Books That Inspire Lonely Author

Here is a list of books that have inspired Lonely Author. (Please remember I am talking books not movies that Hollywood butchered).

1- Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck)     My all-time favorite

2- The Godfather (Mario Puzo)     The book that made me want to write.

3- The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath)

4- The Five People You Meet In Heaven (Mitch Albom)     Tissues please.

5- The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) Only non-fiction book. It is a life changer.

6- 1984 (George Orwell)

7- Don Quixote de la Mancha (Miguel de Cervantes)

8- The Winds of War (Herman  Wouk)

9- The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)  Sparked my imagination.

10-The Time Traveler’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)

11- The Hunt For Red October (Tom Clancy)

12- For Whom The Bell Tolls (Ernest Hemingway)

13- A Time To Kill (John Grisham)

14- The Alienist (Caleb Carr)

15- The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Stieg Larsson)

16- The Witching Hour (Anne Rice)

17- Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)

18- A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens)

19- Rage of Angels (Sidney Sheldon)

20- The Bad Place (Dean Koontz)






121 thoughts on “Books That Inspire Lonely Author

  1. I came here to tell you a great news: I have not read any of those books 😀

    Though I have watched many films based on those books. It might not be the same thing but both of us know the stories. 🙂

    I have always been looking for reading “Catcher In The Rye” which is a hot shot amongst conspiracy buffs but couldn’t 😀

    Today I learnt that your blog is an award free blog. Thanks 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  2. So many great books to read…so little time to read them ALL. It’s amazing how much power can be found behind the written word. Used in a positive manner, it can change and even create a new life by influencing our thought patterns and thought processes. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

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  3. For sure a lot of classics here. I certainly read a lot of these during my days at school. Now I like to look for authors that are a bit more off the beaten path but often see inspiration from these books in what they are writing.

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      1. I read a lot of modern authors and my favorite genre is what I would consider realistic fiction (although I think that genre is somewhat reserved for children). Lionel Shriver is one of my favorites for sure. It’s a shame to say, but I go through books so often that a lot of time I lose track of who I am reading.

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  4. Could you please check out my article ’10 books worth your time’? Mitch Albom is my favourite author and Rhonda Byrne’s books are very inspiring. I love your list and I guess we have a lot in common. The time traveller’s wife is a great read 🙂

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  5. I recognize every one of these books although I have never read any of them. Actually, I have only read one book in my entire life. There must be some deep, dark, hidden reason for that but I’m at the point now, where I don’t want to know. I have seen several of the movies that are based on the books. Don’t get me wrong. Loser was an avid reader and although I didn’t share that avenue (much to his chagrin) I did develop a reverence for books. I would never throw one away or deface it.

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                    1. They are indeed but any good author, most likely, has to do quite a bit of research when penning a story or book. I have no information to fall back on. I would simply have to re-write someone elses’ story.

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                    2. I just don’t have the desire. I gave up all the things I used to do. Saying I would never do something was always a strength because if I said it, I meant it.
                      Now, it seems to be a curse. I have said I will never make another quilt, paint another picture or be treated like I don’t matter again…and I mean it.

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                    3. That’s not it. I just don’t care. Understand, not only did my marriage turn out to be a lie. I lost my children whose only concern is Losers’ happiness. They could care less about me…just him. I don’t understand it, but it really is no different than how I was raised. I had a family who treated me like I didn’t matter..I married into a family that treated me like I didn’t matter…and I raised a family that treated me like I didn’t matter. Go figure.

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                    4. How can you expect people to treat you differently, when YOU ACT as if you don’t matter. That is the impression you have always given me. You think you don’t matter. If you think that way, obviously others will treat you the same way. See what I mean? If you want people to treat you differently, well, that has to start with YOU.


                    5. I understand what you mean and it’s very easy to pass judgment. I would probably be doing the same thing if I was in the right place but I’m not. I make no apologies for how I have chosen or not chosen to repair what somebody else broke. I have tried many avenues for healing. My five step process is taking a little longer that it should, I realize but I skipped the grieving and depression and now they are hitting me hard. I don’t know if you have children but one of the worst things you can experience is the loss of your children…especially when you dedicated your entire life to them. Loser doesn’t matter…but my children do or did.

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                    6. I experienced the exact same thing, I lost my only daughter to the point where I didn’t see her for years. When I changed MY ATTITUDE about accepting the end of my relationship with her mother, things began to change. The change in attitude has to come from YOU. Your children will come back when you truly make that change.


