184 thoughts on “Fountain

    1. Sorry, I gyess you didn’t notice my little idon on the side of my blog. I do not participate inthe giving or receiving of awards. i am so tied up with my writing, I really don’t have the time to participate. Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate the gesture. Thanks and be well.

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  1. Very nicely written. Although I am one who doesn’t always appreciate people in the media focusing on their figures, your Allie is beautiful and sexy. I would think she has many other positive aspects we may enjoy on other posts, Andrew. ❀
    That being said, I have two beautiful daughters and tell them they also need to be respected for their minds, too! πŸ™‚

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  2. My first thought took me to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. It was a beautiful day and all the people seemed so excited to be there. True romance as everyone was hugging and kissing their special partner. Thank you for taking me back to a special time with your poem.


              1. what was dt accident?can u tell me?if no then rahne do.puraane jakhamon ko haraa karane se koi fayda nahi.remembering dt accident is forgotten;dis is benefit for life n enjoying every moments.

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                  1. hey funny dew!!when we meet u i think dt i n u will only laughing n will be unable to talk on poetry,feelings n thinkings.if it all will be happen then i will meet u for half hour n after dt all days,i will live near ur allie.right.at so much laughing without any talk,aruna will go bananas.if u will want to say something;i will hear all dt by allie.okay.

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