Miracles For You

Sorry, no comedy today.

Yesterday, I was advised my daughter’s mother has been diagnosed with cancer. This week Doctors will confirm if it is advanced as they suspect.

All my life co-workers, acquaintances, friends, neighbors,and step children, ex and current spouse, have turned to me in search of strength. They often said, I could fix anything. Even now, there are days I can almost feel my spine crumbling inside me, yet, everyone still leans on me.

I have always been that defiant person determined to do, what others say can’t be done.

But there are limitations to what I can fix.


Miracles For You

I cant stop the rain from falling
the sun sets far beyond my reach
seasons will always come and go
they were never mine to cease

we were more than passing ships
we shared our child and memories
I would give the things I don’t have
to let your problems devour me

the stars eventually fade with time
the tallest mountains crumble too
you can’t imagine what I would give
to perform a few miracles for you

Have a wonderful week.

Keep writing.

Keep smiling.



270 thoughts on “Miracles For You

  1. In my personal experience since I had a similar thing that happened to a family member this past year, although that disease ended in tragedy, but what I did do was to keep calm, be strong, and have as much fun with the person as you can have. All that is projected to the other person and most likely than not is a relief and a much better way to handle things. And cancer is something that they have made great advances for treating. All my best to you and your family.

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    1. Thank you so much for this message. It provides hope. And sometimes, hope is all you need. Sorry, to hear baout your personal loss. It is never easy. I will be the rock I will need to be. Thanks for your kind words of inspiration. Much needed and appreciated.


  2. I’m so sorry, my friend. I just read this. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and you. Such times are so scary, difficult and filled with every kind of upheaval. I know you will get through this, for yourself and your daughter. Stay strong, my sweet friend 💕🌹

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    1. Thank you so much. I have been trying to reach out for you, but my messages aren’t getting through to you. You know I am such a fan of yours. Thanks. I will be as strong as my daughter needs for me to be. So nice talking to you again

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  3. My friend…

    Cancer is a terrible thing to deal with, for all concerned, or close to those affected. My father died of it in 1985…

    But, there is no longer any reason for anyone to die from it, for a cure does exist, and it is readily available to anyone with access to a few feet of dirt in their yard…

    Simply, cannabis cures cancer…. If you type those words into You Tube, you will find a huge number of videos from people who have cured their own; it is effective, 100% of the times tested, and has NO side effects from using it. It isn’t smoked, it is consumed as an essential oil, which is a natural part of our own immune system; our bodies MAKE cannabinoids as part of those systems which heal us, and defend against illness.

    This link is by the hacker group, Anonymous, which explains how they found out the US government has KNOWN this FACT, since 1976….

    I’m also including the embed code, just in case it works to put it here, for your readers to see….

    Best of luck to your friend; I hope they don’t refuse to see this information for what it is, an attempt to help, for there is now nothing to fear from cancer, if we can learn about our own bodies….and, how natural substances are much better for it than any pill, or chemical given by a soulless corporation, in a broken medical model as we have here in the US….

    My brother has lymphatic cancer, and is almost cured; every lymph gland that was swollen and cancerous is shrinking, rapidly, and he is pain free….



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      1. 🙂

        Excellent… and, you’re welcome.

        Besides the good karma of sharing the truth, it is part of my own philosophy, axiom #7, to wit:

        Do your Duty. Respect Life. Honor the Truth. Share your Love….

        This fulfills all of it.for this chosen duty, so, I’m happy…


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  4. god bless ur wife n save from dt deseas.even though u have positive attitude.ur rainy dance inspire everyone in depression.nice n heart touching lines.do’nt worry about what anyone say about u.u r in yourself a perfect person.let u give many miracles us n we r inspired from them..at last i think dt every life is full of problems.by giving these problems God take exam.of his person.this is a very sad point as Hardy said -life gives to deny.keeping hope onGod n continue ur writing.d writing is best cure of all frustration.have i said right.

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          1. yeah.in my india,people believe on miracles.often it become realty i.e.giving blessings are fulfiled.many events happen here as god’s blissment.whenever u come here then u feel all dt.six year ago,my sister had suffered from throat cancer.during her treatment; i wished for her health may improve soon from Goddess Gayatri whose temple is at Shantikunj,Haridwar.after chemotharapy n radiotharapy,my sister had become healthy in two months.still now she is well n goes on her duty as govt.teacher.is dt r no miracle?plz reply.

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    1. Thank you so much. She is my Ex, but she is the mother of my only daughter. And we have wonderful memories together. Loyalty should go beyond the limits of a relationship. I will d all I can for her. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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  5. Very sorry to read about this news Andrew. You are showing many great examples to your daughter already and I hope there is comfort for all very soon. If there is anything I can do please let me know I’m a nurse. Looks like she is in great hands right now and I hope that in itself is somewhat comforting. Sending prayers…stay strong

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      1. I have passed a lot of worst things. I have seen “the death” in front of my eyes and I’m still breathing…
        That’slife,tries to fu*k us everyday, but we should fight.For ourselves,for our family…

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    1. I know times are politically correct, but even that has gone to an extreme. How can beautfful words of peace and love offend? Please, always feel free to express your thoughts about the Lord when you visit. Thank you for taking the time to read my work, I appreciate that. God bless you and yours..

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