If Only You Were Mine


And now back to the loving…

If Only You Were Mine


You sit there sad and lonely
forgotten by lost lovers
but painful memories never fade
afraid to love again
terrified to grow old alone
you shelter your heart
from all the hurt and pain
lovely girl unloved
you will forever remain

Now If it were up to me
I’d embrace your lonely hours
and wrap myself in a blanket
of their discomforting solitude
banish all your demons
erase every unforgettable scar
Turn your tears into wine
Possess your every nightmare
If only you were mine


Photo borrowed from Google Images


106 thoughts on “If Only You Were Mine

    1. You devastated me with your comments. I wrote this thinking of a few blogger friends and some friends here in NYC. Deep in my heart I believe every heroine eventually finds her match. Thank you for stoppping by to read. You will spend the rest of the day in my mind.

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  1. They both r imazined as u both.poem is telling a love story of u both.m i right?as western culture pic is full of emotions n poem is as calling n consoling with soft whispring wind ur tiered lonely soul of ur beloved.bt why is she alone with u?

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          1. U r kind person.it is my fault dt every poem is related ur beloved,i m thinking in dis way.again very sorry.a writer is always free for thinking,saying n imazening about all things.family n worldly relationship can not bound him in a definited area.he has full opend sky to fly n deep ocian of emotions to swim.all world is for him bt he is not only for one.

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  2. This one really gets to me! I love the reference to your earlier work, the “lovely girl unloved,” as it brings a sense of contnuity to the poem. But the second stanza, the blanket imagery, simply took my breath away! Beautiful work, my friend! πŸ™‚

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  3. This is so sweet and tender. Sometimes it’s so hard to believe that someone could love you when you feel unlovable. The part about turning tears into wine – it is the sweetest thing in the world to be kissed when you’re weeping. Oh, you did it again, with this poem.

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      1. Oh I know how it feels. I think I told you this before but I sometimes struggle with those feelings. A really bad relationship that totally messed me up. You never quite get past it even when you’re with someone that really does love you.

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  4. You are so good at following the same theme yet never making me feel like I have read the same story twice. I would have thought the themes love and loneliness might grow old, but your delivery keeps me wanting more.

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  5. One of the most naturally beautiful women I knew never felt confident about herself. She said that being very pretty made her wonder if men liked her because she was eye candy or because of the person she was. She was aware that physical beauty is shallow and fleeting, and wanted to be recognized for her internal beauty, which was exceptional. She finally married a man I thought was her spiritual match, and quite handsome as well. Only a few years into the marriage he started having affairs. They divorced of course, but the entire experience left her shattered. She trusted men even less after that. How wonderful it would be if people put their efforts into creating wholesome, loving relationships as if they were blind. You of course said it much better in fewer, more poetic words.

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    1. Aw, thank you for saying that. And thanks for sharing your friend’s tragic experience. How do you recover after giving your life & heart to someone you believe is the perfect match for you. It makes me wonder how many times do jilted lovers lose a chance to be with a great match, because they refuse to trust again. Thanks for the great comments.


  6. Lovely poem Andrew. I like your love mood, it’s very soothing and sensual all at once. If I may ask though why is he fully clothed still why she is in her undergarments? We women deserve some eye candy too πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    1. Smiling. Yeah, a few ladies have said the same. I’m touched to have written something that people relate to. Even if it is in a sad way. Honestly that happens to me often, because I do tend to write to women. Thank you for reading. You seem like a positive person and a sweet soul, I do feel bad you related to it. Have a great day.

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        1. Smiling. It is the strength all of us must have to live. Glad to hear your almost there. Life is one big healing process. If you ever need to tailk I am here for you. The contact me is private. You can ask Meg, I am full of positive vibes, especially for women, who have it so much harder than us men. Have a great weekend.

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  7. It started with her pain and ended with yours …I know there are times when you terrible want to help someone and you are not able to do so 😦 it is really sad πŸ™‚ but it is beautiful poem πŸ™‚

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