My Name Is Stone


My Name Is Stone

My name is Stone

It is sad being a cemetery statue

I watch unappreciative people

They come here regretting, weeping, mourning

They come here to say goodbye

They come here to be educated

Death teaches them so much about life

It is once

It is short

It is beautiful

I am not a teacher but

Humans leave here with knowledge

My name is Stone

It is sad being a cemetery statue

Things could be worse

I could have been a gargoyle


Image taken from Google Images.


165 thoughts on “My Name Is Stone

  1. This is a great peace. Intense but understated. My first response is from the song it triggered in my mind “a rock feels no pain” and then the last line makes me think of my children’s generation whom I’ve termed “the gargoyle generation” because of their penchant for skulls, chains, etc. It seems they are very fearful and employ evil images in hopes of keeping evil away…I wonder if it would speak to me differently if it weren’t 3 a.m.

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  2. I especially love your ending. When my friend and I (and later my husband any I) took our long drives to nowhere in particular, our favorite destinations were cemeteries. They are beautiful — I have tons of amazing pictures. I loved stumbling upon small overgrown old graveyards (not so hard to find where I live). The older the better.

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    1. My trips to the Doctor take me past an old cemetery. I was wondering what do these statues think about when they witness our suffering. Stone learned to improve his perspective. Thankyou Sandra for contributing your thoughts and experiences. I can imagine your long locks adorning the cemetery. Thank you for your kind words.

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  3. I love stone gargoyles! There is a large collection of them at the newly restored PS109 art building at about 99th & Park Ave if you’re interested.

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    1. lol Just read this message after arriving from an MD appoinment at Mt Sinai on 99th Street and Madison a block away. When I return I will take a peek. Thanks for letting me know. I will take photos when I return. Have a good day.


  4. Oooh, this was what you meant by your new post. I had already read it yesterday I believe, but I forgot to comment! πŸ™‚
    It was so funny, cause when I read this, I recognized something of myself in it. What I mean is, that I often think of people/animals/statues etc, (trees, sometimes, hee-hee), like: “I wonder what they are thinking/feeling”, (if they could feel). Do not get me wrong, I am not “crazy”, πŸ˜‰ I know inanimate objects can not speak/think/feel… it’s just that it is so much fun to imagine what they would think, if they could… And then I read this poem by you, that is so great. Thanks for sharing! I love the whole cemetery thing too…. a sadness at the bottom of it all… πŸ™‚ xo

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    1. Love to read your thoughts. Thank you so much for reading this piece. No, you are not crazy. I passed a cemetery the other day and I asked myself what would these statues say if they could speak. So, if you’re crazy, we both are. LOL Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it.

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  5. I agree with Rose. I liked the poem, but gargoyles are definitely also cool. In fact, now I’m thinking that when I eventually go, I may have a gargoyle watch over my bones. It would get a bit of attention, if nothing else.

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      1. Actually, I loved the photograph the moment I saw it. Her bemused expression is like the living embodiment of my personality. I liked the picture so much, in fact, I actually bought the rights to it rather than using a photograph from one of the free sites out there. I can’t emphasize enough how amazingly rare it is for me to part with money like that. I’m still stunned that I was willing to do it.

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  6. The stone statue experiences the weight of grief but at least it remains constant, and always watches over those passed and those mourning the loss. A poignant write, my friend.

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  7. I too thought of PΓ¨re Lachaise cemetery in Paris and the lovely maiden tombstone that sits over Chopin’s grave site. There are flowers and love letters strewn around it.

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              1. Anytime i listen to audio books all the time. I go through several a week. So if you ever need recommendations on books to read, I’m your gal. I have listened to over 1k audio books possibly even 2k in the last 6 years. πŸ™‚

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