I Love You


A little poem inspired by Frank Sinatra’s “Somethin’ Stupid.”


I Love You

Long nights always linger
I can never place a finger
on why I’m feeling so blue
my mornings devoid of grin
because they can never begin
until I hear from a certain you
my life’s a terrible blunder
and I can’t help but wonder
if you share my passions too
would I lose your attention
if I whisper words of affection
as silly as I love you
I love you


My minutes need reversing
every time I’m conversing
with a dream come true
without you my life’s tragic
cause you provide the magic
that makes me feel so new
my happiness I measure
by your every word I treasure
you have me stuck like glue
would I spoil this feeling
if I whisper words revealing
as stupid as I love you
I love you


Photo taken from Google Images.


214 thoughts on “I Love You

    1. Thank you so much for reading this. I appreciate your comments. Thanks

      Just so you know, I found this comment in my Spam folder. Perhaps your comments are gong into everyone’s Spam folders. Happened t me last week. I removed you from my Spam.

      Thanks for the read and comments. Have a good one.

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