Aries, Love, And Flirting


Woman grimaces, “Oh, you’re an Aries.” Born on April 8, my sign appears to have plenty of negative baggage.

But let’s take a closer look at what I found on the internet.


Aries, the Lover

Aries exudes masculinity & sex appeal. He’s master of sexual banter & can even out-flirt a Gemini. Aries is a fire sign and is quite passionate about life, especially when it comes to love.

Don’t know about the exuding stuff. It’s more like sexual banter and passion for life ooze from me like jelly from a donut.


Are You Compatible with Aries?

Your Aries lover isn’t like any other lover you ever had. If you’re in a relationship, you are basking in the love fest only Aries can give.

If you’ve never dated an Aries, you’re in for a big happy surprise. This is one man who knows how to woo you. If there were a school for men to attend to learn how to flirt and how to give a simple look that will thrill a potential partner, it would be created and run by an Aries.

Reading this crap, I ask myself why women were never impressed by the sign and my monkey charm. This is the second time they mention flirting.

Get Ready, Set, Flirt!

If it has been a while since you flirted, you better brush up on your eye fluttering skills. Aries is the master of charm and flirtation. The Aries lover delights in the electricity that sparks between him and his object of desire, and sparks will fly. It isn’t just the words that he whispers; it’s the way Aries says them with a devilish glint in his eyes and the lopsided grin.

Yeah, don’t know if you noticed, NOTORIOUS FLIRTER HERE. Okay, guilty as charged. I love electricity and banter.

Confidence Is Sexy

One of the sexiest traits of an Aries lover is his self-confidence. This is a natural part of his personality and not anything he’s even aware of having. He isn’t arrogant, just self-aware and self-assured.

Reading all of this crap you would think I could get along with anyone.

My best matches? Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Well, excluding short term girlfriends, dates, one night stands, and sexual buddies; the major two Ex’s in my life were both Sagittarius.

Worst signs for me? Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus.

Wife??  Same birthday April 8. She is a worse flirter than I am and we do butt heads from time to time.

Conclusion???  The damn chimp is a flirt.


194 thoughts on “Aries, Love, And Flirting

  1. you are so hifi buddy
    some many categories of girl friends
    1>short term girlfriends, 2>dates, 3>one night stands, and 4>sexual buddies, 5> major two
    I have only ONE husband 😦

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  2. An interesting zodiacal look into the man behind the words. I love how you summarize the whole thing in that final statement 🙂 Entertaining, as always, my friend.

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        1. Yup, some are far worse. I would be happy being called a flirt but I only get bla bla dominant, proud etc all the time. I stopped looking at horoscope sites a while ago because even my chinese sign got no respite as I am a monkey. I had a look once at the combined sign, it says the fierce royal baboon, for crying out loud. I thought leo was supposed to be the king of the animals and monkeys a sweet thing and instead I became a baboon.

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          1. You are a monkey? lol So, you are a Leo. Leo is supposed to bring out the creativity in Aries. I don’t follow it either. I read the yearly horoscope on January 1. Then forget about it the next day. I just wanted to have a little playful fun.

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            1. Yes, am born in 1968 so am an Earth monkey according to the chinese horoscope that I think fits better most people. I am born in August so am Leo. Do I bring out the creativity in you? If I do then I can pat myself on the back. A lot of people actually tell me that I bring out the creativity in them. A not so close friend of mine who was a journalist told me once that either it was the house which was magical or my touch when we shook hands because with the time passed as a guest at my house there was no writer’s block anymore. Given the laws in Dubai I usually say it was a woman 🙂

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                1. Why lie? It is pointless. Those who care about you don’t care about your age or looks and those who care about those mainly don’t care about you so why care? I am glad nevertheless I don’t look like shit 😀 and even gladder I inspire you to write. I got Mich to write brevettes and Etherees and her poems were amazing!

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                    1. Flirty chimp, but we knew that already. No problem it’s all harmless fun. Thanks for your compliments my friend. That was a bad day initially as I had not slept much but thank God it became such a nice day with the experience. Usually people who meet me in real life think I am below 40. I find it nice but don’t mind either way

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  3. I don’t normally go in for all the astrology stuff but I have found (I’m a Sagittarius) that the two most compatible relationships I’ve been in were with Aries. Just fit on all levels. And yeah, you Aries people know how to turn it on. Smiles.

