After a night making love to you
found myself in a room of white
sheer satin sheets of cloudy hues
I was basking in a warmth of light
I think I am in Heaven

She wore a chalky negligee so pale
transparent it showed a body divine
wish to create love until eternity
to make this angel forever mine
I swear I am in Heaven

I turn to view my sleeping lover
found her face and radiating glow
I spent the night loving an angel
Her large silky wings let me know
She took me to Heaven

Photo borrowed from Google Images


110 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Nice post! But, this picture reminds me of the one my sister posted of my newborn niece. Talking about asking the wrong question? Yes I did! “Is she supposed to be a porn star?” I still don’t understand why they were so furious at me; I was just being honest! The baby’s but was pointed up and fully uncovered… lol

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      1. someone like me is just humbled by this community. we share and support the way the world should be. if only peace can be made by poetry or song or colours on canvass. Imagine?
        You are a brilliant writer and for me its because you’ve connected and I appreciate that and you.

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        1. Thank you for your kind words. I have often said if the world consisted only of writers, it would be a better place. This community is so positive. Blogging is the best thing I ever did. Glad to be part of any community that you entertain with your beautiful writing.

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  2. She says dt a guy named d lonely auther love her very much bt his wife does not know.i console her for no worry n no fear from her wife coz she very well know her naughty chimp n believe dt he never decieve her.lol.

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