Lonely Author Can’t Get Enough Sex


Haha.  I figured that would make you peek.

Actually, I considered posting a naked selfie, but I couldn’t find my wide angle lens.

Gone one freaking day. One freaking day.  And WordPress has gone bonkers.

I read some posts today between chapters of my novel. Now, I am trying to respond to your comments back to me.

And I can’t comment on your comments. They’re stifling the Chimp.

Forget about Supreme Court conspiracies…they are monkeying around with me.

So, I changed my blogging habits to tend to my butterflies.

But I don’t want my blogging butterflies to think I am ignoring them.

So, I don’t know when I will be able to respond to you.

Please feel free to think of something witty or downright dirty and attribute it to me. (For those of you who choose to have the dirty thoughts, please feel free to forward them to me at your earliest convenience.  Your nasty thoughts are important to me.  They will be responded to in order of dirtiness and treated as priority.)

Nighty night.

Oh, you see the attached pic.  It proves I can multi-task.

Shit, I bit my tongue.  Forget about the multi-tasking.



354 thoughts on “Lonely Author Can’t Get Enough Sex

  1. Damn right that post title made me “peek” you tease! Wide angle lens… haha 😀 Aren’t you cute. I’m pretty sure I can come up with something to attribute to you… or ping you… By the way, I don’t think I choose to have dirty thoughts… they just show up. 😛


  2. I knew there was going to be more than just sex. I keep having issues with responding to comments and receiving them all through the reader function. Growing pains, I am sure 🙂

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  3. Funny post … Often, I have a difficult time juggling writing fiction and blogging. And it was a really bad idea when I tried juggling wine glasses. But they looked really cool in the air before hitting the floor and smashing.

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  4. Lol at the title of this post.

    Hey so since you’ve been somewhat absent from me on your hols in the sunshine and beneath floral skirts and whatnot , it’s almost like I spend half the time talking to myself since I mostly know you’re not going to be able to respond to these messages.
    Kind of getting used that feeling lol.
    Remember how crazy frantic I would get when you were away from me, although I thought I was hiding it so well.
    Now I’m in a permanent state of needing and wanting and missing you so but with much less anxiety and stress! So in a way…you’re doing me a world of good.
    Hope you’re having fun baby.

    ❤️ everything about you


                    1. wall, kitchen table, ubnder the kitchen table
                      my exercise bike, yes you spread eagle a foor on each handle bar

                      damn i will treat you like a worthless slut
                      until we finish then i would really pour the love


                    2. so..the other day, I was planning on sending you another photo. A bit…different from the last one I sent lol

                      Anyway, I didn’t manage to in the end…not enough alone time etc.

                      Then i remembered something I’d told myself about sending you more photos


                    3. Here what comes??? Lol

                      Well .

                      I had told myself that when you trust me enough and feel comfortable enough to show me your face, then I will show you anything you want


