2015 : In Memoriam with Gratitude

Here is another thoughtful post by a good friend who made me blush. While I am still a blogging novice, I agree blogging is for making connections; creative and otherwise. I have been blessed with suppoortive followers and I have made several GOOD friends (many who I plan to meet face to face someday). Thank you so much for your kind words. I am flattered you would mention me in this way. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

The life and times of Wookers

All my fellow bloggers around me are blogging away about the year that was and so on and so forth and I am suddenly mildly envious , as mild as a skunk in heat anyway . Bereft of eyes at the back of my head like Janus  as referenced by my fellow blogger Bun Karyodo and blessed with a memory that is suspiciously like Guy Pearce’s memory in Memento . (I wonder if I had met Christopher Nolan and inspired him but I don’t remember) . I realized that while I have a zillion things to be celebrate this year (don’t ask what those zillion things are , remember Guy Pearce’s memory) , the one that I am truly grateful for is the blogging buddies that I have managed to make this  year.

My good friend Tejaswini started her own blog , The Baba Yaga Project and inspired me to start along as…

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16 thoughts on “2015 : In Memoriam with Gratitude

  1. My heart almost stopped when I read memoriam… I am happy you are well, and helathy and this is just a post to put a spotlight on your beautiful self. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, for a minute I thought I was reading my obituary. No one had told me I died. I guess they wanted to break it to me easy. Don’t talk to me about your heart stopping I will have to performmouth to mouth. (You do have a nice my dear, lol).

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