Love and Lust: The Naughtiest Position couple on wall people
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He burst into the house
like a man on a mission
his mouth watered for her sex
with the most primal of urge

She was glad his trip ended
a week apart drove her insane
she needed his manhood
to relieve her wet desires

First he yanked off her jeans
pinned her face to the wall
smacked her bare ass
pulled on her silky tresses

She glowed with delight
his violent thrusts left her shaken
he knew she didn’t want love
tonight she needed to be taken


430 thoughts on “Taken

                  1. I did a tips on staying together post not to long ago and seriously, the things that annoy me the most now are all the things that I loved about hubby at first, especially the whole need for speed thing and the inability to anticipate. Like, yes, the laundry basket does need to go upstairs. He will do absolutely anything I ask, but could walk past that basket for days otherwise. Our minds just work differently, I get that…plus tell me you don’t have that whole man flu thing going on when you’re ill!

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  1. God, you are trying to kill me. I knew it was your evil plot all along. I’m going to be all hot and not-at-all bothered all day… so, umm… Thanks? Yeah.. sure… thanks. πŸ˜› Now if I can stop panting, I’m going to try to continue my day. Dear God.


      1. I might be able to help with that. Oh sorry… that was wildly inappropriate. (And God knows I’m never inappropriate..!) I’m pretty sure your reputation is just fine. Though ‘soiled’ is not the word that came to mind… for me anyway…

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                    1. And you’re going to write that for me now, right? πŸ˜› You know, I just remembered something I wrote about an accidental splash and a need to remove clothing and being ‘trapped’ in the laundry room. I suppose I should dig that up, too. God, I really AM a naughty girl… even I’m surprised I have so much of this stuff already written….

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  2. So here’s what’s happening. I am claiming this post. I don’t think it’s about anyone you don’t want to be reminded of, I think it’s just you being a dirty minded little perv , which I don’t mind at all, plus no one’s commented for a while on this so…works for me.
    You know I don’t read the comments right? I mean I have read a few, and now I just don’t!
    So yes, this is now my post and I shall talk to you whenever I want.
    If that’s works for you, I know part of you REALLY likes to tell me what to do and what’s what…so feel free to order me around , lol.

    How are you?

    Lots of stuff floating around in my head



      1. I actually think not reading comments will be much better for me, as Far as my fragile sanity is concerned and my poor fractured heart so…I may just ignore them.

        They have already crashed but whatever decides to run rampant in my head from now on we can share. I love sharing with you.

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          1. Haha… actually…I noticed!
            Were you terribly disappointed?

            I am prone to reading between the lines and hurting myself in doing so so that’s why mostly, I won’t read. It’s absolutely not you. It’s my long term neuroses and insecurities which usually I would hide but..I fucking can’t with you

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  3. Took me AGES to find this post again! Lol

    Just, hi.

    I hope you’re okay and not running yourself into the ground.

    Hope you’ll be around for a little while today.

    Also just so you can giggle, a couple for our conversations on my posts are getting more attention than my poems πŸ˜‚

    It’s giving me endless giggles

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    1. Lol
      Not surprised. Sometimes my crazy ass comments/conversations do that. Then, your wit, charm, and comebacks will heighten curiosity.

      A little tired. But it has been fun. Driving down to the Florida keys today. Supposed to be gorgeous.

      Nice that our conversations and the attention they get keep you company while I am tied up.

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          1. Yep. Mine. I did say that I know a part of you loves to tell me what to do…so feel free to say no, lol. Or order me around

            The content…What do you think? πŸ™Š


      1. Hey so…the next two weeks, Someone is going to be constantly home from work. That means my online time will be very sparse and quick. I probably won’t be posting, and if I do, it will be very short. 29th October I think he’ll be back at work as normal. I am going to write a little post about it later, but I want you to know that I will be here at least once or twice for short periods. I know those are going to be the days when you’ll be running around and busy too, so in a way, it’s a little less painful! These are going to be two very … fucked up weeks at home most likely, possibly not as bad as I imagine, but I expect anything usually and often I am right .
        I wanted to let you know before I posted something. It’s already kind of…ouchy that we don’t get to connect much but at least the messed-up-ness of my absence will quell the heart beaty thumps in my chest.

        So if you’re going to say anything else to me today, you’d better make it good baby…I need it to last.


                1. You are a terrible influence on me, which I am sure comes as no surprise to you.

                  Cue a comment from you referring to yourself in the third person telling me how you turn good girls bad?
                  I am getting to know you very well

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                    1. Told you!

