Bridge of Broken Dreams


This simple verse is for an unnamed blogger friend dealing with lost love.


Bridge of Broken Dreams

Going to the Bridge of Broken Dreams       

to dump your caresses in the river

cause it’s so painful to remember                       

how easily you forgot me                                      

On a mountain I’ll dig the deepest grave

for the crate of empty vows you made

perhaps for you they meant nothing

so buried treasures they’ll be

On the highest cliff I will be standing

When my heart and I finally agree

To toss your photos in the ocean 

’til currents drown your memory


138 thoughts on “Bridge of Broken Dreams

  1. There are various tragedies in life. The perceived pain experienced by the breakup of a relationship can far exceed any physical pain. Physical pain in some manner heals itself. Emotional pain can grow like a tumor with the passing of time.

    I wish your friend the ability to find new areas in life where emotional focus can be re-directed allowing the past to remain there, while pursuing the joys in a happier future.

    This writing should help begin the journey. You’re a good person.

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          1. Ooooo. Little moment. It’s there at the top of my pile. I’m planning on having a whole day whereby I shall indulge myself with movies, home baked goodness and my jim jams.

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  2. Dealing with a lost love is hard and painful. Only time will…. But your poetry is beautiful. I hope it will help your friend. Anyway, the last line is so gorgeous – ’til currents drown your memory

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  3. They Say, “It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.”
    I wish that your friend forgive, forget and move on in life. It’s damn hard I know but…Life has to go on. People Die and leave forever, Nobody dies with them. We have to learn to live in peace with our grief and try to live our life on our terms.
    Why waste your precious time on people who don’t deserve that? instead give yourself a chance and explore new horizon….All the best to the Friend in grief.

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  4. Such a sad but beautiful poem. You managed to offer us a rocking cradle of sadness. May the smiles resurface sooner than later on the face of your friend!

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  5. So hard to grasp that the end is final, yet you can’t move on until you do. And you haven’t lived a full life unless you’ve encountered this situation. A poignant poem.

    I threw his class ring in the ocean. Many decades later, so glad we didn’t try to make it last, but I will always remember the devastation I felt throwing that ring into the waves. Couldn’t even see it wash away, though I know it did. Your poem captures it.

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    1. Smile. Yeah, you haven’t expereicned life until you feel heartbreak. Sad but true. Sometimes it takes something as symbolic as tossing away a momento to help us understand the end is here. It is a difficult subject for all. Dwelling on this loss means wasting more time than you have already wasted. Thanks for contributing to this post. I really appreciate it & I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend.


  6. hey d lonely author!!u too r so much emotional.u know dt ur n me blessings or from kindness of god have saved our dear bloggerBeparvaah d nice n sobber natured person. now he is weak after treatment.soon he will come on his blog.ur poem is inspired me n motivate to write dis dt u r a nice n kind guy.ur poem is a mirror of ur kindness. thanks n more thanks.dua karo ki vo jaldi hi hamaare beech me aa jaaye.amen.

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