Flower In A Fortress

Unlike most days, where I respond to posts fairly quickly, today I will be out much of the day. If anything in this post inspires you to leave a comment, please feel free to do so. I will get back to you late in the afternoon. I didn’t want anyone to think I was ignoring them.

Today, I’m scheduled to be in an office full of attorneys for several hours.

Do you know what this means?

Later in the evening I will take my warm shower using Mr. Clean, Brillo, Easy Off, Lysol, L’Oreal (because I’m worth it), Branson Industrial Strength Cleaner, Bounty (the quicker picker upper), and three scouring pads.

Please, feel free to leave your grime removing suggestions.

And now, back to the loving…

Flower In A Fortress

Gazing through the window pane, at the distant stars, he smiled. They didn’t seem to be as far as the woman he desired. He wondered why she choose to be a flower in a fortress. Without sun or rain this beauty would never bloom. Who wounded her so badly to make her feel this way? If only she would let him in; even for a moment, he would win her trust and tear down her walls; brick by lonely brick.

He would rather live with her rejection
Than bask in another girl’s affection
He needed her
Only her


118 thoughts on “Flower In A Fortress

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful message. It is so true. Isolating oneself from people & love is not the solution. Life is much too short. Be selective, but take a chance. Thanks. I need the luck along with the cleaning supplies. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I have some dettol for you. Am still pondering on how you were able to square smoothly such a beautiful write on flowers in ivory towers and a room of gloom full of hounding at your knees. Then again you’re a chimp and can swing your way into and out of anything I guess 😀

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      1. Good for the chimp, yes it was perfectly smooth. I could hear Sade singing Smooth Operator in the background and could almost visualise a chimp’s hairy butt swaggering into and out of the hounding pass.
        As for warding off love, I could totally identify with your flower. Sometimes if you have had too much bad love I think you just press the pause button and breathe or hold your breath whichever does not kill you immediately..

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        1. Hahaha. Love that song. And that swaggering chimp sounds like me. Yeah, I understand the need to hit pause, but I think many ladies have trouble trusting again & they have been wounded for life and they prefer to stay unloved. I have a friends that fit that mold. It makes me feel so bad. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. As usual, your words adorn the comments section of my posts with beauty, elegance, and love.

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      2. I wrote a few things upon a time several years ago when the feelings were still raw. You might like it or you might just find it awful. Perhaps it will shed some light on why some people could be inclined to construct barriers. Note that it is not because you have barriers against romantic love with a partner that it means you are warding yourself off from love of family and friends.

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  2. Hope the legal session goes your way.

    Sometimes these posts of yours make me realize just how many crappy relationships I had before I met my husband. And it even took him a long time to really fall in love with me. Huh. Maybe its me…

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  3. He would rather live with her rejection
    Than bask in another girl’s affection
    He needed her
    Only her

    That is a strong feeling. Maybe she will reject him long enough to start loving him. But will that love from her be out of self pity or true love?
    Great lines coming from you as always. Happy 2016

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    1. Excellent question. If he can get through her barriers, perhaps she could love and trust again. Oh, you are too kind. Thank you for reading and thank you for the compliments. You encourage me. Not sure if that is a good thing to do with this chimp?? lol Thanks

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    1. Thank you for saying that. I guess you kind of fit that role my friend. Can’t we clone Adam Levne??? My day?? Hmmm. Let’s add Scrubbing Bubbles to the list of cleaning solutions. Listened to legal diarrhea for three and a half hours. Lonely Author = Brain Dead

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  4. Beautiful post. One of the things that women are very good at is building fortresses. It’s hard to take down those walls, but when you do, it’s Beautiful.
    Good luck today. What you really need, to get the ick of the day off, is someone to reach those difficult places for you. I have a loofah, if you need it. 🙂

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    1. I have knocked down a few walls in my life. Couple of bottles of Mr Walker as well. Icky day indeed. I’m so honored you would offer your loofah. Why I haven’t shared a loofah since…er…
      damn, I have never shared a loofah. What an unfulling life. Sob. ANYONE WANT TO SHARE A LOOFAH?

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  5. Lovely words . . .
    About cleansers–there’s a wonderful product I keep in my kitchen called “Greased Lightning”. Spray it on, let it sit a minute, and it eats that greasy stuff without dissolving your skin. One needs their skin to keep everything in place, so be careful in you choice of cleaners. 😀

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    1. Deep sigh. Thank God you follow me. Never would have considered the skin part. Chimps can be slow at times, especially after listening to legal diarrhea for so long. Greased Lightning it shall be! Thank you my lady. Bowing (but not to much, I may fall over. Thanks for stopping by.

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  6. An office full of attorneys….hmmm…you either work in the legal field, you are suing, or you are getting sued. Am I close? Lovely verse by the way although I’m starting to think your protagonist might be fighting a restraining order of his own.

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    1. LOL Oh, you gave this chimp a laugh. Not permitted to discuss the reasons for the legal visit. But you are on the right path. Wink Wink. I think all the hero’s I fight restraining orders and regalur visits to the funny farm. Not to mention trips to the shoe store.

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    1. LOL Yes, love is in the air. I use deodorant to make sure the only scent is love. The attorneys?? Deep sigh. I will be singing my favorite song in the tub; “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.” Thanks for stopping by. Love your comments.

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  7. This story lives in the minds of many men living this eternal dream. Some have truly forsaken all options in life in pursuit of their one true love. Some might call this sad and unfortunate; I would call it PARAMOUNT PASSION.

    As far as the lawyer message is concerned, please accept this email as a summons requesting your presence in a court of law on January 15th, 2016 to defend your statement. The charge is as follows:
    1. Defamation of character
    This should be easy to defend against because rumor has it lawyers have no character!

    Good luck! 😀

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  8. I read this as a bit of a tragedy, for both involved. Not only is it sad for someone to choose not to allow love in, but it’s also sad to love someone who won’t let you in. Lovely writing, as usual, just a bit sad.

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    1. Oh, that is so true. You are the first person to consider the emotions of the hero. You are full of empathy. That is so sweet. Yes, it is sad. I was about to break into another serenade, but that would be two for you and zero for everyone else. People will talk. Sorry. LOL

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  9. An interesting intro. my father used to use bleach and ashes from the wood stove to wash the barnacles and sea grass from the bottom of his fiberglass boat – you will need Mrs Lonely Author to wield the thick broom required for scrubbing 🙂

    The second half was stunning. We should always risk everything for love as there is nothing like it. A beautiful piece, my friend.

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    1. First part: Thanks for sharing that. I may have some legal barnacles at the moment. Second: Thank you. Still working on the Haibrun we talked about. Hey, I read and learn. Thanks for your support. You are one of the most inspirational and nicest person here in wordpress.

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