Top Ten Lonely Author Musings



You thought Lonely Author incapable of profound thoughts, didn’t you. Well, when these thoughts provoke my brain, I usually tilt my head and let them spill right back out.

Here you go Top Ten Musings from the Musingsmeister himself:


10. Why is it when you’re driving two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do?

9. People who live in glass houses must use a lot of Windex.

8. Do late payers in Prague say the Czech is in the mail?

7. Who determined slice bread was the best thing?

6. The early bird catches the worm is only important if you having cravings for worms.

5. When everything is going wrong for him, what law does Murphy blame?

4. Should anyone be surprised when a cannibal bites the hand that feeds him?

3. Does abscess make the Dentist grow fonder?

2. Wouldn’t it make more sense to read eulogies in a dead language (Latin) at all funerals?

1.The fool who runs before a car gets tired, the wise man who runs behind a car gets exhausted.


Have a wonderful week.

Keep smiling.

Keep writing.



128 thoughts on “Top Ten Lonely Author Musings

  1. And who would say that a lonely author isn’t capable of profound thoughts? I would think a lonely author was the very definition of a profound thinker. Well, now I have some things to ponder for the day…my brain is already hurting.

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  2. If you screw with life you’ll go nuts
    Getting hammered means your nailed
    Just a few off the top of my head
    I’m sure I have more but I’m in the middle of an art project
    Catch you on the other side
    Oh by the way i like 1&2
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  3. Abcess makes the dentist grow richer, I think.
    And people who live in glass houses must either have curtains everywhere or they’re very comfortable with their bodies (because at some point with the glass house & the no curtains, the neighbors WILL see them nude).

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              1. Well Friday is the day of prayer for Muslims so it is a day off and obviously they can’t have weeks of 4 days so Sunday was the choice of starting the week again. Very few countries which are Muslim choose not to start on Sunday

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  4. Your depth, just like sky knows no limits (although we are not sure about “space”). I applaud you for making me laugh. And I will let you ponder on: if all vegetarians ate veggies, what do humanitarians eat??
    Enjoy your veggies! 😀

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          1. LOL yes, I am. The math teacher that I share my classroom with was explaining binomials/ and monomials and asked if there was any question. So I said: do momonials spend the rest of their days hungry? 😀 lol a certified dork! 😀

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  5. Absolutely hilarious. All writers need to include these writing interventions to bring levity to our lives. Laughing is wonderful medicine for the soul. Thank you for sharing these clever thoughts. They were wonderful! 😀

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  6. No. 6 I was amused, No.4, I was thoughtful and No.3 got me laughing, lol, this post was amazing 🙂 Abscess is directly proportional to (bread and butter for us), just Kidding.

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  7. Here’s a couple you can add to that:
    Where does a zombie work? In the dead letter office, of course.
    If you’re invited over for a bite or to have potluck, you can pretty well assume that you’re going to be lunch.

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  8. Funny and quirky, similar to the “praise for the lonely author blog” post” that you put up a while back, and equally entertaining.
    Just a question – why the ape in the post? As also your picture? Any connection between the ape and being lonely?

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