Since I started blogging I have come across talented people in a wide variety of subjects, photography, cooking, philosophy, fashion, and of course writing. I have always been a goal setter and a go-getter. Like many of you, I am guilty of neglecting one thing in my life- my health. Following this one page, I have reevaluated my life and made health a priority. With the New Year almost upon us, I suggest you consider following this blog. You owe it to your family, and more importantly, you owe it to yourself. All About Healthy Choices.

All About Healthy Choices

miracles dyerAnyone that reads my posts knows I write with optimism, a positive attitude, a willingness to “tell it like it is,” and a great deal of compassion for everyone. This writing style comes naturally, because my writing comes from within. I never pre-plan my posts because I enjoy the spontaneity and what it produces. Today’s article will focus on a special Miracle and an unlikely healing.
Healing is an amazing process. Whether we are injured or exposed to opportunistic infections, the body (in most cases) will heal itself without relying on the individual to help. I have written many times that no better doctor will ever be found than the one that resides within our bodies. In the United States, we have been raised believing that western medicine is the “true” healing science required for maintaining and restoring health. Although western medicine has many beneficial components, it is arrogant to…

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182 thoughts on “MIRACLE

        1. I think so. Thanks for asking. It has been a trying year. That is the reason I didn’t attempt that November Nano stuff. Getting a writing blog going was enough accomplishment for one year. Now, I have 2 GOOD friends to advice me. It is truly a wonderful year. Love your support,Meg. Did you post to your diary yet?

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  1. My children were raised, hearing me say “the mind is a wonderful thing” and that a simple aspirin was a “drug.” They repeated that phrase to me over the last few years. Somehow, it didn’t seem to apply to me. Too bad….I’m like the proverbial doctor….they are the worst patients.

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  2. Thank you for your confidence and your willingness to share the story. We share a common purpose in life. You write to stimulate the mind and I write to help the stimulated mind view health from a broader perspective. Your writing efforts help improve my ability to expose new ideas and approaches about health that closed minds would never be willing to read.
    The benefits of our blogging community truly counter balance the negativity we are exposed to on a daily basis by the media. We offer positive energy and meaningful encouragement that adds “light” to our world and hope to our future.
    Please, please, please, keep the energy flowing! All of our lives are enriched by eachother’s efforts.

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    1. Thanks so much. I recently joined the twitter world. Your post went to my tiny twitter account, but two good friends re-tweeted it to over 6,000 of their followers. Please continue to make us question our healthy choices. I know you have affected my life. I hope you touch more. Have a good one. (I hope you have a busy day). lol


              1. Can’t even imagine..
                I had a trapped nerve last year around this time just below my shoulder blade and it was agony. My arm and fingers were constantly numb. Could barely move my arm for months .That’s NOTHING at ALL compared to what you’ve been through. Not even close.
                I’m amazed you’ve got through it

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                1. My god.

                  I’m so sorry you had to go through that

                  You know pain always teaches us something. There are definitely aspects of you now that wouldn’t exist if you hadn’t gone through that pain.

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                    1. I don’t about the many of us part of this! You don’t write crappy shit. I have a little theory about your poetry actually.

                      Before She came along, you wrote some lovely stuff. Heartfelt.
                      Then your poetry for her was good, but I read it sometimes and all I sense is you in a box being told to write about this that or the other. It’s not exactly about a love that was floating on air, you know.
                      Then she was gone and you started changing again and it was more of you being yourself and it was a lot.more beautiful.
                      And now. Well we’ve spoken about it so much but

                      I think.

                      You are still not the poet you really really want to be. You are searching for something. I think there’s much more inside, and every week I see a glimpse of something else. And yesterday’s post was something entirely different. So deep and it felt like you sat there, let it pour out then felt good.

                      My little theory anyway.

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                    2. This is one of the most fascinating comments I have ever read about my poetry. I see it evolving. And I see it in three distinct eras. Before her cute and heartfelt. Her was forced but experimenting a little more with metaphors. Now I am free. Constantly pushing myself.

                      Thank you for this. Really appreciate it Amor

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                    3. I’m being a perv.
                      Sometimes I wonder if my silly humour translates over these comments.
                      As in, you’re not the poet you want to be.(serious face)
                      But I want to BE all over you(sexy smiling face)??

                      Giving up 😂

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                    4. Good.

                      I wasn’t going to write anything today then the first two silly lines popped into my head and I thought, eh fuck it. Let’s write another one and slip in a deep feeling at the end. And in the middle. Etc.

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                    5. I was poking a bit of fun at myself and other poetry that I can’t stand. Then it morphed into more stuff about you.
                      No surprise there

                      Different feels can be refreshing

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                    6. Yes it can.
                      Most of the poetry I read here in WP is what I call “stringing words together” . Lacking emotion, visuals, or mood. Sometimes they are pretty words together and they may be giving a message, but the lack of metaphors or the other poetic tools makes it two dimensional and lacking feel.

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                    7. God. Yes. Totally agree. I read so much utter crap today, I thought I can’t possibly read one more shitty piece of nonsense today or ever. But I can’t seem to find anyone (not even talking about you here in any way. You’re totally different) except 2 or 3 people i actually enjoy. Makes me sound like an awful snob…but I kind of am when it comes to poetry.