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      1. Oh yeah…I’m a mystery all right. Often, even to me. 🙂

        Though sometimes I wonder if it’s mystery… or crazy bitch!

        I meant yours seems fitting…. ‘the flirt… the romantic… Aries the lover…. But also mine since I change personalities like most people change channels…

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          1. The problem I have with this astrology stuff is… my mom is also a Gemini… and we are so very different. [You know, she’s not a crazy bitch.] I mean, we have a few things in common… but God help me, she better not ever read my blog.

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  4. Nothing wrong with flirting. The eyes are situated in the head and can only move in 6 planes. They can be noticed, but can only get you in limited trouble. It’s the extremities (arms and legs) you have to be careful of. The extremities have greater mobility and range of function. They seem to produce the greatest amounts of trouble for those whose limbic brain (pleasure center) takes control of them (ex. pinching a stranger’s ass.) The mouth is blamed quite often although it is never the culprit. It is the vocal cords that assign the trouble to the mouth.
    Apparently we were designed by the creator to get ourselves in lot’s of trouble! 😀
    See how your fun writing takes my mind on an adventure! 🙂

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  5. Hilarious come back to the expectations for your sign. And let us not forget that the month begins with a humongous joke. And in the middle of the month is Tax Day, an even bigger joke on many of us. No wonder you are such a flirt, Chimp – you have to be just to live through the entire month without having a heart attack.

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  6. Those astrologists…they’ll always tell you what they think you want to hear.

    My husband and I have birthdays just one day apart. I know they say that you’re not supposed to be in a relationship with someone who is the same sign but it’s working out for us as well, although, yes, we do butt heads at times too.

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      1. It depends… For the most part, very Sag…
        But I can feel the scorpion rise when riled
        Doesn’t happen often, but yeah… I’ve always been told I have an intense and powerful energy about me.
        And you’re welcome, I may not always speak, but I always read your work. 😊

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  7. I love astrology. This is fun, you should look at your sun sign, moon sign, and your rising sign if you know it. My Sun Sign (cancer) is hardly any of my personality I totally relate to the Virgo and the Scorpio part of the meme. Because they are my rising and my moon sign. Whatever planet you have in Mars and your moon will be more accurate for how you are in relationships And if I add my Venus in there to get a more rounded answer, that meme would say Venus in gemini’s will also talk someone’s ear off and shy away from commitment! If you look up a natal chart calculator you can put in your date year and time of birth and find out a lot more . My man has Aries rising, we compete with each other like crazy because of my Scorpio Moon…but I always win because…scorpio!

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      1. Yes, it is totally interesting! Each person is a blend of all of the planets they have in certain signs and houses, it can get confusing but you will totally click with the information for your rising sign, your moon sign, your Mars and your Venus signs to get a big clear picture. It can be really fun once you find out those other planets! Aries can get a bad reputation, everything has their good and bad!

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      1. I think the generic one which everyone follows is not quite precise because it does not take into account the influence of all the other planets. Some versions like one of your followers commented actually talk about the influence of other planets and that is perhaps a bit more precise. Having said that, we are born with a certain set of qualities and we modify those through lifetime experiences.

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      1. U Andrewz or andy in short ,
        I Aruna or anny in short.
        Aries r never forced n defeated by anyone;u know.virgo likes to love n be nature all septembrists r romantic n mostly decieved as me n ur follower Bepervaah bt has never complains for his/her beloved.yes or no for my explation.

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      1. You are sweet and yep a flirt 😉 😀 I am definitely a positive person who gets along with everyone. I was just commenting about the study but hey…what do they know? 😉 According to these studies I’m most compatible with a Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces. Should I set up my online dating profile right here on your blog? 😉

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  8. And all this time I thought it was just me the flirtatious one (I too was born on April – go figure! and just one day earlier 🙂 Conclusion – April people are the best! 😀

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  9. So you’re Aries… Fire sign. I’m a Gemini, Air. Rising sign Leo, also fire.
    Yes I was a little obsessed with horoscopes as a teen-ager, said every woman ever.
    I guessed you were. I know, so silly.
    Silencing my wordy mouth again..


      1. Actually smarty pants, our signs do work well together. Fire and air. So my purpose is to constantly keep your flame ignited.
        Is it working?

        Ram me…lol

        Such a perv.

        But yes.

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