After The Lovin’


In the past, I have advised many friends the best time to show a woman how much you love her is in the moments after making love.

Ladies, if I am wrong please feel free to let me know.

This poem was inspired by one of my favorite love songs sung by English pop singer Engelbert Humperdinck; After the Lovin’.

So I sing you to sleep
After the lovin’
With a song I just wrote yesterday
And I hope you can hear
What the words and the music have to say.                                                                                                   -Engelbert Humperdink


After The Lovin’

Baby, please don’t close your pretty eyes
I still have so much loving to share
Too many hours to explore
for us to converse,
to kiss,
to care

Honey, let me taste your sweet pouty lips
paint your toe nails shades of pink
can’t miss a moment of you
I refuse to sleep,
to nap,
to blink

Oh Darling, let me recite this little verse
Whisper poems to tease and flirt
We still have time to adore
loving ‘til dawn,
‘til day,
’til it hurts

And I know that my song
isn’t saying anything new
Oh, but after the lovin’
I’m still in love with you

                 -Engelbert Humperdink



106 thoughts on “After The Lovin’

  1. ahh, such wonderful lines….the most beautiful parts of a relationship often occur in those moments after the lovin’…great poem inspired by a great song…

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  2. In college, I had the pleasure of knowing this incredible lady that suggested we made love with another with every sincere act of affection. That it was in the small moments of reading to your lover, brushing her hair, cooking soup when they were under the weather … it was in those details that love is truly made between two people. That has always stuck with me — and perhaps made me a little more difficult to woo. I think your words speak that very same message. Beautifully done, friend.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. If a man wants to show love, taking her to a fancy dinner & saying “I love you” is nice. But painting her toe nails, a nice massage, washing or brushing her hair, cooking her dinner, and gestures like that mean a lot more. Doesn’t it?

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      1. You nailed it … the fancy dinner and the “words” are NICE. But the effort, the time, the adoration, the thought behind every action makes LOVE come to LIFE. Nice doesn’t even come close to describing that type of interaction and connection.

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  3. The best time to tell it show someone how much you care – anytime you feel like it. There’s no right or wrong time. Reserving those special words for after love making can be a little cliche. Certainly not unappreciated, but expected. While your cooking, give her a nice hug, tell her how you feel. Driving in the car, take her hand, tell her how you feel. Embrace the moment ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh, I think the the weakest words in the English language are “I love you.” Being a writer I DEEPLY believe in the first rule of writing; SHOW don’t TELL. It is through gestures and action that we truly demonstrate the feelings that we have. Hey, thanks for stopping by to read and comment. Hope you have a great day.

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      1. This got me into fits of laughter. I can imagine a chimp scratching his head and stroking his chin 😀
        Am sure you’ve never had to face such a situation though so can be playful about it 🙂

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  4. I am almost positive you won’t find a woman, or many men, that would disagree with you. Personally, I would rather have the love, affection and attention afterwards, than before. What a lovely romantic you are Sir. 🙂

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  5. I agree with most of what you say but personally I think cuddling together is quite something too. I am not too sure about painting toenails after lovemaking. “Honey, no, pass me that leg. What do I care if it is freezing outside. I wanna show you some looooove so gimme your toes right now. It’s ok if you freeze a bit. I will heat them up after I’ve painted em. uh oh repeat session sweetheart, I think I smudged your toenails while heating your toes” 😛

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      1. Ah ah ah.I did some sorting of documents I need to send my lawyer. The combination of both the thought of a lawyer and administrative work is pretty lethal so a mega dose of humour is required. I think myself silly with the most absurd jokes and thoughts during those times. If you read my page you’ll see that I also ranted in a very unusual and silly billy way while yesterday it was a more subtle poetic write about more or less the same feelings 😀

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  6. You are the ultimate romantic male. It’s not that I hate you; I just hate that my wife has replaced ALL of my pictures with YOURS! 😀
    In all honesty, I’ll bet your writing has helped many couples rekindle sparks in their relationships. This is just as important as nutrition and exercise and a vital component of living a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for all that you offer.

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    1. LOL Now, you really have me in tears. Oh, Doc, you’re kill me. My wife hates email. She was just complaining that she received two from Lonely Author and she unfollowed me. She reads my stuff straight from the computer why receive emails? What a funny crazy day this has turned out ot be. Thanks

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  7. Show your love through action and often in those ordinary everyday practical moments…these are those little treasured snippets of affection so lovingly shown and which mean so much…indeed the word love is much over and mis used…but in this instant, love your poem. Thanks.

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