Normally, I try to post a poem on Thursday, however due to the holiday, I will post one today.



They buried Jessie’s older brother today

he just finished turning five

she never had a toy, tv, or internet

yet she’s grateful to be alive

her brother taught her one through ten

by counting her fragile ribs

now she smiles when her stomach growls

as Mama feeds the newborn in the crib

Jessie runs barefoot down a dirt road

in a tattered dress of white

with baby fed, Mama has only one concern

will Jessie eat tonight

According to the United Nations World Food Programme statistics, approximately 3.1 million children under the age of five die each year from hunger or poor nutrition.



163 thoughts on “Jessie

  1. Wow. This is excellent. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word. Such a tragic statistic, especially in this day and age when dying of hunger seems so wrong while there are people eating $200 courses at fancy restaurants. Why can’t we fix this problem? Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking poem.–Lindsey V.

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    1. Thank you Lindsey. Isn’t it amazing that so many children still die each year of hunger. That statistic devastated me. How many more years will it take to eliminate this? Hey, thanks for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate it. Have a great day, – Andrew

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  2. Tragic statistics. Your poem brings me up short – I need to contribute more to those who are in need.
    My husband came home late last night, having eaten at a fast food place after a long task at the other end of the county. He told me about an old homeless woman who came into the restaurant, dragging her laden cart with her. She was dirty and soaked from the rain, trying to warm a bit before she headed back out to her lonely wanderings. A group of noisy teenagers took no note of her as they gabbed about their friends and interests while eating huge burgers and piles of fries. But Hubby is at that stage of life where he notices old folks who are driven to the end with nothing to support them. He asked if she’d eaten that day and when she mumbled, “No,” he bought her a meal and gave her twenty. She was very grateful and had a reason to be in the restaurant for an hour or two. As he told me the story, he was crying and could hardly speak, this man who is a Vietnam vet. He thought how it could have been any of our parents, or even us, and who would stop to lend a hand. No one should be hungry, no child, no old person, nobody. In our society with its abundance of lottery tickets and snacks between meals and wasted food thrown in the trash, it is absolutely shameful. It is the mark of true human decency to give to those in need, without questioning how or why.
    Your poem is haunting, as it should be. Would that all of us are haunted to open our wallets and share, more and often.

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  3. Hey dew.u r absolutly right n touch d very sensitive part of human is most sensitve issue of d world.u know-my three children help dem n donn’t waste thier helpful nature can not be solve all jessie’s all governments should try to solve dt problem at d all human’s level.weldone.dear !! U r really most emotional n sensitive guy.wellwritten on human’s hunger.


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