One More Time


Yesterday, I read an incredible poem, that started a painful conversation with its author. I was so affected by our chat, I sighed off of my blog earlier than usual.

Sorry, my writing doesn’t match her power or emotion. This humble poem is dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one.

Chrissy this is for you.


One More Time


My life without you

was never meant to be

a planet so barren

it’s lacking symmetry

my arms yearning

to hold you tight

dreaming of the day  

I find you in the light

you will never know

my life devoid of rhyme

Or the treasures I would give

to hold you one more time

Here is the link to the writing that inspired our conversation


78 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Your poem resonates with me. Since I lost my wife I’ve said many times that I’d give treasures to hold her once more.. Life is often just time devoted to wishing it was my time to be with her again.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words David. I spend my time thinking of my parents and wanting to do it all again just one more time. Again, thanks so much. You have been a great supporter. Thanks for the retweets. I am still learning my way around twitter.

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  2. The part about lacking symmetry, doesn’t everything feel off, out of balance when someone goes missing from your life? I felt like that when I lost my Dad. Nothing was right in the world. It’s a beautiful poem to express such a deeply sad emotion. Chrissy’s poem, too. Thanks for sharing it and being inspired. xo

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    1. Aw thanks. I don’t know about amazing. It came from my lonely heart. Seriously, the loss of a loved one can be so painful. I wanted to let my friend know others felt the same pain. Perhaps that would bring some comfort. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment. I appreciate that.

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  3. SIR Lonely Author, a title I bestow on you for remarkable writing! (I’ve never filled in for a queen before.) The two of you have written dueling poetry. Powerful, dramatic and filled with painful emotions many of us can find deep within our souls. It is hard to believe the level of quality the two of you offer. Stay motivated and passionate about your craft. The work you produce adds real quality to all of our lives. Thank you.

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  4. It was in the way you started it, it was in the way you made me remember the things I had buried within .. I wish someday I will be able to write my emotions more expressively. I could only write a poem named ‘can’t make myself’. Ha-ha. Even the title says it all. Thank you truly for sharing this.

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    1. You’re welcome. Wow, I had to reread this poem. I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reading it. I am happy in touched you. Can you send me the link to “Can’t Make Myself.” I would love to read it.


          1. I replied there.
            You have captured the essence in a few words about this, whereas I couldn’t even convince myself I did a good job after trying two different approaches on the same.
            Alas, I am not yet that open, not yet expressive enough.

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            1. Between us, I hate most of my poems. I hate that they rhyme. But I can never write one without rhyming. There are little things you can do to make writing more interesting to read. The first rule of writing is SHOW not Tell. Look at this piece, I wrote it about a friend’s loss. I recalled lossing my own parents to get in the mood. I remember feeling empty. But why say (tell) empty when you can describe it as “a planet so barren it’s lacking symmetry.” That little phrase paints a picture of a dark cold world. Do you see what I mean? Those kind of descriptions adds power and emotion. Does that help?

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              1. Between us, I love that your poems rhyme. I always had a soft corner for those kind of poetries.
                Yes, I do see what you mean. At least I think so.
                Thank you for taking time out to reply to my messages and reading my feeble attempts at poetry.

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