Her Words


Sorry, for the late post. Today I made up for lost sleep.  I want to thank everyone for their kind wishes and support yesterday.

The funny banter regarding Mandy Moore eased my pains.

Thank you.

Today, I submit to you “Her Words.”

P.S.   I am certain this is not Mandy Moore. (Sticking my tongue out).


Her Words

Yesterday she did it to me again
She penned another loving verse
I know that words are only words
But her wicked words are my curse

She writes with Cupid’s tiny arrows
dips her quill in my throbbing heart
She caresses me with every syllable
her words keeps tearing me apart

can I stop this addiction to her words
I know they are never meant for me
But tonight as I read her prose again
Her delicious words will set me free


85 thoughts on “Her Words

  1. I must be old. I had to google Mandy Moore!
    For me, this was a sad poem. To yearn for words meant for other hearts and to achieve a level of emotional satisfaction seems sorrowful. I’ll bet there are plenty of people “in the dark” living this life. I found this poem thought provoking. Thank you.

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    1. It’s funny how we can read the same thing in different ways. Poetry truly is a play on sensitivity both received and emitted. I personally find it beautiful that a person can be stirred by somebody else’s words, regardless of whether they were written for that person or not. There is a beautiful quote by Shams Al Tabrizi “Even if it be after a thousand years these words will reach those for whom they are intended” and I believe that poets often are a channel for words, thoughts and emotions that they might be focusing on one person but that are meant to touch, inspire and ignite various types and levels of passion in more than just that person. For me this was a hopeful and not sad poem albeit with a tinge of nostalgia, especially because of the end line which speaks of the poet being set free by the lady’s words. I don’t see it as a yearning for words meant for others but for a lucid recognition of the fact that while the words are or may be meant for another, they stir deep emotions in him and ultimately set him free.
      A really beautiful write Andrew, btw. I actually used this picture of Anne Hathaway for one of my poems but am not sure on facebook or here on my blog.

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  2. I put my hand up in the air. I’m the guilty party for asking who Mandy Moore was or is…. I had no idea.

    Yep. That’s Anne or Ann Hathaway, not sure if with an e or not an e. Anyways up….. A beautiful image that you have painted with those words and it sounds as if you have been tortured somewhat. We often see what we want to see and that’s sometimes positive and healthy. If it makes you smile, then why not. Is not everything, written for someone or something? First and foremost, it should be written for ourselves and then gifted to others to inspire or evoke an emotion or response.

    That’s all terribly complicated, Annie. I need food and that’s my excuse.

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    1. Haha. I love your comment. Yes, I have confirmed it is Anne Hathaway. You are right, our words should be written for ourselves, then we should evoke an emotion or response. Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Have a great day and go and eat. lol

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      1. Just that, yes. It’s ok, fish will soon be making its way into my tummy. I’ll snack until it’s ready and quench my thirst with good old English water.

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  3. I’m not going to give you a single tease about Anne Hathaway. She is a lovely, classical beauty which is no doubt why she caught your eye. This poem could be about any woman or women in general, ones who inspire and delight you into writing. Who doesn’t secretly fall in love with “the muse” whomever it may be?

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    1. Actually, I believe your comments yesterday spoke about falling in love with words & not images. That started me thinking and I was off to the races.
      Thank you for that creative spark. Anne Hathaway is a classic beauty. Have a great weekend.

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  4. Ah, the power of the written word…capable of leaving us alone together in our world of thoughts… good luck with the addiction 😀

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  5. LOVE this! I completely relate to this sentiment. Sometimes, reading the words of others, makes you dream of being the one written about. To be the one who inspires the writer to produce such beautiful prose. Oh…if only. 🙂

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