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                    8. It’s part of who you are and why people love you so.
                      No. Be nice EVEN IF it’s crap. People don’t know they’re writing crap. They just want to write and feel good. Who am I to make them feel like shit .
                      Who knows, maybe there’s people who think my poetry is shit but they say nice stuff anyway. No point being mean.
                      I just say all the mean stuff about others crappy writing to you and i know you won’t repeat it, lol.

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                    9. The way I look at it is this. Poetry and writing is a author/poet’s need to express themselves. That I don’t always find it asthetically beautiful
                      doesn’t matter. They have the right and need to create and followers need to respect that.
                      So I encourage hoping they improve the craft.

                      With that said. There are poets I foloowed for 3 years & they are still writing crap. They made no effort to learn. They wouldn’t recognize a metaphor if it hit them on the head. (Sorry, my recognize has a bloody Z in it. LOL)

                      I read people like you, (read N), SPF, and other really good poets and I break down what you wrote and what effect it has. Learning from other poets is the best way to learn.

                      ON a different note, you see how many men don’t follow me. While I have worked hard to learn they refuse to. They continue to string words together wanting to call it poetry.

                      Long winded reply. LOL

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                    10. My favourite kind of reply. Have you met me???

                      Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to say,in your Introductory paragraph, lol.
                      It’s not for me to judge a poet. They want to write, I read them. If I truly hate it I won’t comment, but if it’s okay I’ll say something nice.
                      I read her too. (N) not to spend too much of our fucking time talking about her,at first I liked her then I don’t know…odd feelings. And I especially can’t stand her naming of all the bloody types and forms of poetry every fucking time. Yes we get it. You googled poetic terminology. Well done.you.
                      SPF, yes I like her poetry.

                      I was thinking actually do more men or women follow me? Definitely more women comment I think.
                      Some men do follow you, they seem like nice secure easy going people. But I am not shocked more male “poets”don’t follow you. You’re far too charming and quietly talented to be able to be around for them.

                      So. All in all I enjoyed your essay here. Top marks from me ❤️

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                    11. I do like getting an lol out of you.
                      I figured she did. It’s obvious. So did I, only one module then I preferred other types of literature. Told you, I am fucking fussy about poetry!!

                      Was I being bitchy????
                      Didn’t mean it of course.
                      Unless it’s a turn on, lol

                      Love you much more

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                    12. Yes..

                      Don’t get me wrong, there was something quietly sexy about you being all moody (not the pain part, obviously. I am not a monster) and one word answer-y
                      But I can patiently wait for you to fully… recover

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                    13. I know. I just wish I had some of this on my blog so I could actually read it sometimes. But my.blog always feels the need to eff me over when I try to chat with you. I get like 50% of your comments and then I have to go searching for them
                      WP trying to be arseholes I think.
                      I have about an hour actually. I know, crazy.

                      But I I hope you’re keeping up with everyone else that needs your attention too


                    14. I have a few followers that tell me they have to dig out my comments from the dashboard

                      I have 108 comments waiting for me. When you say bye, I will answer all of them. So tomorrow, when you are bored there are plenty comments on the previous posts for you to read.

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                    15. Ha! Knew it! That is totally different and just me being adorable.

                      I don’t really enjoy that..
                      I like to be taken
                      Unless it’s a woman. I get a little aggressive. But I haven’t done that in years

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                    16. Good. That’s perfect for me. Crazy hot.

                      We can if you want. Mostly it was because he would make me do things with women when I didn’t really want to. I mean, alone I would have been okay with it, clearly I was attracted to women, realised that at uni (and before if I’m honest) but he made me hate doing things with women . Just another level of control.
                      Which is why it meant a lot to me when you said you aren’t interested in anything like that.
                      Unless you like to just watch.
                      That’s totally different.
                      But sharing makes me go insane. And not in a good way. I could never ever watch you with another woman, even if I’m involved. I’d rather die


                    17. I’m good with that!

                      I always say I’m British, nationality wise because I was born and raised here but obviously I am Greek Cypriot.
                      Couldn’t be more Mediterranean

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                    18. Not to detract from our hot discussion about what’s waiting for you between my legs , but have you seen the likes going up and up on all your recent poetry.
                      I love it. You should feel so good

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                    19. Smiling. I am liking the poetry since my return in late October. I love love love “the ocrner of love and poetry.” Also really liked the love hung in her closet.

                      Yeah, it feels good. Really good.
                      Do you think I am out of her shadow?

                      I am always paranoid about why people are liking my stuff

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                    20. Corner of love and poetry is just… gorgeous. So inspired. Never read anything like that before.
                      Love hung in her closet I think got people right in the heart. It was so painful and beautiful. I cried the most in that one and also..made me tell you how I feel about you.

                      You are out of her shadow, baby 100%
                      I think everyone is relieved and I think a few people think you’re in love with someone

                      Don’t be paranoid. You know the women who just read and comment for you to say something remotely hopeful or sexy to them,but you know the ones that really appreciate you.

                      You have good instincts

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                    21. As much as I know they were for me, I never tire of hearing you say it. Does something to my heart
                      Trust them. I do. I never used to but now I listen. I wouldn’t be here with you the way we are if I didn’t trust my instinct.
                      I get a lot of feelings about you and us.

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                    22. Please don’t make vomit in my.mouth.

                      Oh, I was interested.
                      You left for your holiday and told me you’d be reading me or checking in on me or something. Tried to stop my self many times from thinking that meant anything

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