Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

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Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

Sitting in a remote corner of a bar
watching cubes floating in my glass
she was the treasure that I let go
now my forever ache will never pass

This nothing let go of his everything
she was the greatest thing in my life
if only I could unspeak harsh words
before she becomes another man’s wife

My insomnia caused by where she sleeps
drowning my sorrows in a liquid blur
another night filling my aching voids
with tears, ice, and Johnnie Walker


Photo courtesy of my friend Johnnie Walker


117 thoughts on “Tears, Ice, and Johnnie Walker

          1. Oh, I was wondering if you were writing from experience. Very sad indeed to let someone whom you love in a compelling way just go for some surely very bland reason with hindsight. Good that you learnt from that experience.

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            1. Yes, I was drawing on a past experience. I learn from my mistakes. Also, try to observe and learn from the mistakes of others. So many people make mistakes thinking the grass is greener, then the realize they lost something that was so good for them.

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              1. Chimp, the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes because while you are watching it hopelessly nostalgic your grass is not being watered while the other is. Sometimes it is because the light plays on it better from a distance.

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        1. No, this isn’t that awkward moment when your talking to one lady and call her by another name. LOL Thank God this chimp never made that mistake. Yeah, when a lovely lady challenges me I tend to think in terms of “Whatever Lola wants Lola gets.” Didn’t mean to offend Scarlett. Smiling hard.

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          1. You didn’t offend me at all. Although that has happened too me before through DM. When he called me by another ladies name, I just closed my eyes and lowered my head. I have been burned too many damn times. No one man ever talks to just one woman. If any woman is dumb enough to believe they do, she has lost her damn mind. I don’t trust easy. It’s so hard for me too.

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            1. Chimp furiously scratching head. (And it’s not because of lice). Frankly, unsure how to respond. So sorry you had that experience. Men are dogs!!! I don’t trust them. Unfortunately, I always get lumped in the same group. However, I can only speak for me. I am a flirter, but not a player. When I decide to play I’ll buy a game console. Women aren’t toys. Sorry for saying this, but it’s a modern reality – nowadays, there are so many women giving sex away, there’s no reason for a man to disturb a good woman. Don’t you agree? And I guess you’re going to roll your eyes & think I’m another lying dog, but I DON’T DM or text with anyone. For me to do that it would have to be an incredible lady. Leslie, keep your walls steady. I truly hope the only tears you shed are tears of joy. Apologies for the long response.

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              1. Laughing!!! I love your responses. And yes I agree. Women aren’t toys to be played with. I only DM with my good friends whom I have much in common with and have amazing conversations. Don’t you worry about Scarlett’s walls. They are very sturdy. Smiles.

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                1. Hey, my horoscope sign says I should give entertaining responses. Sorry, if I was defensive. I always get a little sensitive when I feel like I’m lumped in with the Neanderthals. I hope you don’t see me like that. (I imagine you rolling your eyes right about now.) Since you say your walls are sturdy, you save me that trip to Home Depot.

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  1. I certainly do not wish unhappiness on anyone, but my belief in balance makes this story (poem) a part of reality. The trick is to overcome the bottle of booze in favor of rekindling or establishing new relationships. So many people live in sorrow when happiness is a viable option. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worthwhile. Another great writing.

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      1. I’m not a drinker, do not care for the taste of alcohol, and really dislike myself when I’m drunk, which I have been a few times in my life. But I can sympathize – my addiction is food and I’m unfortunately committed to excess. Ugh!

        BTW, you asked if I ever post on my own blog. I re-charged Ink Flare yesterday if you want to take a peek. No obs, though.

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        1. Thank you. I will stroll around for a little while. Obs?? I myself have only been drunk once in my life. I never needed alcohol to party or feel good. And I never needed it to seduce a woman. Sorry, for including that. Now, my tastes have moved to a glass or two of wine.

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          1. Obligation – sorry for laziness.
            I get drunk – seriously falling under the table and muttering rubbish drunk – on a half glass of wine. Discovered this skill in college to the cheers of a few onlookers and the embarrassment of the face in the mirror – once I was able to stand long enough to see a mirror. But my foolish experiences are not necessarily those of others’ and i shouldn’t try to project that way.

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  2. There is a beautiful gravity in the sadness of your poem. The lessons learnt bring out a side of the person which is fascinating to observe between vulnerability and the strength of knowing.

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  3. She was d greatest thing for u.do’nt be depress .she will be forever d greatest thing for u.relation of dis type has never end.wonderful poem’s lines as these r coming out from sady heart.

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