My Choice

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My Choice

Why would I need the heat of the sun
when I have the warmth of your touch
so let your soft fingers caress my soul

Who cares about caviar or fine cuisine
I have you to nourish my aching hunger
just feed me loving from your breast

I don’t need a mansion or grand castle
If I had my choice the decision is simple
I would prefer to die at your doorstep



Photo is a selfie taken by Dominican model Karina Ovalles. Karina & her parents granted me permission to use this photo and others for my creative cause. Lonely Author feels a little awkward calling her my niece, since many of you know my daughter is my only living blood relative. She is my wife’s niece. But Karina and I agree, she is my second daughter and I am proud to be her second father.

85 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. What beautiful words, what eloquent thoughts they express!! I dreamed last night of people loving one another, supporting each other. Then I am greeted with this while drinking my first cup of coffee, and I realized you have set the mood for me today. Thank you!

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    1. Aw, thanks. I wrote those first two lines about a month ago and have been stuck ever since. Honestly, I don’t like the rest of this piece, noit the way I love those first two lines. Thanks for ther lovely words for Karina. I will pass it on. And thanks for stopping by. I love to read your comments. Thanks

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      1. It happens to me often that I have a few lines I love but the rest never truly comes together the way I hoped… sometimes the rest never lives up to those first lines. I have a word document with a bunch of 2 or 3 or 4 line parts that I’ve yet to build around. Maybe someday I’ll just take all of it in its mismatched jumble and post it as is. Haha. 🙂

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      1. Welcome and I am glad to have made you smile and even gladder that you are in a place of peace and love. Best place to be my friend. I totally understand your desire to be in quieter pastures. Personally I am privileged to be able to live in Dubai yet have a very quiet home full of peace (when the kids are not making me yank my hair out – which is quite rare thankfully).

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      1. Same parts. Different views. My son when he started preschool was obsessed with the word boobies (yeah, he’s early – inherited from his dad). But we told him to keep the word inside him when he’s at school. So after his first day, he told me proudly, “Mommy, I didn’t say boobies in school today.” Afterwards before I could say anything, he ran around the house screaming boooobbbiiies!!!!

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  2. When India had become free since 15 th agust 1947 n divided in two part- -Hindustaan n Pakistaan then many uncoutable person r killed both side either they were hindu or muslim public.dt time was very horrible,terrible n bloody days.d train was coming n going between Amaritsar(india) n Lahour(pakistaan) with dead bodies.people in many thuosands of both side had lost thier family members n beloved.dis event is called HOLOCAST in indian history.before three days i have sufferd in similiar situations when my innocent hert had biterly hurted by my all schools staff.mostly in dem were men had seemd to try me humiliated.with haarsh words i scolded dem at dt time;i was thinking dt they r wolf in form of dt time i was alone person for revolting against thier dt i felt my aĺl feelngs was murderd.dt was holocast my peaseful remaining with my lonelyness n soft n lovely feelngs.what was my fault? Being a woman was my fault? Plz reply me .

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      1. Yesterday i had reply somebody dt ZERO MEANS LOVE.LOVE MEANS ZERO.dt commet was send by me on other’s commitment on my post -“PYAAR KE LIYE”(FOR LOVE).What is ur opinion about my comment.m i right or wrong?plz reply.

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          1. Hey lonely guy;why do u not understand dt love is melted into d soul n after end of life soul n love is melted into God.shape of god is unknown . so God isZero n with God love become Zero.true love never
            demands bt only sacrifice forever.kuch samjhe aap.

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              1. I m now seeing d movie”By best friend’s wedding”.i want tell u dt same thing had happend with me.asJuliyaana’s role is playd by my be loved n as i had playd role as Jorge.what was dt tragedy of triangle love.dt all was happend in my university life bt feeling is no ended still now.automatically .feelings of love have into universal i say dt love is forever.nothing in my hand bt only dts feeling.i felt happienss after losting him coz if had successed to get him;then love between us desappeard i m with empty hand bt dt feeling r still now with me n makes me happy;inspires me to live for humanity.

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