Moonlight Through My Window


Moonlight Through My Window

Moonlight slipped through my window

highlighting her every flaw

illuminating white streaks in her mane

the stretch marks that she wore

creases formed on the edges of her eyes

youthful features now appearing dull

moonlight displayed her every flaw

she never appeared more beautiful


185 thoughts on “Moonlight Through My Window

  1. Brilliant. You make the reader question the character’s depth of character by creating an apparent superficial, egotistical, shallow and destructive description of how he views his long time significant other and in a final crescendo reveal a kindness, warmth and love we all seek. This final view is a life long journey worth living.
    You nailed this one!

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        1. Well, Hollywood and the fashion world have long ruined things for women with the anorexic look. Now, everyone in social media is using photoshop and other programs to alter their looks. And yet others resort to cosmetic surgery. It is like nobody loves themselves anymore. People have become SO SHALLOW. Even flaws can be attractive.

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        1. I wouldn’t think a woman with an Unshielded Heart would have any doubts. Smile. Men and women travel through life focused on their own insecurities. We waste so much time focused on the wrong things, don’t we? I am happy you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. yuoth is a type of childhood.n age after of yuoth realy youth.abhi to me jawaan hu……….
    dis ghazal(song in urdu-hindi) is written by hasarut jaalandhari n sung by malika pukharaaj.if u have any indian friend thers plz ask him about dis forever young philoshophical song or search on net of indian classic song n enjoy.plz reply me dt u have got malika pulharaaj dt ur question or doubtness will be solve.after partition Pukhraaj had gone pakistaan bt her songs r most populer in india n also pakistaan.plz try search her on net or…….abhi to mein jawaan hu……..

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              1. i m still young(4)
                d air is exihilarating,flowers r bloom
                a thousand melodies in lusty spring everywhere,
                why do u go wine giver?return to me,come back here,
                what r u waiting for?pick up d goblet,pick up it up.
                pick up it and fill up d cup,,pass me d filled up.
                gaje at the garden behold the bliss you incognizant.
                those swirling cloud appearing at horizon,
                like a mob a swaying drunks,
                showing taverns sully the soul,
                spare me the doubts and ill-will,you think l am feeble,
                thoughts of abstinence,why so soon i am still young.(i am still young-2).
                how can this be mystical poetry,Rosh ásked,”seems more like lutful poetry,”.
                “it is what it is you think”asked Dev”and each servers in its purpose in ĺife bt do’nt you think it is brillient advice,to all of us who are caught up in life’s
                push and pull of to pause a moment and
                wittness the wonder enfolding around us.
                when Rosh does not argus,Dev continued
                all this talk of prayer these worries of redemption
                Obssesion with heavenly rewards.
                Warning of hellish torments.
                Listen up Admonisher you are a bit strange
                Have passion and youth ever been saparated
                When gracfule youth abound
                resplendent and mischivious
                And winds ars fragrent would not desire be inflamed.
                Provocative lovers,some here others there
                When they arouse sesuosly what power can a preacher have?
                It’s sorted then ,you point is right,Nervethless i’m yet rather young.(i m still young-2)
                ” it is beautiful”sighd Dev
                pregnent ļiyrics,powerful logic,poignant maushiki(music) ,the singular most iconic rendition that got me intrested in urdu poetry and ghazals (urdu language n its not for futurecreation.
                i have lost hope and desapair logice and presumption.
                I see nothing àround me nothing exept my goblet.
                let there be no death of wine my friendship with pub unstraiend.
                Let the gathering live on fore ver younğ and hectic.
                Sing such a melody,lady singer my soul surges sorrows wane.
                effect of instrumetal music sets on my heart fire
                Let everyone impĺor,do’nt your hand bartender.
                Pour more pour more pour more pour more,for(i am still young)
                Rosh silently ğálzed him andDev continueđ-
                this d stroll of.mountain this trek by a tream,chirpirng nightingèĺ giftaws from ĺovely faces
                Chanching upon your love,casts of grief and worries
                acording to thier ĺuck some ĺàugh some weep
                This tales of passion these jui cy youth
                Some gràcious here s
                some boàsting there
                This sky this earth how heart is pleàsinhg view
                this praiseworthy ĺife how can renounce there,that death could be near i cannot believe
                No,no, not yet,no,no , not yet i am still young……
                this ghazal(song) is sung by malika pukhraaj n written by husrat dis song it is said dt no age is one old.specialy young person enjoy his life bt de do’nt know about youth.remembering n feeling r knwon by after young aged person so he is young..i feel too same when i m about of fifty.have i not bored u dear lonely ather?how r u feel by reading dis?plz reply.

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                    1. why hindu bt respect n celebrate all religious festival.i love only religion of humankind coz all guys r presented at dis earth by dtGOD D ALMIGHTY.m i right?

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                    2. o !! lonely auther,,can ur santa a happy gift to my eldest daughter Shivani;; who wants to be a reasearh scholer or sciencetist at ursU.S. plz ask SANTA.shivani is extra ordi nary intellegent.

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              1. I know, I told my hubby the other day that I wish I was Santa. I could wash down with milk as many cookies as I wished, and call everyone ho! ho! ho! ahem I mean say to everyone 😀

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              1. I’m so sorry Andrew. I know all about bad days. It’s been a hellish week but I have hope for tomorrow. I hope your tomorrow is better. And you are most welcome. I find your voice to be very positive and uplifting and always a spot of sun in this vast wasteland of social media.

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    1. Thank you so much for the reblog. I appreciate the gesture. Thanks for the compliment as well. After a woman dedicates and invests her life in a man, the least he could do is admire her in her golden years as he did in her youth. Thank you.


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