Lonely Author Stockings Stuffers

Ugh. Not another fiasco. Last year it was my failed Christmas venture – The Lonely Author Glow in the Dark Yo-Yo (No Strings Attached).

Now my special toy for this holiday season won’t make the Kmart shelves. Yes, I am sorry to announce you won’t be finding The Lonely Author Action figures in your stockings this year.

To make it up to you, I will make a few recommendations.

Everything I Never Told You – Many of you already know Tosha Michelle, in case you don’t you, have to read her work. Ever since Lonely Author was a little boy he rooted for the underdog. Here is a brave, poetic Little Engine That Could entitled The Poem That Wanted to be a Rock Anthem. http://laliterati.com/2015/12/13/the-poem-that-wanted-to-be-a-rock-anthem/

Christina Strigas – Chrissy has a unique writing style; delightful feminine tough girl. Her words jump off the page. Being the King of my castle I have little affinity from strong female voices (Excuse me one second. Yes, dear.  Uh-huh. Can I do the breakfast dishes after I finish this post please? Thanks Snookums).  Here is a post from yesterday entitled Never. https://christinastrigas.wordpress.com/2015/12/21/never/

Love Letters Lost At Sea – I accidentally discovered this blog Saturday evening. She recently started re-blogging. She doesn’t have many poems posted yet, but they are all good. Here is a link to a small paragraph she wrote entitled Flaw. It is well worth your time. https://loveletterslostatsea.wordpress.com/2015/12/19/flawed/

Moonskittles – This is the most versatile writer I have ever met. She can write anything (and do it well). Her writing is brilliant and then surprise; this school teacher is one of the funniest person I have ever met. She’s made me cry more than the IRS. Do yourself a favor, you need to meet her. https://moonskittles.wordpress.com/

I hope you enjoy my suggestions.

Happy holidays

Keep smiling

Keep writing




154 thoughts on “Lonely Author Stockings Stuffers

  1. You just made this Ms. Grinch’s heart grow ten times its normal size. Thank you so much for your kind words and overwhelming praise. I believe you just inspired me to put my pen to page today. Merry Christmas, friend!!

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    1. Not true. Your writing comes straight from the heart. You already have a heart that’s ten times a normal sized heart. Be well my friend. I read a post that saddened me. Try your best to have a very Merry Christmas. I will be getting to that link you sent me today or tomorrow. Its been a crazy week.

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  2. Well you know I had to follow that Poem That Wanted to Be A Rock Anthem woman. I’ll have to check out the rest as well. And by the way, what is up with that no action figures thing? They told me mine was coming out in 2012 for God’s sake!

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      1. Well, it’s actually a very sad story but it had a string attached and when you pulled it it was supposed to say “What do you want to write about today” but mine just said “f*** off” so, yeah, they had to pull it off the shelves as well.

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  3. Ohhh, I feel special to be sharing the same stocking-space with these fine women! Your supporting hand and words of praise are going to keep me forget about claustrophobia.. 😀
    Thank you my dear friend! Merry Christmas to you and yours! And here to life-size Andrew figure for 2016!! ❤

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    1. LOL Someone told me my toy is actually a Lonely Author Sedentary figure. lol You are truly a GREAT writer. I wish you would gather everything and place it in a book. I’ll buy it. Claustrophobia, I had no idea you had a fear of Santa.

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  4. Wonderful suggestions. I especially liked the piece entitled, Flaw. It was quite moving. I am certain she has had some difficult experiences that have given her the opportunity to let the words naturally flow from her heart and soul. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a gift or a curse.
    Thank you for sharing her work.

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  5. Interesting suggestions,I trust on you.I checked out the links but I didn’t have enough time to go thoroughly through their work.You are a great supporter,you give them the chance to become widely known.

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      1. we would have to time the dish washing properly in that case

        and why you’re speechless?
        if you KNEW me you would know I know he has to be part of any life we create together. I know that
        so you shouldn’t be speechless.
        i’m not an asshole.