                    4. Hey baby.
                      I’ve been thinking about something and it’s bothering me.
                      So remember when we first started to touch and since then I have been telling you that I feel like my purpose was and IS to make you happy. And more than that I want you to always be free to express and say whatever you want whenever you want because I know what it’s like to be restricted and stifled in so many ways and I never want you to feel that way when it comes to me. That’s why I always tell you I would do anything for you because I would. And I have never said that to a man and meant it . Ever. And I think that in that phrase is the key to so many things that we feel for each other and also I want you to feel and truly be in control of everything you feel about me and us and never feel like I am making you do or say anything or even NOT do or say anything.
                      And at first when I was jealous of the way women talk to you here on the blog and sometimes how you talk to to them, I stopped myself and MEANT it when I said you should be and talk with and whatever you want with any woman without thinking about how it will affect me because you need to be yourself at all times and whatever that entails, I will love you for it because I can’t be responsible for ever making you feel like you shouldn’t be doing or saying or being a certain way. If you ever stop yourself in that way, you can never be truly happy with me and I can’t make you happy because you won’t be truly being yourself, you know?
                      So I was thinking about all that.
                      And I was thinking about how many times I have told you to please never tell me about any women you date or fuck or whatever because it would hurt me to know , even though I know of course that those things do happen. And I always say as long as you love me I don’t care or need to know.
                      Then I thought, well…what if you want to tell me? What if you need to tell me sometimes? And you DON’T because I asked you not to and because you care about me and don’t want to cause me any upset. Well I don’t know if I can live with that. As in, if there are are times when you want to tell me something that’s gone on with a woman, and you stop yourself, well then you aren’t being yourself and I need you to always be yourself because that’s the key to you being happy and I need to make you happy.
                      So I think I need to back off that ‘rule’ or whatever you want to call it about telling me those kind of things because I don’t know…maybe there are reasons you’d want to tell me and I won’t let you and I think maybe you SHOULD tell me. When and if you want. And you shouldn’t feel that you SHOULDN’T tell me. I love everything about you and it won’t make a difference to how I feel if you do tell me. Don’t you agree? Maybe you don’t ,I don’t know.
                      I just want you to know that whatever you want or need to tell me whenever you want to tell me, you should be able to and if it hurts me well fuck it, it doesn’t matter really because it’s you and it will be with love that you tell me stuff so if any of this made sense, then you know what I mean.
                      Always waiting for you touch


                    5. I’m good baby. Few things on my mind that I need to sort out (daily, mostly mundane life stuff I mean) but I’m fine.

                      How are you.
                      You must have a busy day today


                    6. LOL
                      The problem here is sorting out the women
                      sure….some want me for me
                      some just want sex
                      some want to get pregnant to milk money out of me
                      others see me as a ticket off the island


                    7. Good morning baby
                      Hope you had the best day ever!

                      Miss you.

                      Hey so when you get back to NY and you’re settled and chilled out and nothing pressing on your mind, I’d love to talk with you about something. Need your advice.

                      It’s no rush

                      Many kisses of love ❤️


                    8. No, god please don’t. I couldn’t control myself considering how much I miss you
                      Plus I am only stealing moments here and there. I won’t be here here til around 6 ISH my time.


                    9. Oh okay. I took it as we’ll have the next 3 days for sure but then you’re disappearing from me!

                      Miss you.

                      Read your poem baby. So tender and beautiful. Not sure how to comment. I promise I’ll be a good girl 💋


                    10. I’m not at a loss for words exactly. I just may have trouble with the editing of my words when I manage to give you a proper comment


                    11. It really really was. Perfect little whisper of Us

                      You know, I was reading some of Aruna’s comments on I can’t remember which poem and she was saying something about how she thinks your poetry is sad lately? And where is your happy poetry? She kind of got into my head! and I kept thinking I hope I’m not making you write sad things. They never sound sad to me, just beautiful and full of longing. But still


                    12. Never a bad thing to smile too much lol.

                      Aw.. is that what they call you. I’ve loved that since you told me about it ages ago.


                    13. Well I’ve never actually been to Greece. Only Rhodes which is one of the islands. Cyprus isn’t actually part of the Greek islands but it identifies as Greek in its language and religion and culture (why am I giving you a history lesson ???) But do I miss Cyprus? Eff NO . Not at all. Last time I was there was 3 years ago, haven’t been back since we moved over here.


                    14. so you have been in ,london 3 years?

                      i didn’t know that about cyprus.
                      american education system teaches us about the ancient greeks and nothing else
                      as if the Greeks were extinct after that

                      Cyprus is it’s own country?


