109 thoughts on “Sugar Bowl 16

  1. I wish I had copy/pasted the last ‘te amo’ that you wrote to me so long ago now. I’d look at it every day, baby.
    So now I’m remembering when you said I love you on the phone… yep..deep sigh. There it is ❤️🔥


      1. Baby I am okay. Better than…let’s see.. 17 minutes ago!
        How are YOU. Oh my god baby. Pneumonia, fuck….are you okay though, after the surgery? What have the doctors said?
        Eff me.. I don’t know where to start with all the missing you-ness.
        Maybe I am dreaming
        Just pinched and slapped myself to check


        1. doctors said they never saw anyone recover so quickly
          i was let out the hospital on day four
          nurses were shocked and disappointed

          whenever i cough it feels like electric currents running through my ribs
          very painful
          but it gets better everyday

          i have to be very physical.
          i couldn’t walk from my bed to the bathroom without choking for breath
          so i am walking everyday
          building up my strength and heart
          it feels like i am starting over

          i could probably start blogging soon, but i can’t be sitting on a compuiter
          doc wants me active

          how is little guy doing with school?
          how are things at home

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