Since I started blogging I have come across talented people in a wide variety of subjects, photography, cooking, philosophy, fashion, and of course writing. I have always been a goal setter and a go-getter. Like many of you, I am guilty of neglecting one thing in my life- my health. Following this one page, I have reevaluated my life and made health a priority. With the New Year almost upon us, I suggest you consider following this blog. You owe it to your family, and more importantly, you owe it to yourself. All About Healthy Choices.

All About Healthy Choices

miracles dyerAnyone that reads my posts knows I write with optimism, a positive attitude, a willingness to “tell it like it is,” and a great deal of compassion for everyone. This writing style comes naturally, because my writing comes from within. I never pre-plan my posts because I enjoy the spontaneity and what it produces. Today’s article will focus on a special Miracle and an unlikely healing.
Healing is an amazing process. Whether we are injured or exposed to opportunistic infections, the body (in most cases) will heal itself without relying on the individual to help. I have written many times that no better doctor will ever be found than the one that resides within our bodies. In the United States, we have been raised believing that western medicine is the “true” healing science required for maintaining and restoring health. Although western medicine has many beneficial components, it is arrogant to…

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24 thoughts on “MIRACLE

        1. I think so. Thanks for asking. It has been a trying year. That is the reason I didn’t attempt that November Nano stuff. Getting a writing blog going was enough accomplishment for one year. Now, I have 2 GOOD friends to advice me. It is truly a wonderful year. Love your support,Meg. Did you post to your diary yet?

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  1. My children were raised, hearing me say “the mind is a wonderful thing” and that a simple aspirin was a “drug.” They repeated that phrase to me over the last few years. Somehow, it didn’t seem to apply to me. Too bad….I’m like the proverbial doctor….they are the worst patients.

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  2. Thank you for your confidence and your willingness to share the story. We share a common purpose in life. You write to stimulate the mind and I write to help the stimulated mind view health from a broader perspective. Your writing efforts help improve my ability to expose new ideas and approaches about health that closed minds would never be willing to read.
    The benefits of our blogging community truly counter balance the negativity we are exposed to on a daily basis by the media. We offer positive energy and meaningful encouragement that adds “light” to our world and hope to our future.
    Please, please, please, keep the energy flowing! All of our lives are enriched by eachother’s efforts.

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    1. Thanks so much. I recently joined the twitter world. Your post went to my tiny twitter account, but two good friends re-tweeted it to over 6,000 of their followers. Please continue to make us question our healthy choices. I know you have affected my life. I hope you touch more. Have a good one. (I hope you have a busy day). lol


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