                      I don’t know if you’ll ruin me.

                      Crack my heart into a million pieces, probably… but I am fully expecting that.

                      I’m not that good of a girl in the first place

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                    2. Well
                      1. I don’t think you will mean to, but trust me- You will. It is inevitable but I couldn’t give a shit right now
                      2. Thank you.
                      Are you sure one of those is your thumb?
                      No, I really am not a good girl. I try but fail


                  1. I literally have a few minutes. I wanted to say sorry if I was a bit weird or something earlier…. I’d had a really shitty day and then suddenly you appeared and I was so happy but confused and may have sounded a bit off.


                    I miss you so much.

                    Wish we could share more


                    1. Yes of course i effing think.
                      I wouldnt want him around here. This is where my sweet , slowly burning lonely author is…

                      No idea if i am making sense today

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                    2. You know, when we connect at this time of night, i am usually falling asleep and waking up intermitently…so now i am sleepily saying, what a shame you still haven’t had a moment to listen to little Fiery talking and poetry-ing…
                      Really wanted my voice in your ear


                    3. I cant wait…also i am nervous. But mainly very…excited.

                      And now i feel very special if the mighty samsung is being switched off…what did i do to deserve that…

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                    4. Lol…try not to drown in the splooshing tsunami of wet panties as soon as your blog goes live again tomorrow!

                      Happy you’re well

                      I’m okay. I have a little anxiety today, but that’s nothing new. Something I struggle with. Just have to ride it out.

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                    5. Haha…I meant all the other wetness of gasping females that will surely ensue.

                      Sigh…these thoughts of yours are contagious and dangerous. You’d have to beg me to stop

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                    6. Okay. I know I am not supposed to talk about her, but she has read and commented on a couple of my posts. Quite sweet and maybe overly so actually. I haven’t responded to her and I’m not sure what to say. Usually I am very strong minded about my blog and comments but I am at a loss of what to say to her.
                      I have a strong sense of suspicion and I trust my instinct a LOT lately.

                      Help me

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                    7. You need to reply because blogging is about interaction. You instincts are warranted. She has a strong dislike for women in general, and although she discarded me like yesterday’s trash she would be stupid enough to get angry.
                      Just Be your usual self. You know how to handle yourself.

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                    8. Okay baby.

                      That’s what I was thinking.
                      I read a couple of her poems and didn’t comment but read some of her comments with others. You know the fake blog she wrote to you from once and you showed be the conversation? She has a comment from that blog and she replied to it. I mean…it just rang all sorts of alarm bells.

                      Thank you. You’re right.

                      I had to ask. Been driving me nuts all day

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                    9. She plays all kind of games. That is her.
                      Makes fake blogs and answers comments and answers herself.

                      Answer her naturally, as if nothing, as you always did. Don’t be surprised if she tries to get closer. She may be digging for info. I am certain she has read our conversations on other posts. She is still angry I didn’t beg and cry for her like others have done. Several men shut down their blogs because of her. They blog anonymously now.

                      Also, I am kind of happy I am behind reading you. (I will get to all those posts this week.)

                      Please, never be hesitant to discuss anything with me, including her. Open communication
                      is important to me.

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                    10. Breathing a sigh of relief and would very fiercely hug you if you were here…

                      Sorry my mind wandered….πŸ”₯

                      I just responded to her

                      I know her type, don’t worry. I’ve seen and absorbed much darkness and deviousness and manipulation from a LOT of women and one man so I am well versed in narcissistic behaviour.

                      I fully expect her to try to get closer to me.

                      But now that I’ve spoken to you, I can handle myself with her. She is not the craziest person I’ve been in contact with – not even close!

                      I know…I need that too. Honesty and communication. I won’t ever hesitate again.

                      You have no idea how nervous I am of you reading the posts you’ve missed.

                      Kind of trembling actually


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                    11. All of those…but not one track mind

                      It goes down that track by you are incredibly sweet and caring and intelligent and funny and talented and …again…I could go on

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                    12. I see you.

                      I am a bit of a …soul senser if that makes sense.

