Eternally Yours


Eternally Yours

Tyler remembered driving through the heavy storm. Rain covered his windshield like a thick blanket of dripping wetness. He had no recollection of how he arrived in the hospital. He just knew he had to survive until…she arrived.

Too many strange faces before him. They brought little comfort; only she could provide relief. He ignored the weak signal of the electrocardiogram knowing the inevitable moment was upon him. He faded in and out of life. Then, suddenly she appeared.

he felt a familiar comfort
looking at that best thing
that ever happened to him
he admired her loving face
why was life terribly unfair
one lifetime wasn’t enough
time to be in love with her
staring at the best of his life
he suddenly felt tranquility
as he took his final breath
He saw eternity in her eyes

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126 thoughts on “Eternally Yours

  1. I’ve felt that before. That type of love, the kind where you are terrified of dying because you feel like a lifetime still wouldn’t be enough time to be with them and you’d miss them too much. Ah… How I want that again.

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  2. So very love-ly… One life time not enough to love… Loved this one. I have witnessed a friend and my mother hanging on determinedly to this life waiting for a loved one to come say goodbye, but in each case, they didn’t come. So glad your poem has a peaceful ending!

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  3. True love is eternal. I watched my friend and Mother hang on till it was painful to watch, waiting for a loved one to come, but they never did… So glad your poem has a peaceful ending. Heart rendering this one…

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  4. that few little lines speaks so much… I don’t know what you intended it to be but to me it is like one finally getting to see a little bit of love and care in the eyes of the one he loves… SO beautiful in the charming snow ….

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    1. Smiling. Thank you for saying that. Every one interprets poetry in different ways. So there is no wrong or right way. Personally, I see women as fragile birds that need to be taken care of, love, and appreciated. And sometimes, we even havw to let go so they can soar. Thanks for reading my work. Happy it inspired you to comment,

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