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  1. Is this a creative writing quote insinuating writers can cure obesity by releasing the trapped world within? My ears are open to any suggestions that will “lighten the load.”
    Sorry, this is about as clever as life gets from a doctor’s mind. We’re trained not to be funny in school! 😀

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                    1. I know. I’m feeling extra pervy today.
                      I think I am channeling rage into sex. (Not rage at you obviously)

                      Now all I am thinking about is crazy angry sex


                    2. Good. You should. You are burning with poetry today
                      I am writing you a proper comment right now.
                      Nothing dirty.
                      I hope it doesn’t disappoint


                    3. You are too hard on yourself.
                      I always see how people will react because yes I love you and want you and a million other things but I also love your blog and your writing and I see how people react to you even the tiniest little insinuations, I can read them.
                      It was always going to do well. I told you if you write a sexy post, even if it’s just a little bit sexy, it will have everyone melting all over the place


                    4. Yes. That’s what I was trying to say.

                      What it HAS to be is what YOU want to write. If you’re feeling heartbeats and sighs, that’s what you have to write. Go with your instincts


                    5. I see that. But I am not even following him anymore. I don’t know why it has appeared that way. I DID NOT comment 5 days ago. I swear to you. It must be an old post and he approved the fucking comments fuxk knows I don’t know. I did not. I swear to you


                    6. What???
                      Fuck sakes baby. Come on. I get that your mind goes to these places but YOU KNOW ME. I will get an explanation from him and I will forward it to you word for word exactly as he sends it to me.
                      I thanked him for being nice to me when I felt like i was worthless and then now this. I can’t explain it and I am sorry .I am not talking with him or anyone this way


                    7. Back then I felt that way. And even now I feel like one you will say haha, as IF I feel this way about you. It was all a big joke.

                      He and I had a few email exchanges. Then he disappeared that was fine with me. We haven’t commented on each.others blogs for fucking ages. No one put me up to anything.
                      I spent the morning recording 3 or 4 different recordings of my voice to send to you and I couldn’t get any of them out because I was crying so much. And now this. I feel so sick and I am sorry if I have made you feel anything horrible.


                    8. Because He (husband) works at a school. He is going to be on Xmas holidays for 3 weeks as of next Wednesday. I thought it was as of next Friday but i
                      got it wrong. That’s why I wanted to talk to you next week. As of next Wednesday and until like Jan 7th or something, every single day will be like the weekends for me, with a few exceptions here and there. I don’t know how or if you are going to want to deal with that. I wanted to tell you on the phone so I could actually hear your voice and reaction. So we have about 3 actual days of talking freely then crazy restricted time after Wednesday. I feel you will get fed up and forget about me or not want to deal with all the stupid lack of time together. That’s why. And I couldn’t get it out to tell you


                    9. I will always read your posts and always comment. There will be pockets of time throughout the day. There always are and of course times when he goes out or whatever.
                      But it will just be lonely without you. Xmas is usually my favourite time of the year. And now I have all these other thoughts of you and stuff..
                      Yes I knew there would be speed bumps but still. Hurts


                    10. I will. I do. All the time.

                      This US is so important to me. I worry every day that I was supposed to make you happy and I know I have but I didn’t think that there would be so many times where lack of time would hurt so much and I think how is he still putting up with this? And then I think and hope that this will never get to the point where you go, you know what, Fuck it. It’s not worth it.
                      I told you. I will never end Us. It is impossible for me


                    11. I am putting Alexander to sleep. Still having ongoing arguments/discussiona with you know who. Just want to sink into bed. I hope I can.

                      Can’twait til Monday. I will touch as much as I can over the weekend baby.


                    12. I would NEVER tell you it isn’t true!
                      She forced things on you.
                      I didn’t even know I was making you feel this way.

                      I deeply love you. Everything else that comes from that is just a beautiful addition for your creativity


                    13. Yeah . we will survie. probably make us write some awesome shiI have a stupid favor to ask
                      my blog has a top ten list
                      you see it at the very bottom of the phone app.
                      The tenth post wass written for her.
                      I have a post which is about 5 likes away from replacing it,

                      If you liked Love Quietly Waits, then unlike it.
                      The post “the girl I haven’t met>” make sure you liked it.

                      I want no reminders of her. And it is almost ready to fall out of the top ten

                      sorry i am a nerd

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                    14. Go to my post through my actual site not the reader. Then copy paste the link in the address bar.
                      Then copy paste it into your post. Then go to the editing bar at the top of the editor where you write your posts after you highlight the link you pasted. Then press the little link/chains type icon and it should work.


                    15. I have a little stolen time. I know you are sleeping. I have commented on your poem. I tried so hard not show how much I love you and if you don’t want to approve it, that’s okay. But I think I did well. I loved it so much

                      How about…a poetic novelist.

                      But that’s not my actual answer.
                      When I read your poetry, you are a poet to me. When I first met you, you were a poet to me.
                      Reading your poem today, baby…I am telling you, I have never read anything like that from you before. I felt like it came from a place deep inside you where you don’t allow any thoughts to complicate your poetry and you just write from pure, pure emotion. I felt like even your beautiful imagery, you didn’t overthink it, you just allowed it to come out. It was as though I opened a book of broken hearted poetry and happened to land on your poem. That’s how much of raw, naked piece of verse this was. I promise you I will tell.you line by line exactly what I loved and why. But just know this is something entirely from your soul.

