A mush-less post since I had such a rough day yesterday.  Boys just wanna have fun. (Damn that sounded gay).  Ladies, I assure you this Chimp isn’t gay.  Seriously, I’m not.

Since I started blogging I learned I was missing out on a whole new and delightful world. I dedicate this to God’s divine gift to man, the charming and enchanting Southern Belle.



Why would I need a thousand sirens
Or a hundred mermaids from the sea
I don’t need a harem of sexy dancers
Because you’re the only one for me

Don’t need three wishes from a genie
No need to help a damsel in distress
Forget Wonder Woman and Supergirl
reservations for one inside this chest

I’m  so enchanted by their charms
Only a Southern Belle can set me free
need to leave the big city lights cause
Scarlett, you’re the only one for me

Photo taken from Google Images.


80 thoughts on “Scarlett

  1. Aw, now you’re making all us Northern girls jealous! Besides “Northern girls with the way they kiss, they keep their boyfriends warm at night” at least according to the Beach Boys! And we’re sassy and naughty and we have your back in a fight! 😀

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    1. Thank you. I really like that photo. Can’t say enough about Vivien Leigh. I would travel back in time to love her from afar. Sigh. But in this century there are plenty of Southern Belles who make my heart go pitter patter. Sigh Sigh.

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  2. What a beautiful tribute to the Southern Belle. We are prim and proper and full of grace and charm…but do not dismiss us as being fragile. We are mighty warriors who are made of steel. Rope one of us in…and you will never be left wanting.

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      1. The South is sort of a dichotomy….there is the traditional assumption that we are all corn-pone and grits kind of backward people but we are also gracious, sophisticated and welcoming.
        When I lived up North, I wouldn’t want to talk because of the unyielding criticism of my accent from many, but the then Mayor Bloomberg, described as “delicious.” Even living in Florida, my accent was prominent and I would get chided for it. Now….I don’t hide my Southern heritage in any way, shape, form or fashion. I am proud to be a true Southern Belle.

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          1. I know you would never think those things. Mayor Bloomberg teased me and said “I just want to keep asking you questions, so I can hear your delicious accent.”
            Now that I am back in the “true South” it is still a shock to hear that accent. It had been so long since I heard anybody that sounded like me. Even though Loser and I are both from the South, none of my children have a Southern accent…and they take delight in making fun of me sometimes….or used to.
            And, I believe you would treasure me.

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  3. How much cute dt belle dancer Scarlet.i often see her on t.v. or pic .such person is not fotgotten by anybody.ur lines for her is heart touching tribuation.u r only blogger who reminds always God gifted guy.u too r god gifted as ur written works say.thank for such wonderful poem.

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