                    7. You know, I have discussed going out and joining some clubs or volunteering…just doing something, but my friend says “YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THAT!”
                      So, there seems to be two sides to the same coin. Which side do I leave facing up?

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                    8. I think she is too. How lovely it would be to have somebody to talk to and share things with. How lovely it would be to feel like I mattered. How lovely it would be to open up to somebody and show them my delicious sense of humor…my thoughts….my dreams. How lovely it would be.

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                    9. I know and I want you to understand that my brain has not deteriorated to the point that I’m unaware of what’s happening to me. When I stop thinking there’s nothing wrong…that’s when I’ll be in serious trouble.

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  6. Truly…. dedicating time for a STORY book is long gone… one that hurt me and shattered emotionally was ENDLESS NIGHT— Agatha Christie.
    However real life incidents or even more devastating mentally. We all broken creatures can turn out to be good authors.

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      1. I was fond of detective stories and TV serials. Detective story must have a murder 🙂 .
        Nancy Drew dint drew my attention much. Sherlock Holmes is likeable.

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      2. Once a frnd offered me to select a book he will buy for me. I said that the 1 I wanna read isnt here. It was 50 shades of grey. My frnd laughed aloud.

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          1. Yes…. good books r like good companions… rather all books r actually so. I dunno if I can go bk to such book reading phase. Nope, I never read that book but life showed the darkest shades during the last few years.
            I like your blog! 🙂

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  7. What a great list. I don’t think I could pick a favorite out of the ones I’ve read. But I have been thinking about 1984 lately, and how I see it reflected in our world often. I just this morning finished the book I’ve been reading (“Acedia & Me,” by Kathleen Norris). Maybe I’ll choose one of these as my next read.

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    1. Funny, I was just talking about 1984. We are definitely headed in that direction. George Orwell was a prophet. You know what book hurt me to not have on the list? Again, Orwell “Animal Farm.” :Also, hurt not to have “Gone Girl” “The Horse Whisperer” and :The Notebook.” Thanks for stopping by. Happy reading and Happy Thanksgiving.

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  8. My favorite book is A Time To Kill. I have all of John Grishams books and they are autographed. He is from this area. I bet you didn’t know A Time To Kill has a sequel. The name of it is Sycamore Row. I haven’t read it yet but I am going too. Happy Thanksgiving.

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    1. Hello, never expected to find you here today. Yes I know he is from Mississippi. He is one of my favorites. If you read one of my old posts about Detached Retinas it was Grisham’s literary agent who almost chose to represent my books. I had no idea that is a sequel. Well, my must read list just grew by one. Leslie, I wish infinite health, happiness, and love to you and yours. Take care sweetie.

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    1. Can’t wait to see it. There were so many wonderful books I left out it pained me. I love talking books and writing. Yay, tomorrow I can treat myself to your list. You know who I haven;t read yet? Paulo Coelho. He’s on my list for 2016. Happy Thanksgiving.

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        1. Meg, when I finished that book, “The Alienist” I immediately re-read the second half of the book because I didn’t want to say goodbye to the characters., If you like him you may like Matthew Pearl. Great historical fiction. “The Dante Club” and “The Poe Shadow.”.

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                1. Thanks. I am sort of living that episode of the twilight with Burgess Meredith. He always complained about having time alone to read. Then the world ends. He finally has the alone time to read, but his glasses fall and break. I am in that mode right now. lol Next year. Tanks for the wishes.

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  9. Great list , read most of them ! My youngest daughter is reading 1984 , and I’ve read a lot of John Grishman’s books until I got a bit tired of the genre but I liked a lot two of his last ones that I read two years ago.
    And my list would surely include Daniel Silva. Have you read anything by him?
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂
    Turtle Hugs

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  10. I was delighted to see John Steinbeck’s book at the top of the list. He’s one of favourite authors. I read Of Mice and Men at school and it left a huge impression on me. I also read The Pearl and Grapes of Wrath but the first book was my favourite. I even quoted it one of my blog posts. Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm were significant to me also along with Wyndam’s, The Chrysalids and Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. There are many on your list I haven’t read so I will give some a go when I get the chance.

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  11. You should also read Ninety Minutes in Heaven and The Shack. American Sniper, as well. All 3 are excellent books. The movie of American Sniper I was very upset with. Nothing like the book at all!

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    1. My reading habits can be eclectic. A couple of years ago, I sat on the NY subways reading the Twilight series and getting the strangest looks. I had to clarify that about Hollywood. Anyone who saw “The Time Traveler’s Wife” without reading the book wouldn’t know how good that book was. How many times have you told yourself, “the book was better?” Hey, thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it. Have a great evening.


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