A Breeze

A Breeze

Today a breeze grazed my face
With tenderness it touched me
It felt sweet against my cheek
I was certain you heard my plea

Out of habit I searched for hands
But they never once appeared
As I searched every lonely corner
the wind suddenly disappeared

The breeze carried her memory
Recollections of hand in glove
For a moment I felt your caress
For one moment I felt your love

Photo borrowed from Google Images


87 thoughts on “A Breeze

  1. I have moments like that every day.I wake up sometimes thinking my wife has just been with me and is in another room so I want to call out. Realisation comes in time to stop me though I tried once just in case. She didn’t come and the disappointment was crushing.

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  2. I don’t image you meant it in this fashion, but your poem made me think of my mother. Always a gentle hand . . . In her final days (and at times, not knowing who I was) she would smooth my hair back. I had long hair at the time, and when I’d help her sit up, it had a tendency to end up in her face. Even after 13 years, I still feel her loving hands.
    Love it, Andrew. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. Years after my parents died, there were days I swore I could still feel their touch or their scent. I understand how you related her to these words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It warmed me to think I could remind you of such love.

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  3. my sweet memories r like beutiful butterflies who always walk with me as u.what a surprised.dt girl in white dress seems as my fairy dreams,o lonely!how do u create dis miracale in which all tenshions r desappeard

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  4. Why r dis breez rminding ur love?where is ur love?is ur love for unknown like my unknown love?u know-here is d time of midnight.blowing breez n sky with many stars r with me n i…..m writing a poem on dt star who is shining very much for many days n seems as staring me.i don’t know-why.

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          1. U know-here is time of midnight.d sky is full of many stars.here too breez(thandi hawa) is blowing.a big alone star for many times is shining among other stars.habitualy i see d sky.for sometimes i feel -he wants to say me.so i m writing a poem for him.so i say u farewell for some times.

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              1. Welcome bt ur poem about of Velentine is a sad poem .r u remember ur ex-wife.plz relax.in dt event ,u do not feel any guilty .there is not ur fault .pyaar diwana hota he;mustana hota he;har khushi se har gam se begaana hota he…….

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