A Better Life – 3


A Better Life

A Better Life – 2

A Better Life – 3

Exiting the flash of overwhelming light, Jack hurried out of the rancid alley. He walked past a UPS driver who removed packages from his brown truck.

Jack stepped into the vehicle and turned the ignition.

“Hey, that’s my truck.”

Flooring the accelerator, he navigated the van through heavy traffic. “Come on. Get out of the way.”

Glancing into the rearview mirror, he noticed packages fall out the open back door, leaving a long trail. Two minutes later, he steered the truck up the stairs leading to the entrance. He had no concern for his own safety.

Jack raced out of the truck into the elementary school. Arriving at the security desk, he found the pudgy guard with two bullet wounds in his chest.

A loud pop sent arctic chills up his spine.

Around the corner he discovered the lone gunman stepping over the sprawled principal; reaching for the door to her classroom.

Running as fast as he could, Jack hurled his body at the crazed killer. They crashed to the floor. Wrestling for control of the weapon, several shots rang out.

Jack banged the gunman’s hand against the floor. The weapon fired before coming loose. Still struggling with the assassin, he kicked the gun.

It slid along the polished floor.

The sounds of loud footsteps approaching advised him the police had arrived.

Breaking free, Jack staggered. He slipped into an empty classroom as the gunman hurried after his weapon.

Several shots rang out. The murderer cried out.

Pressing a button on a black wrist band, a flash of brightness appeared. Relieved, he stepped through the time portal.

Entering the lab, Jack found Josephine and his assistant Scott waiting for him. He relaxed, mission accomplished.

A bout of dizziness sent him falling onto his back.

Gazing at his hand which pressed against his trembling abdomen, he noticed the blood stain on his white shirt growing like a spilled glass of wine on a table cloth.

“Scott, call 911.” Josephine rushed to his side.

Staring into her loving eyes, Jack opened his mouth to speak.

Everything turned black.


To be continued.

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188 thoughts on “A Better Life – 3

  1. I love this story so much. I can see it all in my head like it’s already a movie. I expect an advance copy when the full length novel is done. And obviously I will be at the movie premiere, as previously discussed. 🙂

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        1. Don’t know how much you know about novel writing. I am plotting this story on paper. The character’s backstory, the secondary characters, theme, time period. I think it works better if it were twnety or thirty years in the future. Hope to serious start work on it by the summer. Sorry, if these details are boring you. I am kind of nerdy when it comes to novel/screenwriting. Thanks for your support.

          Liked by 1 person

              1. A hack? I don’t know. I have some huge stories that could be novels with some (lots of) work, but I’ve always felt like I don’t know what I’m doing or I’m not “doing it right” whatever that means. And maybe that’s crazy because there are tons of ways to do it (write a novel, I mean 😛 ). And the poetry… I think I’ve become quite good at it but I never really identified myself as a poet since I really haven’t been writing it for very long.

                So yeah… I’m a hack. 😀

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                1. Funny, there are more poetry posts than anything else on my blog, yet I still don’t identify myself as a poet. I am a novelist screen writer. Sandra when you are serious about the novel writing talk to me. I will help you along the way. But please be aware it is a giant commitment. And you’re not a hack.

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                  1. Thank you… I have always dreamt of writing a novel but (please don’t yell at me) I never thought anything I’d written would ever be good enough — even once I started getting feedback from people who really liked my work. I think I write well but my stories (longer ones) would probably be boring to anyone but me. And if you remember that super old blog post of mine we were taking about recently, I also have a problem letting go and ending stories…

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    1. Smiling. Thanks for saying that. It’s funny, I started this as a one time write. Now, I am mapping out a screenplay in my spare time (which by the way is usually while taking a bath. Sorry, for the visual). Next Thursday is the conclusion. Hopefully, it will go out with a bang. Thank you for all of your wonderful support. Mucho appreciated. Where would I be without you?

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      1. You’re most welcome. When we relax whether it be in out chair or a hot tub of water, is when we find out best visual for writing. Smiles.

        I will anxiously await for the conclusion of this beautiful thrilling story. Again, you’re most welcome.

        Without me, you would still soar in your writing and in everything that you do my friend. I am just another person who loves and adores your writing. You inspire me so.

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                    1. It’s called For Friends Without Borders and a bunch of us can blog on it but Rob from the V Pub set it up. Sandra and Meg blog there, too. You should come over and ask Rob to add you as a poster or whatever the word is, that’s what I did, so I could post things I didn’t necessarily want on my blog.

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                    2. Exactly! And Meg doesn’t really want clients to follow her stories there and I don’t really want my family following, lol! Plus our followings on our regular blogs might be expecting something different and I don’t want to offend anyone…


                    3. No, the reason you have so many followers is because you are an excellent writer and write so many things well. I literally would read ad copy if you wrote it cause it would be entertaining. Your erotica is seductive and sensual and I miss it, but I don’t think there’s one thing you’ve written that I haven’t liked.

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                    4. I would love to feature you! You don’t even need to ask! We can do something any time and you better be my friend forever, I want to be able to say I knew you when you were just starting out and always knew you’d hit the big time! You know, I am pretty good at judging quality writing. I won’t ever say someone sucks, but I don’t rave about mediocre or even pretty good people. And I rave about you!

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      1. I remember reading the Time Traveler’s Wife (not sure of the title – can’t remember – read it a looong time ago) and this reminded me of it. They said there was a movie of it – never got around to watching it. Maybe one of these days..

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    1. Smiling. Thank you. I keep my stories short on the blog. I know people don’t have time to read. I am working on a screenplay for this story. That of course will have more description and fuller characters. Thank you so much for your input. It makes me think I am on the write track with this story. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Laughing. I have had this idea brewing fora few months. Now I am testing it for free on an audience and people seem to like it. So, I am going to start writing a full length screenplay before summer. Blogging is wonderful. Thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

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  2. The action keeps coming! The hero saves the day for a second time, but we’ll have to see about this injury. Looking forward to the next installment.

    Liked by 2 people

          1. No, I won’t. I just finished packing all the things my children have given me. I’m sending all of it back to them. I thought it would make me incredibly sad….but it doesn’t. It’s like closing a door that I know will lock after I shut it….but I’m okay with it.

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. I know. Would you have ever thought? It’s still sort of like a bad dream for me, even though every day I think…they’re really gone and I am going to be alone for the rest of my life. Hell….I was alone when they were all there…including Loser….so, what’s new? LOL

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  3. So are you saying you’re in favor of protecting the second amendment or favor legislation supporting gun control?

    Love the non stop action. You keep the story moving at a very fast pace. Looking forward to his “awakening.”

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  4. Andrew! How did I miss this?! Jack better be okay!! This story is over next Thursday?! No! I really liked this, a lot! 😊

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