Jake Cross Can’t Live Another Day Without Her

Seven billion people dead; yet his selfish heart only mourned for one.

The distraught figure dragged his body to the ledge of the mountaintop, as if he alone towed the burdens of a dying planet. He looked down on the futuristic metropolis constructed over the ashes of mankind. The alien city with its pale glass structures resembled a crystal cemetery of broken dreams.

Clutching the last remaining evidence that humans once inhabited the Earth, he groaned.

Through misty eyes, Jake Cross admired a photograph of his wife Lisa. His heart pounded against his ribs like a relentless bill collector at the door. Intolerable emptiness grew inside him like a cancerous black hole, eating away at his brittle psyche, devouring his aching soul.

He pressed the photo against his heaving chest as if her image could wipe away his pain.

Who better to console him? Lisa always neutralized his sorrows with a smile or warm embrace. Wiping the moisture from his eyes, a warm breeze caressed his skin reminding him of her gentle touch. He trembled like a virgin relishing her first kiss. Would he eventually forget the sound of her soft voice?

Jake couldn’t live like this. Earth without Lisa would be as cold and desolate as Pluto. He vowed to search for her. He needed to know if she survived. A horrifying thought crept into his mind like a swarm of stampeding centipedes. What if she suffered the same fate as the seven billion others?

He rubbed the photo against his chest with violent motions like an irritated student hoping to erase an error from a page. He preferred to cling to diminishing hope because the alternative…..

Jake shut his moist brown eyes.

It would be easier to stop breathing than to live another day without her.

  • – Jake Cross is the main character of my manuscript/screenplay Paradox.


151 thoughts on “Jake Cross Can’t Live Another Day Without Her

  1. I had two Hot Pumpkin Macchiatos this morning. Extra Large at that. I have found no issue with having energy today and am ready to take on the cosmos. Later today however there may be an issue…

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  2. Are the alien women hot? The fastest way for Jake to stop mourning his wife is to fall in love with a purple-haired ooze blob from Vega. And just think of the conflict … loving a member of the race that waged genocide against your people. He would be like a futuristic male Pocahontas.

    My centipedes wear boots with spurs. πŸ™‚

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  3. I thought it an interesting synchronicity that you landed up on my blog while having written this story and I had just been viewing this video – the analogy at the choice level is quite compelling. In this video too, the main character finds the loss of the one person more unbearable than the loss of thousands populating Zion and he chooses to focus on saving just that one person. An interesting insight on free will, choice and the meaning of love

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      1. Selfish/Selfless, two ways of seeing the same deed. I have a different view on that. In my opinion, we humans have not yet reached a point of transcendence where loving one is loving all and with our limited means, love can only be identified in the one – of course you can love many but there is only one who will capture your undivided attention and to whom you will direct all your love i.e. your twinflame/soulmate/significant other depending on the degree of your love progress and therefore the degree of connection you are able to establish. Now it so happens that I think that when you choose that one, you are actually being selfless because you are choosing to save love and not yourself. The reason being that when you choose that one, in reality, you are increasing your chances of dying because it is all the rest that working together allows you to survive from a material point of view, yet you forsake that all to choose the one, whose means will be very limited to help you in the material world (this does not require further proof as obviously what one person can do is far more limited to what say a thousand people or – strikingly more obvious – a billion people could do). You choose that one because you actually choose love over the material world and you choose to believe that it is that love – embodied by the one you choose – which will truly allow you to survive. Perhaps this reasoning will appear to be rather convoluted to you but for me it is my personal wisdom πŸ™‚

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  4. So lovely your characters in the stories I’ve read thus far. A feeling of encapsulating the survivor’s guilt and quest for seeking revenge and/or perhaps redemption.
    How quickly the reader forms an attachment. Wonderful. Thank you.

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      1. 🍁You are indeed humble. πŸ™‚
        As it..a pleasure indeed,to hopefully bring a smile to one deserving.
        You’re very welcome.
        As my day more enriched by reading a lovely talent.
        Thank you once again.
        Wishes for a wondrous weekend🍁

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          1. Thank you so very much.
            Yes, I couldn’t agree more,very lovely finding each other.
            Though I..just scribbler..*smiles*

            I will look forward to exchanges/ideas.
            You are a delight.

            Thank you.

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  5. “It would be easier to stop breathing than to live another day without her.” — pretty much sums up his emotional state at the present. Regardless of seven or seven billion. She is the ONE that matters. Well written.
    Wish I could learn the technique of writing descriptively. I may be ok on dialog, but the rest of my stuff is baaaaad, lol. Must be why I stick to poetry. My novels are the pits.
    ANYhoo – mastefully written. It paints an image that is crystal clear. Art in it’s finest form. Thanks for sharing Jake with us.

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    1. Thank you so much. My daughter writes poetry and she has coached me on putting more emotion and description in my writing. It doesn’t come easy. You have me blushing. Thank you. It will be great exchanging thoughts with you.


  6. It is beautiful how you wrote about the characters of Jake and Lisa, the way you described them completely mingling with the story! you are able to make your readers question and at the same time want more! awesome writing

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  7. That was a beautiful piece of art, your character is strong yet feeble in his knees when Lisa’s missing is brought up. Loved your style, would love to see your books in the market:)

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      1. You’re welcome. Well deserved. True, I too learn from others. It has helped me hone my skills. Because of my life’s traumatic path, I never finished high school or had any opportunity to go to college. I am self-taught.

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        1. Everything I have learned about writing has been self taught. I have read well over a hundred books on novel writing and screenwriting. That and reading other authors and bloggers. It really helps to hone one’s skills. Continue blogging and writing, you will get more confident every day. It really has helped me.

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