                      I understand a lot about you, i think. Remember i have actually read your whole blog lol, and put some pieces together, along with what i have learnt from you from our…connection. (I sm very perceptive and super intelligent, lol)
                      I can tell you if you want…just dont want to sound like i am crossing a line or something


                    13. Okay. Here I go and forgive me if I over step


                      Your affinity and love for all women and your desire to please them, pleasure them but ultimately make them feel wanted and needed and desired is absolutely understandable and is what some people mistake for you being a Casanova or ladies man or whatever, but it’s not that. What you saw your mum go through has pushed you towards wanting to make all women feel gorgeous and loved and worthy of the Goddess they are when the world makes them feel used abused and worthless. It’s your way of loving and giving out the goodness that you carry inside you. Or perhaps atoning in some way from something that was never your fault, but karmically you are paying it forward with goodness and sensuality and beauty and appreciation.

                      The fact that you write so beautifully is the purity of your soul shining through, despite
                      or even in spite of what you have been through. It’s the young boy who couldn’t always fully express what he wanted to in the way he wanted to express, built up over the years into an amazing writer who touches people with boyish charm but also with a highly developed sense of what makes people smile and laugh or cry and all other emotions in between . It’s the combination of the little boy who saw and heard things no child should, combined with the alluring charm and magnetism of the man you have become.
                      Your darker side is also incredibly understandable. The darkness you saw has to come out in some way, I know that for a fact. Such things must always find a way to escape our souls and bodies so that we can feel clean and pure and then expel them once, twice or a thousand times more if we have to. Your darker side is just an expression of that and it is a must. It’s the balance in you. Your innate Yin and Yang.
                      And finally, although you never wanted to be like your father, and you are absolutely not, you took his ways and made sure you became the absolute opposite of that and he shaped you in that way, but your shape is beauty and charm and love and talent and a thousand more words and you could have easily been made up of only darkness, but you are absolutely not. You shine brightly and with much love
                      And so

                      I see you

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                    14. Don’t be. You nailed it. I have often tried self analysis and that first paragraph is my same conclusion.
                      Years of memories, thoughts. And self analysis flowed through me while reading this.

                      I am okay now.

                      Yes, you know me.

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                    15. Read your beautiful poem.

                      I thought I’d have to wait all day to read it (time difference etc) but no…

                      I’ll comment soon. Loved it


                    16. So…i will have more time for you tomorrow..not sure how long i have got now.

                      I just replied to your comment on my voice.

                      Wondering when i will hear your voice touching my ears.

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                    17. Explained in another reply. Had major surgery to fuse the six disks in the neck. You see me blogging chatting and always positive and happy, but I feel pain 24 hours a day.

                      I have learned to live with it and not let me affect my life.

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                    18. I won’t be going to bed anytime soon. The pain is intense.

                      Do you know I feel down a flight of stairs? That was the lawsuit I just won in June. That is why I am retired and traveling like a vagabond.
                      Will never have a boss again.

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                    19. What????

                      Well that answers one question I had.

                      My God.
                      Sorry still trying to not be incredibly worried, albeit far too late that you fell down some stairs!

                      It’s a very warm treat talking to you at this time.
                      Usually I have to wait and wait and wait…

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                    20. Oh…it was how tall are you? Lol, just indulge me.

                      And also how old are you? I know you said you’re in your fifties but I want to know.
                      Well you know how old I am.

                      The question was what do you do? I presumed you wrote,like…as a living.

                      But you cleared that up


                    21. Giggling and way too flushed to respond to this right now.

                      Why? God knows. You’re trying to lure me into your bed? Bad, bad boy…


                    22. Hey.
                      I won’t be around in a little while.

                      I emailed you too but no rush for that.

                      Loved connecting with you today so much. And yes, you truly spoiled me today.



                    23. Hi baby.

                      I read it.

                      Is this about you and her?
                      He even quotes the song i sang for you two after she wrote me that poem.

                      Why did he write it?


                    24. Wow.
                      I follow him too, was not expecting that.

                      Ok. Tell me all about it whenver you can.

                      Quick unrelated question and i will leave you alone.

                      Any clue why short-prose-fiction would want to talk to me and ‘tell me a secret’. ?
                      I know you guys are friends so i was just wondering. She and i have only ever just commented on each others poetry.




                    25. Oh..okay. I get it. You meant you want me to …trying to think of a good euphemism for s****ng c**k…(keeping it PG for you)
                      I suppose I didn’t need one.
                      Slowly taste you as you push yourself hard into my mouth?
                      Practising for my impending erotica novel…
                      Good morning by the way. I will laugh so much if this is the first comment you read when you open WP.
                      Probably don’t approve it, I would advise

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                    26. Oh baby…i think you will. Yes

                      You like making me happy. I see that

                      I am Still convinced my mission is to make YOU happy and forget anything that’s hurt your heart..

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