Baby Close Your Eyes


Baby Close Your Eyes


Baby, close your eyes
Come live this fantasy with me
Let me be the lover you always wanted
But never had
Forget about sharing love or life
Let’s share moments
For every moment with you shall be treasured
Tell me all your dreams
I will make each one come true
Let me adore your body
Every curve every pound
Let my warm breath worship you
Until your insecurities evaporate
Let’s bleed tears of happiness
To nourish our private garden of love
You will evolve
You will be stronger
More confident
you will love yourself
more than you will me
spread your wings
Baby if you decide to fly away
I will accept that too


Photo taken from Google Images origins unknown.

174 thoughts on “Baby Close Your Eyes

  1. …if you decide to fly away I will accept that too…ooooh, this is true pure love in all its’ sincerity. Free and open and not some guilded cage where your”love” is imprisoned and rather than grow and bloom, it withers and dies. Another masterpiece…I am running out of adjectives here…💑

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    1. Years ago I was in a relationship with a wonderful insecure woman who frankly didn’t love herself. Well, I built up her self confidence, taught her to love herself. She became a new woman. Unfortunately for me, she outgrew me. She had evolved so much she no longer “needed” me. So I understand that people love and need each other in the beginning, but with time they may change and no longer fit together. Thanks for reading. You make me blush with your comments. Thank you.

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    1. Smiling. Happened to me years ago. A low self esteem woman. Did everything to help her overcome her insecurities. In the end, I was no longer a good fit with this “new woman.” What can I do make her stay? Made no sense. That would be taking her back to the oppressive life that made her uneven. We are still good friends. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. Actually, that photo was sent to me by one of my good blogging friends. I have to admit I do adore the photo. LOL

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  2. This is the epitome of love – the willingness to let it grow, even if it means letting it go. I love the image you selected, too, my friend. Forget the glass slipper, let’s see if she fits that heart 🙂

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      1. Ah, Andrew, my friend. I can but respond to words of a poet and your words draw these comments out of me. You are kindly welcome and I am humbly overwhelmed by yours. Thank you! The pleasure is always mine 🙂

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          1. He’s off the wagon again and I’m just so sad….but not surprised. I remember a poem that child wrote when he was only seventeen….”I need to leave this world, for my abused and busted mother and for my cruel and distant father.” If he felt that way then, no wonder he turned to booze. Too much sadness these past few days….but I can feel you out there…grieving.

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              1. I’ve tried. I tried to get him to start a blog. I told him he could make it private and nobody would see it but him….but he wouldn’t do it.
                I offered to have his artwork framed for him and he was excited at the prospect…but not as excited as when and how he was going to get his next drink. I think I have resigned myself to just be prepared for the call one day….
                Again, in my dark and twisty mind….I want to hunt down Loser and his fucking mama for passing on that gene to him! I want to hurt them!

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                    1. Imagine that! Being a North Carolina gal, I’m not surprised. I don’t say the traditional things they do….”ain’t”…ending sentences with “and all”…using double negatives….that’s one thing I was taught….use proper grammar and elocution….don’t sound like a back-woods stupid Southerner….or get you face slapped off! LOL.

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                    2. I used to fret about that, actually. I asked Loser if he thought I was really smart or did I just give a good impression because I have a photographic memory and never forget anything. (I don’t remember what he said.) Get it?

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  3. It was a very nicely written poem, but I can’t help thinking you’re much more generous in relationships than I am. I would definitely have ended it, “Baby if you decide to fly away / I will accept that too / But I’m keeping the Playstation 4, the non-stick frying pans and the cat.” 🙂

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  4. Absolutely beautiful! But sad in a way too. If a lover takes the time to really “see you” and laud all parts of you…unconditional acceptance…well I for one would never, ever let him go. Because he’s a keeper. And often rare. IMHO.

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  5. Close ur eyes.ur baby is coming to u .very nice n emotional love poen having a spiritual touch.dis r d true why have u keep ur beloved on heat coz hear is deĺicate as miror.if dt mirror has broken then where will ur beloved n love live.guncha-e-dil (heart’s flowers)itna na uchaalo(do not playing as game)ki ye kahin toot jaayega ;ki ye kahin foot jaayga(eigther it will crack or it will break down).

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  6. What a beautiful post Mr Drew! It’s been too long. You’ve definitely come back with a bang 🙂 oh, how I’ve missed your penmanship …. My WordPress has not fixed itself because I didn’t get an email to notify me of your latest posts, and so many other blog posts. So sad that I’m only seeing this now lol

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  7. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Your words Andrew have such depth that they invoke thoughts in others about their lives, that is the skill of a true writer .. This is such a peice it provides a picture in my mind of women l knew and those l had to let go as it was time in my life l helped 7 damaged women and then it was time to let them fly, that is is purity of love not for yourself but for that person you helped .. Ask nothing for yourself but know your are doing my will .. Said Jesus Ian

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    1. Oh you have stunned me with your words. Thank you so much. Sometimes we have to help someone pick up the pieces, but for them to continue to develop we have to let them go. Thank you for sharing your experience. And thanks so much for the reblog. .

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