Devil Girl Diaries – 11 (Facetime)


Every man has that one unforgettable woman that will haunt him until his final day; the girl that got away. Allie detested television, vanilla ice cream, and missionary. She explored the depths of her sexuality; while I discovered the heights of my pain. My muse had a nickname. I called her Devil Girl. I write these words to ease my sorrows. My name is Andrew.

This is our story.

Standing in the Macys dressing room
I removed my slacks
My phone rang
It was Allie on facetime
We shared smiles via cell phones
I noticed she wore no blouse
I asked, are you trying something on?
Laughing she fumbled with her cell
she was naked
Allie what are you doing
She smiled and lowered the phone
We weren’t exactly facetiming anymore
Her fingers worked their magic
She groaned loudly
Everyone heard her in my dressing room
Remembering she had my cell headphones
I fumbled with the volume
Take him out she moaned
But I
I want to see him
I flashed myself
Touch him for me she requested
I hesitated then obeyed
She panned the camera along her body
Blood rushed through me
I was breathless
Watching her performance
My head leaned against the wall                                                             minutes seemed like hours
She advised me she was arriving
I was on the same train too
I trembled
I shook
I bit my lip
I saw heaven
In the dressing room of Macys
Minutes later
Everyone peaked out of their stalls
To watch me exit
handing the suit to the dressing room attendant
he asked if everything was to my liking
red face I nodded
can’t we be normal Devil Girl

Until next Saturday


73 thoughts on “Devil Girl Diaries – 11 (Facetime)

  1. Ha,ha! Evil… However, I’m guilty of doing something similar to at least two men. But they were in their cars in public, so I suppose that’s more private… Tortured them though because they couldn’t uh, relieve the tension on their end because of it. 😉

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      1. Oh no, I was dedicated. They just listened because they were too uncomfortable doing anything on their end in public. Which I don’t blame them, really. But hey, they never told me to stop so…yes, they most definitely were blue, lol!

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  2. I can’t help but think that her thrills had to get more and more outrageous! Regular lovemaking would seem too tame, right? Sex can’t be all wickedness all the time, you have to have those tender times too, which are just as hot (in my opinion!)

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