Entering the quiet house, a thunderous silence greeted Lisa.

She flipped through her mail. As usual, the only men who remembered her were named Bill, utility and cable.

Finding her usual spot on the couch, she unpinned her hair, letting it cascade onto her delicate shoulders.

Reaching for her shoes, she remembered him. If he were here he would remove them, like he always did. That would be followed by a soothing rub and perhaps a loving kiss on her toes.

She sighed.

Hours later she lay deep in her recliner; wrapped in her thick white bathrobe. A diet coke and remote rested in her lap.

An annoying commercial interrupted the programming.

Her gaze fell upon her uncovered pale feet in desperate need of a pedicure.

She wondered what he would be doing if he were here right now. She smiled. She knew the answer. Painting her toe nails or massaging her tired feet.

No doubt, he would shower her with attention.

When he first spoke of his connection to her feet, she laughed and called him a stupid ape. She remembered his stupid grin when he called her Cinderella.

Then, came the days she actually envied her feet.

Now she missed the damn chimp.


A Few Notes:

The inspiration for this came from prior conversations with old girl friends and a recent one with my daughter’s mother.

The being referred to as an “ape/chimp” actually started with my high school sweetheart.

Please note: My butterflies have always bestowed the pleasure of shoe removal on moi.

It’s easy to make this chimp happy.


124 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. A quick visit to return your kindness,I enjoyed your beautifully narrated short story.Elegant the legs of the lady,and of great help your notes.I’ll re-follow you,but please don’t flood my “muddy” email inbox,you’d better focus on your novel writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smiling. Yeah, that is where I get into trouble. So, it is entirely my fault. A few things. 1- Are you okay? 2- Tomorrow I will be posting a list of all my faults & complaints received by females. Hope you’ll have a chance to read. 3- Have a good one my dear. Happy to hear from you.

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        1. Finish you work day in peace. Go home and relax. Thought you may have been under the weather. Me chimping around as you can see. Helped my daughter write a paper for a scholarship. Yeah, tomorrow’s post should be interesting. After that one I will be the Lonely Author.

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  2. This one is so special and sweet but I’ve been struck with the thought that if you want to get rich, you should be writing for men. I mean do you think you can teach Petie to manicure and paint my toe-nails? Can you teach him to lovingly remove my shoes from my tired feet and protectively watch over me while I sleep? I mean you if you could make those kind of sweet dreams real for all women, Chimp you’d change the world! 😉 When you accomplish that task thousands, maybe millions, of butterflies will gather at your feet…

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    1. Hahaha I love this comment. My novels are geared to men, but they do have their romantic element. LOL I have recently started to blog less with the goal of returning to my novels. It’s funny you mention it, because it appears many men dislike me. I mean no harm to anyone, but it is what it is.

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      1. Well, I know why…but you know, who cares? If you wrote in way that would give them benefit with women maybe they wouldn’t feel quite so challenged. lol! My big problem is people thinking I’m a man! Now, that I don’t get at all…I’d love some insight. If you don’t write novels what will you do with all that Chimp awesomeness?

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              1. Or anything? I know the people we talk to online are mostly, limited information and a lot of our own imagination. After time though it is possible to know quite a bit about a person. I promise, I’m female, opinionated, very girly and kind of old… lol!

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                  1. Thank you. My family would probably say, “Don’t encourage her! She thinks too much!” They’ve been telling me not to think so much for years. It’s like telling the sun not to shine! Have a wonderful evening and weekend.:0)

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      1. I’ve read so many poems today in my effort to return reads that I wanted a change. For some reason, poets return reads more often than fiction writers (you’re the exception) so I up returning reads on a lot of poems. I don’t mind most of the time but today I’d had enough flowery speech and wanted plain writing with a humorous twist. So I clicked short stories from a drop down you have on the site and it brought me to a listing page. I paged through it seeking a story I hadn’t read and the title caught my eye. Thanks for an entertaining read. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

              1. Pretty far. I have only 10 K written out of the usual 110 K a book like it should have at the very least. I’ve been working on Curse Breaker. I plan to release books 1-4 between now and next June on pre-order/sale because those books are written and just need to be edited/revised. So I only have what you’ve seen on the blog for Aerials. The story was created for the blog actually. I do plan to finish and publish it; I’m just not certain of when yet because there is so much left to write and I am not sure when I will be able to fit that in. I haven’t made any plans beyond releasing Curse Breaker: Trapped (book 4) for pre-order on 6/27/2017. Aerials could be after that or Quest or Lord of the Sea, all three stories are further along than Curse Breaker book 5. Lord of the Sea is the furthest along though you can’t tell from my blog. I am feeling my way in the dark 🙂

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                1. No, no, you are right Continue with your Curse Breaker series. You need to start cranking these books out. If you are so close to complete, you need to have them done and published. Aerials has to wait its turn. We are all feeling our way. Best of luck.

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                  1. Thank you for understanding! Your thoughts march in step with mine. I have at last count 7 books close enough to completion that I want to finish and get out there where they can do something for me.


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