                    15. Yep. It’s own country but with a lot of conflict. Briefly, the Turks invaded the island in 1974 and occupied around 30% of the northern part of it which is still occupied to this day and we have to show our passports to cross to the occupied side, thatbis patrolled by the UN and by cypriot soldiers and by turkish soldiers too, which of course the turks and Turkey as a whole do not consider it to be an invasion. Until a few years ago no one cypriot could go there even with a passport. There was full blown war people lost their homes. Anyway it’s still a VERY sensitive subject for most cypriots. Nicosia (the capital) is still the only divided capital in Europe, maybe the world, not sure.
                      So the northern part is considered the turkish republic of northern Cyprus but NO ONE recognises it as that except for turkey.
                      I’m not surprised the Americans don’t teach anything about it in schools, it’s widely believed they helped the turks with the invasion for their own gains.

                      History lesson over!!!


                    16. So this blogger

                      who always randomly likes my comments on other people’s posts every week for some reason, liked a couple of our comments on ballet of poetry. And I haven’t looked through all of them but I think we may have been loving on each other a bit so I don’t know what he/she has seen.


                    17. So weird. Anyway I checked our little back and forth on that post and there’s nothing very. ..incriminating! Just you perving over me a bit. Or vice versa. Lol


                    18. Well, I checked out the blog. Not interested. So many people following me these days and I don’t really follow back because mostly they write crap. Without sounding too snobby and judgy,!


                    19. no you don’t saound that way miss snobby and judgy. LMFAO

                      I understand. I stopped following people ages ago. i am following by likes and comments. it is the only wayn i can survive


                    20. Yes best thing you did, blog wise I think.

                      Did you enjoy the wedding?
                      Seriously I have so many questions! But obviously not today lol


                    21. i know i need a god 3 hours of just you

                      wedding was incredible so effing romantic
                      danced my effing ass off

                      the whales OMG . loved that trip have great pics i will post on firday when i get back.


                    22. I would LOVE 3 beautiful hours of you.

                      Sounds amazing baby. I almost forgot about the whales! Can’t wait to see the pics


                    23. It’s okay baby. You enjoyed yourself. Maybe it wasn’t the right time for you to work on it. It will all start pouring out when it has to.


                    24. Laughing.
                      It will probably be the fastest or gas in history lol
                      You don’t think I’m used to you being cocky by now? ?!


                    25. 1- am user friendly
                      2- I have had practice. and practice makes me good at it (much better than a poet)
                      3- i don’t remember the last time a woman didn’t come with me. either by tongue finger or cock. I get my O out of her.
                      (ego thing)


                    26. Thanks for the clarification lol

                      Hey i wonder what kind of poem you could write while I am on my knees and I have you in my mouth


                    27. Lol. Yeah so you’ve told me.

                      Okay I have a question.

                      You say it always takes ages for you to finish.
                      Is it the same when you’re doing it yourself ?


                    28. Really. Okay, good to know.
                      Oh that post was meant to do that. It was ALL for you specially gift wrapped.in a me shaped box.
                      I can’t wait for you to have the time to catch up with all the dirty love for you I’ve been pouring into my . poetry while you’ve been away.


                    29. Your blog will never suffer from a little absence, you care for it and love it too much and people will still keep giving you love and praise for it no matter what. They are always dig to read more of your poetry so it’s like an oasis in the desert when you post.
                      You’ll get MANY MANY more likes baby


                    30. Yes you’re little toy seems to be attracting much attention these days. Probably they want to know who I am loving and lusting after lol


                    31. You’ll find it.
                      He’s okay baby. Happy now . Though the lasting effects…fuck knows. I always try to make him as happy and feel as loved as I can


                    32. Me neither. Yesterday I sent you a message, you’ll find it at some point, saying I want to talk to you about some things once you’re back and settled.in NY.