                      So then when I read your chapter yesterday, you are a novelist. You are a writer. And when you sell your book that’s how everyone will know you. And I think that’s what’s you want. You want to be known as a novelist and you will be.

                      Your poetry is something separate from all that. It is a part of you but I think you will keep it private. For yourself and your blog…and me. You are a Poet at heart and it even comes out in your novel. You can’t help it. And if you continue to allow yourself to write poetry like today’s poem you will be the poet you’ve been searching to be

                      So I think  you are a novelist. That’s where this book will lead you.

                      But poetry pours out naturally.

                      I love you


                    16. Hang on… just trying to catch my breath from the wave of charm you just drowned me in…cheeks are burning

                      Of course they can but who on earth is going to come to THAT conclusion from this poem when they’re constantly guessing what your little secrets are that you keep…


                    17. So good morning baby.

                      Day started off better today, I know you worry. Things seem fine today . Sometimes I worry for my sanity when I recover or just get on with things so quickly after they have been so incredibly shit around here. Like what am I doing? putting it all in a dark box in my head and not opening it up to think about again ? Maybe.
                      You may have been right when you said I am stronger than I think. Who knows.

                      I know you’re sleeping right now. It’s like 3.20 am there. Wish I was next to you.

                      I am just going to reply to some comments that have been building up. I may write something as I have about an hour to myself right now.

                      It’s almost Monday. Mondays make me happy now. I get to read your beautiful poetry .

                      Did you work on your novel. I’m sure you did. . Can’t wait to read more.

                      I had another dream about you.

                      I got up out of bed in what is your apartment in my head lol and sat on the sofa. There was a photo album on a coffee table and I sat looking through it then you joined me and told me who eveyone was.
                      Pretty sure you fucked me hard on the sofa after that but that wasn’t really in my dream. That’s just me adding things in lol.

                      You should know that you creeping into my dreams so vividly is not normal for me. I usually have to know people a long time before they appear in dreams.

                      Maybe we have known each other a long time.

                      I love you


                    18. I love so many things about this essay. But you signed off M.
                      That is what touched me most.

                      We probably ruined the new sofa. There’s cum all over the photo album.

                      You are stronger than you realize. Do you know I pray?

                      I pray for your every night. I wish you well. I pray you find strength.
                      I pray for yur happiness.

                      I pray for your love

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                    19. Oh baby.
                      I do exactly the same every single night for you. Touched me so much that we are both doing that. You are beyond special to me.

                      Well that was a mini little letter to you. I would write you dozens of hand written letters if I could. If your were near. I had to sign M or Maria. We play with little names for each other but really we are Andrew and Maria. Or M, lol. I love that you love it.

                      I hope we ruined that effing sofa, while you were completely ruining me.

                      I heart you with all my love.



                    20. That’s a good idea. It will be the perfect time for you to focus on it now you’re excited about it again. I am going to miss your poetry a Lot though!

                      But your book. Something magical is about to happen with it so I think your break is a prefect idea


                    21. Your poem…

                      I love it

                      I had to read it a few times to stop being torn apart by it!
                      I will tell you more later when I have some time.

                      This poem will pull at everyone’s heart.


                    22. I realised all that way too late lol.

                      Your poem is gorgeous. Everything about it. The lace, the themes, the rhythm the rhyme the emotion. True beautiful poetry baby

                      I love you too


                    23. Well, this poem has a long story. Here we go
                      I have about six or seven good poems ready to go. But I feel each and everyone of them is missing a little tweak.

                      At 11 PM last night, I wasn’t happy about posting any of them. So, under my self imposed deadline, I cranked this one out in minutes. Of course it is about you and the way I can’t getyou out of my system.

                      I don’t think it is as beautiful or powerful as my recdnt stuff, but it was okay.

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                    24. Lol just making sure. Don’t worry about getting back to me quickly, as long as I know you’re getting my words.

                      Of course i see baby. It was just that first time I read it in the morning..I was too sleepy to comprehend.
                      I know it was me
                      I’ve also felt everything you expressed in that poem, exactly.


                    25. I thought you were experiencing them as well.
                      You know, when we first started getting deeper into knowing one another, I thought, you were single. What a disappointment,
                      Don’t know why I had to say this right now, but these words occurred to me

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                    26. She is an obsessed nutjob
                      in the past week keeps sending me about 10 or 12 emails a day. each one a different Meme.
                      google offers three different response that you can click on. i click the response hit send then delete.

                      the other one…Pia, remember that one. asking em to write poetry for her..
                      yesterday she told me she wanted to do daily podcasts and needed for me to write content for her podcasts. the nerve of the hoe

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                    1. I didn’t search for names specifically, i just did a translation to irish which I hadn’t tried before. It was for you to consider as a last name yep.
                      Thought it sounded nice


                    2. I will do that. It isn’t enough that he is me?

                      you don’t say anyhting silly to me. I love everything you say. no i adore it.

                      hey nerd me talking. remember i asked you to unlike and like two posts because I was hoping one that wasn’t weritten for her would fall out of the top ten

                      well it did. number ten is now “the girl I never met”
                      makes meso happy.
                      i really feel you are my lucky charm
                      that is another reason I feel special things about my novel

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