Don’t Drink & Drive, You May Spill Your Drink

My apologizes to all.

Lonely Author usually uploads a writing related post on Tuesday to stir up discussion. But I have an important message I want to share. I will try not to preach.

During this holiday season it is easy to get caught up in the festivities. When family and friends get together it will be tempting to have an extra glass of wine (or whatever you are drinking).  Lonely Author knows all about excess, he usually gets drunk on life.

This time of year also marks the height of DUI season.

Please be careful on the road. If you see a relative or friend has had to much to drink, don’t let them drive. Don’t let them become a statistic.

Don’t let your holiday celebrations end in tragedy.

Holiday blessing to you and yours.

Keep smiling. Keep writing.

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108 thoughts on “Don’t Drink & Drive, You May Spill Your Drink

      1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. For so many the Holidays are difficult. Yet …. Life truly is meant to LIVE. This Christmas is the first without my Dad and I am determined to have a good Christmas!! BIG (((HUGS))) ❤

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  1. The final working days before Christmas were always when we found the guy in the suit bouncing off the curb on his way home from the office Christmas party. Too much consumed by lightweights. If all present were lucky, no rescue units were involved. But the suit got a record and a hole in his checking account for the fine, tow and lawyer. Maybe some of the work by MADD and common sense have curtailed the number of drunks leaving the office party but the professional drinkers are still prowling the streets. Have a Pepsi and wait until you get that 4000 pound death machine home before you pop a top. I, and my daughter who was almost killed by a drunk driver, thank you.

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  2. People need to stop and think before getting behind the wheel under the influence of anything, not just alcohol. Families can be devastated by one decision of someone who is “okay to drive.”

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  3. And even if you’re driving and not drinking, be extra careful to watch for the ones who are. We lost a family member to a drunk driver about 15 years ago. Wine can make the heart rejoice but the mix of alcohol and driving can break the hearts of those left behind to grieve. Stay in the passenger seat if you are going to imbibe.

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    1. EXactly. Sorry, to hear about your loss. I know that must be difficult. I had a friend who drove home drunk after a Christmas office party. His family must remember the pain every holiday season. Thanks for contributing your thougths to this post.

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  4. Joyful season greetings,
    I have been musing lately and rummaging through my archives and stumbled upon a quote that had me thinking about your efforts shared here.

    “All stories teach, whether the storyteller intends them to or not. They teach the world we create. They teach the morality we live by. They teach it much more effectively than moral precepts and instructions”.
    Philip Pullman, author of the “His Dark Materials” trilogy, speaking in 1996

    Have a joyful holiday season!

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      1. I had an innate “knowing” many years ago, that knowledge and truth can not be destroyed. It can be ignored, hidden, and forgotten but it will be rediscovered.

        “The ancient knowledge will again abound, and overflow, as water, upon the earth. The remains of this knowledge are everywhere about us, in every-day use, and perfect. Its revival will point to the restoration of the period prior to the confusions of lip.”

        I have archives on my hard drives and DVDs, I try to not collect anymore books, my eyesight has deteriorated, reducing the joy I once had for books.
        I have posted much to the internet over the decades and much more I wish to share over the internet.

        The above was part of this:

        See the comments there.

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  5. Wife lost a brother to a drunk driver. When we go out, if one of us has a drink, the other has none for that evening. One of us is always DesiDriver. An, I am happy to say, normally that’s my wife 😉

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  6. Thank you for using your blog to state an important message. It affects even those of us who don’t drink as those who do often swerve into our lanes. You reach a lot of people. You have given pause to everyone.
    Drink at home. Drive sober. Drunk is a death sentence.

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    1. Thanks for contributing your thoughts to this post. Many took this as a message to not drink and drive, but I wanted to warn everyone that this is DUI season. So we have to cognizant of the drunks on the road. How many innocent lives are cut short because of a drunk driver. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful holiday season, be safe.


  7. As a mother living with the effects of drunk driving, I can’t say BRAVO loud enough. Thanks for the important reminder to NOT drink and get behind the wheel. It’s usually those who are not impaired who pay the price.

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    1. Exactly. I have known a few examples of drunk driving accidents where the drunk driver came out perfectly fine & another family totally destroyed. Sorry, you had to experience a loss because of someone drinking to much. I wanted to remind everyone to look out for the other guy. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and yours have a merry and safe holiday season.

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  8. I know what it’s like to lose a loved one to a drunk driver, so I appreciate the gravity of your message. I hope that many more people see it at this festive, sometimes over-the-top time of year. Mind if I repost it to my own blog? Thanks!

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