Chains Of Love


Chains Of Love

No need to lock the doors
to keep you here with me
you will never have to stray
cause my love will set you free

Iโ€™ll glue you with tenderness
make your nightmares mine
erase your every lonely hours
teach you about love sublime

our hearts will be tied together
beating a symphony so sweet
lips will be forever locked
body friction making love heat

let my love possess your pains
we will be loving night and day
with my delicate chains of love
you will always want to stay

88 thoughts on “Chains Of Love

  1. Your writing is beautiful and makes me want to be young again. Not that love isn’t still important in my life but it changes expression. My husband has always been very protective and good to me and the right man for me. I’ve never met such a romantic man as you write about though. Do they exist? You definitely write what women like to read.

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    1. Step aside Nicholas Sparks. Only kidding. Thanks for the sweetest compliment. You made me blush. I am an optimist and a dreamer, so I like to think men like that do exist. Perhaps, I showed my little girl too many Disney movies?? If a man gives without taking and his partner does the same, wouldn’t that be divine? And thank you again.

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      1. Ideals are so important and I believe, the purpose of art. Thank you for upholding such a wonderful ideal and I agree, the secret to long-lasting marriages is each being focused on the needs of the other. We may not reach the ideal but it’s important to reach for it. I think the world is starving for ideals right now. Your work is very needed.

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      2. You know, I read a lot of sappy romantic stuff… and after a couple of them, every Nicholas Sparks book starts to feel pretty much the same. I think your writing is better — there’s the beautiful romance, but everything’s not the same. They make the reader (me, anyway) feel different things. I Was going to make a horrible pun with the word ‘sparks’, but I’ll reign that in because it will be so cheesy.

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        1. LOL Can’t be as horrible as half the jokes I write. I try as hard as I can to keep my stuff fresh. Since I’ve chosen to only write about love between now and Valentine’s Day it has been a challenge. Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for your kind words.

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    1. Smiling. My thoughts are “I will give you no reason to leave or stray.” That should work “in theory.” Thanks for reading. Oh, by the way, weren’t we talking about God’s gift to men??? The Southern Belle. I should be posting something soon. And if I may ask, what part of the South are you from? I am from NYC.

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  2. What a beautiful thought to start the day, though I admit to feeling intrigued about the photo attached… Could it be these words of gentle, healing love hide a darker motivation? Or is that my own, personal bias shining through…? Lol!

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    1. Laughing. Not surprised you would be looking for that my friend. lol I fell in love with that image. And I thought about a man freeing a woman but at the same time keeping her close with his love and devotion. Thanks for stopping by.

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  3. That so much pleasure could exist from satiating the desires of another….I have someone I’ll send you way and you can teach them a thing or two about good manners, the art of sensuality, sensitivity and lust….not forgetting feet.

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  4. It is when we are able to help take the burdens from those we love that our true colours shine…such wonderful promises in beautiful poetry.

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