109 thoughts on “Sugar Bowl 16

  1. I wish I had copy/pasted the last ‘te amo’ that you wrote to me so long ago now. I’d look at it every day, baby.
    So now I’m remembering when you said I love you on the phone… yep..deep sigh. There it is ❤️🔥


      1. Baby I am okay. Better than…let’s see.. 17 minutes ago!
        How are YOU. Oh my god baby. Pneumonia, fuck….are you okay though, after the surgery? What have the doctors said?
        Eff me.. I don’t know where to start with all the missing you-ness.
        Maybe I am dreaming
        Just pinched and slapped myself to check


        1. doctors said they never saw anyone recover so quickly
          i was let out the hospital on day four
          nurses were shocked and disappointed

          whenever i cough it feels like electric currents running through my ribs
          very painful
          but it gets better everyday

          i have to be very physical.
          i couldn’t walk from my bed to the bathroom without choking for breath
          so i am walking everyday
          building up my strength and heart
          it feels like i am starting over

          i could probably start blogging soon, but i can’t be sitting on a compuiter
          doc wants me active

          how is little guy doing with school?
          how are things at home

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  2. How much do I looik like Tom Ellis?
    Same dark hair and eyes
    I wuld say my eyes are vry much like him

    and yes i started lucifer because of you
    love the show
    I am on season three
    personality is so lonely author
    its scary
    i feel like i am watching myself
    God, I am a devil


    1. Hello baby❤️
      What an entrance!
      Hmmm…. okay just filling out my image now…
      His personality makes me laugh so effing much because there IS so much of you there! Love it
      Are you a devil?
      He was god’s favourite angel, baby
      So…two sides to every coin
      Does that make me your detective? (less blonde and blue eyed and more curly brunette and adoring eyes, but incredible cosmic power over your heart? I’ll take it!)


        1. I’m doing okay today baby. Missing you. I have my ups and downs with my inner happies , little bit more today than other days but I’m okay. Better now
          How are you


          1. better
            still very sore n the rib cage
            takes time
            walking more and more
            trying to rebuild my strength
            i mean – weeks ago I would walk from the couch to the bathroom and be totally exhausted and out of breathe
            past that now

            just fyi
            i am going to DR next week
            i have the support i need there
            cook housekeeper


            1. You’re doing so well. I couldn’t be more proud of you. What you’re going through is immense and you’re getting through it , everyday stronger. Amazed by you
              You know I am happy you’re going there. They take such good care of you there. I feel a family vibe for you when you’re there
              You deserve to be taken care of baby


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