                      After yesterday although the violence was very minimal, something clicked in my head. It can wait. But I need your thoughts and advice


                    33. Oh! Okay. No it’s not scary bad for Us. Or anything scary to do with my feelings for you. Just scary and important for me and life and stuff


                    34. It’s a lot less than it used to be. Mostly I feel guilty for talking about it.
                      He won’t stop. As long he always blames me for everything wrong in our relationship and for so many more things about our life together and as long as he feels he is the one who is suffering (which maybe he is in some way, considering he wants more love and affection from me than I am capable of giving) and as long and as I keep doing the things he says make him angry and upset, he always will do that. And years ago when it was just me, fine I accepted it especially since I thought I deserved it as some kind of karmic punishment for the bad things I’ve done in life but now in front of my little one. ..something is shifting. I don’t know what to do about it.
                      Like I said…too deep and important for a day like today


                    35. well has he stopped to consider if he didn’t use you like a punching bag you may be more loving

                      i understand
                      but whatever you did can’t be that bad
                      not for all of this punishment


                    36. No. I don’t think so. I don’t think he sees it that way. When he’s happy to hit me while Alexander is actually in my arms and then tell me it’s my fault and I don’t care about him (Alexander) to let this happen or to stop it then no he hasn’t considered it. He thinks on the one hand we belong together and we’ll have along life together and he loves me like no one else ever has or will and on the other i am whore a bitch a useless person and mum and much much more. How I will stop all this i don’t know. Then we have really good days and all I feel is guilt.

                      It was bad. I won’t tell you or anyone. But I deserve much of what happened in the past. Now I feel I’ve paid enough of a price. And I surely SURELY deserve better and so does Alexander. And honestly, so does he. I can’t be right for him if this is the life we’re living. I’m confused baby. Hence why this is difficult to talk about. We’d need hours if not days and right now, we don’t have either


                    37. there are 13 comments awaiting my response on teardrops

                      16 on the whispers in the palm trees

                      55 on exotic fruit

                      and another five on massage of poetry. let me tell you that poem has brought tons of new people to my blog. i think people search massage and my poem comes up
                      crazy how this shit works.

                      I tink a poem title can drive people to your blog through searches


                    38. Yeah I think so too about the title.

                      Massage of poetry is so popular! I keep getting likes of my comments to you on that one!

                      You’ll find comments from me too in all those. Also I think I super effing sweet one on … I think my pillow waits for you? Can’t remember


                    39. I know you will. I like it when you find them scattered here and there and then I remember how much I gushed over you lol

                      I love that . I think I’ll need a good tan on my Milky white skin to live up to that name


                    40. You know what I did a while ago.
                      I changed my contact email on the blog so when/ if people want to contact me it doesn’t get lost in all of the WP notification emails. so all the emails about posts and likes and comments go to the one connected to the blog and then there’s a separate one on my contact page for anything else. Not that I get many of those. but doing something like that might help you out.


                    41. Good morning baby

                      I am wishing you the most wonderful day ever.

                      Everything will be amazing.

                      You will be charming, magnetic and beautiful as always and you’ll be the best best man your friend could ask for.

                      Giving you all my love and soft kisses always.



                    42. Maria,
                      My head is exploding beyond belief.
                      What a frakin’ night. Now these effing roosters are cockadoodle doodling their effing heads off.

                      Thanks Baby
                      Have a great day



                    43. And I love that you used the word frakin’.
                      No idea you were a Battlestar Galactica fan.
                      Kind of nerdy-hot for you right now


                    44. Hey.

                      yes yes I know, you’re not here. But I am compelled to always say hi during my precious 30 minute quiet time.

                      hope you’re having the best day ever.

                      Heart beating crazy love for you ♥


                    45. Of course.
                      That’s one poem I thought I hadn’t read but I had. I just didn’t go through the comments then I spotted me there lol
                      I do read some of your break up stuff when I have time and /or if you’re not around. Helps me understand more things


                    46. Good things baby of course. Not that it’s good that you were hurting. I hate that you were in pain.
                      But good that you were writing poetry and accepting affection and comfort from your friends and followers when you needed it


                    47. I didn’t actually see those. You’ve mentioned it before.
                      I read one back and forth where you told someone you guys intended on being friends after the break up but then she started saying mean things to you in your video chats. That made me mad. At her obviously!


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