Forever Ballerina


Forever Ballerina


There goes the silver haired lady

She moves with an unsteady gait

A cane keeps her from falling

A brace supports her extra weight


Teenagers mock the decrepit lady

Complain she moves too damn slow

Make callous jokes about her posture

They swear they will never grow old


Memories shield her from the insults

Always wears a smile upon her face

She goes home to ballerina slippers

To recall a time she moved with grace



225 thoughts on “Forever Ballerina

  1. Nice! When she was about 70, my mama told me that when she looked in the mirror, she wondered who that old woman was, that she still felt like 16 inside. I’m beginning to realize what she meant.
    You did a wonderful job putting the feeling into a beautiful string of words.

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  2. This is really lovely…reminds me of the short story, The Bath by Janet Frame…

    I remember you commenting on one of my posts a long time back. Would be glad if you’d visit my blog once again 🙂

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