168 thoughts on “Tattoo

    1. Hahaha Other than the imaginary ones, I have zero tatoos myself. Watch my uncanny ability to see through time and space. Hmmm… Your tatoo. Location: lower back. Tattoo: A butterfly. Color: Fuchsia with a touch of indigo. See how talented I am??? I guess it all wrong.

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              1. Now i m looking ur hollywood .movie”Crazy ,Stupid,love.in begining of dis movie there r some characters seeming to relise thier love by touching feet from thier beloved feet.have u participate in dt movie n see my movie”Pakeeza”?

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                    1. In dt film ,hero says after seei ng d feet of heroin who is sleeping in railway coah -“plz u should not keep ur feet on floor.they can become dirty.heroin is mohmaddan.so he can not tell her bt writing on a page;he keep dt page nearby her.r u understanding?dt is a soft ,cute n pure love style.

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                    2. Have u read my yesterday’s hindi lines”chalo dildar chalo………i know u have not read .dt line is from PKizaah.in dt ,hero says-“walk my dear(dildaar) with me beyond of moon”.n heroine replys-“we r prepared to walk with u beyond d moon.plz hurry up”.in dis lines ,pure lo e with soul is appeaerd.m i right.

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