        1. i doubt you would be leaving little guy behind.
          I know you wouldn’t
          even with me in your life
          he must come first.

          in fact here is the order of importance

          1- little guy
          2- Amani
          3- Lonely Author and his raging hard ons

          fuck that make Lonely Author number 4


          1. I would never leave him anywhere. You know me

            how did Amani get bumped up.to second place? I mean I DO heart him very tenderly so maybe…

            I’d put your raging hard ons 4th because they’re not much use to me without you attached to them


                    1. Off the subject. ..because you know, heart aches and stuff. .

                      have you ever thought of writing a poem called You

                      don’t ask why. just came to me and had to share


                    2. As soon as I hit send i thought does he already have one called ‘you’??

                      Anyway. You do that baby.

                      Oh really? ?
                      make.sure it’s weeks from now! I’m still getting comments and likes for my HIM lol


                    3. I know you are.
                      they have to be seperated at birth

                      posted back on Jan 15, 2016

                      Loving whispered in my ear
                      passions making me so weak
                      kisses igniting my lonely heart
                      gentle fingers grazed my cheek
                      Sweaty bodies entwined as one
                      no I never wanted to let you go
                      gentle fingers caressed my soul
                      need you more than you can know
                      My body groans as I see your face
                      I knew it was too good to be true
                      yes tonight I made love to another
                      another night pretending it was you

                      god my poetry sucked more than the hoes in old Soho


                    4. So true.
                      Even your best N era poetry is almost lacking soul (though still beautiful) but your AF poetry. …SIGH SIGH SIGH SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!


                    5. you are serious
                      this is so much better than N period
                      i was so inhibited with her
                      you i just let loose.
                      god what you do to me and my writing
                      how does that make you feel
                      the way you inspire me


                    6. It’s hard to explain. I try to write about how it makes me.feel and even that doesn’t do it justice.

                      Mostly I am beyond happy because I feel like I never tell.you how to write or what to write or when to write lol. It just all. comes to you because I love you the way you should have been loved for so long.

                      It fills me with an emotion that has no word in the English language.
                      But it makes me feel like my heart is trying to escape my chest and come find you.

                      That’s the best way I can explain it


                    7. laughing 70 done
                      let’s see if tis is the one

                      that poem about me…….so anxious to post
                      but I know I can make it better
                      let’s see what the bottle of wine will contribute.

                      yes that is a good title


                    8. You’ll know exactly when the right time is to post that one a bit yourself
                      When you finish and it makes you smile…then post it

                      you did 70% of a poem in 5 mins? ???


                    9. i think i can have it ready

                      last saturday i was hit with four different lnes for four different poems in less than five minute

                      it was like flour quick slaps in the face.
                      what was that?


                    10. eeee…I’m so excited! !

                      that baby, was the magic of poetic inspiration born of love that does what it wants when it wants because it’s a gift and you have to take that slap and LOVE it with your words


            1. so, when I was singing in the duo a few years ago, the guitarist liked the way I sang in Spanish so he suggested I sing besame mucho . I love that song so much.

              In cypriot dialect (it’s Greek but there are a lot of different words) mucho actually means jerking off. It’s a crude way of saying it lol. And besame if you pronounce it with a z sound instead of an s sound means we were playing.
              And so when you put them.together you have the whole cypriot phrase basically meaning “We were jerking off.”
              I sang it for a couple.of weeks then we removed it from the set because I couldn’t keep a straight face and all the Greek hotel staff were laughing their heads off.

              so funny

              but i seriously adore that song. except when I over think it lol


                    1. No, the name of the song! as if I would write like that lol

                      but yeah.

                      you could play death metal and/or trance music which I CANT STAND and I’d be happy if I was in your crib lol


                    2. Hey will you be around when I come back at later.

                      not that I’m leaving right now, but in about 15mins or so I will probably disappear


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