If I could

I would tatto her name upon my heart

To match the one

She tattooed upon my soul


Photo is selfie taken yesterday by Allie.


168 thoughts on “Tattoo

    1. Hahaha Other than the imaginary ones, I have zero tatoos myself. Watch my uncanny ability to see through time and space. Hmmm… Your tatoo. Location: lower back. Tattoo: A butterfly. Color: Fuchsia with a touch of indigo. See how talented I am??? I guess it all wrong.

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              1. Now i m looking ur hollywood .movie”Crazy ,Stupid, begining of dis movie there r some characters seeming to relise thier love by touching feet from thier beloved feet.have u participate in dt movie n see my movie”Pakeeza”?

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                    1. In dt film ,hero says after seei ng d feet of heroin who is sleeping in railway coah -“plz u should not keep ur feet on floor.they can become dirty.heroin is he can not tell her bt writing on a page;he keep dt page nearby her.r u understanding?dt is a soft ,cute n pure love style.

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                    2. Have u read my yesterday’s hindi lines”chalo dildar chalo………i know u have not read .dt line is from dt ,hero says-“walk my dear(dildaar) with me beyond of moon”.n heroine replys-“we r prepared to walk with u beyond d moon.plz hurry up”.in dis lines ,pure lo e with soul is appeaerd.m i right.

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