder he thinks I’m nuts!

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      1. I couldn’t work out what you meant! Lol
        So I’m going either with ‘so she says’ as in me saying I will leave you alone with these comments but actually I never did or ‘so she says’ something about Selene?
        God knows. It’s early. I’m only two cups of coffee down.

        You’re really making me laugh.

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