Another Painful Love Song

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And now back to the loving…

For many of us music is our sanctuary. And although we listen with our ears, we feel it in our heart and soul.

Another Painful Love Song

She played another painful love song
it flowed directly to her soul
every chorus was meant for her
every lyric always failing to console

Tears accompanied the rhythms
she sang them from the start
she sought solace in every key that
matched the cadence of her lonely heart

Every verse offered her solace
the harmony she could never find
why did she torture herself
music filled the voids old lovers left behind

Photo taken by Lonely Author.


92 thoughts on “Another Painful Love Song

  1. Yes, indeed, music is felt by the heart. It’s funny about love songs – they are universal, no matter what your background, it is easy to connect to them. Unfortunately, we have the experience the pain often accompanied by love songs that rehash old memories. Great write, my friend.

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    1. Thank you for contributing these thoughts to this post. Music can bring such joy, and at the same time, some use it in an almost destructive way of tortuing themselves. I have done it in my past. So, I am no one to talk. But you are so right, for some love equals pain. That is sad. Thanks for stopping by to read.

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          1. My husband is also, a doer. Sometimes, I want him to be more of a be with me’er but I wouldn’t change him for the world. For me, he is the face of unconditional love. It took me awhile to be able to understand that kind of love and receive it but there is nothing better than to be loved just because.:0)

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            1. Exactly. It can be hard to find unconditional love. Need to appreciate it and give it right back. Happy to hear you have that type of relationship. I try to tell people the things I write about can be real. It’s not all fairy tales, but it can be real.

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  2. Such truth in your beautiful words. I remember the past when I was prisoner of myself, my fear of emptiness, no one to love controlled my life. I’m finally free now of that dark world, it hurts like hell to become whole, but God it’s worth it. Thank you for reminding me. Your words are always a blessing to read. πŸƒπŸŒΊπŸ’•

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    1. Oh, this comment touched me. All of us fall into traps. We torture ourselves with doubts, painful memories or songs. So, happy you freed yourself from that. It is so wonderful hearing from you. Looking forward to your next write. Thanks for your kind words.

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  3. Beautiful n heart touching lines bt have to say with sady tears dt she will be alone fore ever with her solaceness coz there is no any treatment for broken to dard(pain) gaya,na davaa(medicine) hi mili;mene doondha(searched) saare jahaan me( in all world)……..welldone.

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