Devil Girl Diaries – 10 (Hostage)


Every man has that one unforgettable woman that will haunt him until his final day; the girl that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. She explored the depths of her sexuality; while I discovered the heights of my pain. My muse had a nickname. I called her Devil Girl. I write these words to ease my sorrows. My name is Andrew.

This is our story.

Heart beat drowned out sounds
Stripped down to boxers
What the hell were they planning?
Breathing rushed
Bound to dining room chair
The quiet shut of the door
Soft hands grab my cheeks
Full lips kiss my mouth
Her sweet lips
Allie what is going on?
She ripped the blindfold off
With a control she opened the drapes
Moonlight seeped in
Her heels clicked on the floor
As she headed for the window
She wore my favorite outfit
heels and her birthday suit
Which went well with anything
A click of another remote
Set music playing
her hips swaying
She danced for me
As her fingers danced along her skin
Anger seeped out of my pores
Like sweat on a summer day
Every move, every gyration hypnotic
I should be furious
But my body betrayed me
She came to me
Sank on my hardness
I gasped
Beyond her slender shoulder
Windows were occupied
With curious observers
Whatever happened to privacy Devil Girl?

See ya next week


85 thoughts on “Devil Girl Diaries – 10 (Hostage)

    1. John, I’m writing because I didn’t find a Contact Me on your blog. Your novel “His Revenge,” appears so intriguing. That is my type of read. I’ll be making some Amazon purchases next week. Your book has been added to my list. I will be getting abck to you in a few weeks. Wishing you all the best.

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        1. Sorry, I mIssed it. I was curious cause I read it on a few literary agent pages we should always have a Contact Me page so they can do it without an audience. Thplot of your book really intrigues me. Anxious to read it. I don’t have a kindle, but there is a free app I can download, right?

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  1. Can you imagine the gamut this poor guys mind must be searching trying to get a handle on his lust and how it fits in his life? Mel Brooks would have a ball with this! This saga never fails to excite and leave me wanting more…

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            1. Exactly. Absolutely amazing. I believe in variety and avoiding routines; that can include spanking, a little rough, every position under the sun, role play. But here has to be love making in that mix. I want to make her feel like she is the only girl in the world. Sorry, to quote the song. But I want to feel that way as well.

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  2. I can be your new devil girl! Oh, wait, I don’t think I’m that much of an exhibitionist.. And oh I remember seeing somewhere on your blog that you have a wife.. ok, nevermind then. 😇 🙋 I’ll just read and throw in the occasional obnoxious comment (like this one). 😊

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