Even When I’m Not In Sight


Even When I’m Not In Sight

On your quiet moments gray
I will write you a lovely verse
To place a smile upon your face
When you need a calming ear
Remember I’m always listening
Even when I’m not here

On the nights you’re feeling cold
Wrap yourself in our love embers
Let my warmth bring heated glow
When you’re feeling alone tonight
Remember I’m always with you
Even when I’m not in sight

Photo of Allie taken by me.


250 thoughts on “Even When I’m Not In Sight

  1. I’ve finally figured out the beauty of your poetry beyond the incredible words and cadence… “When you’re feeling alone tonight, Remember I’m always with you, Even when I’m not in sight” You provide the magical support to those who wander by with the feeling of loneliness. Great poem (as is your gift).

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  2. Charming and sweet words. I love wearing my husband’s shirt to bed when he’s away. I love your poem, and I’m currently traveling alone, so your words touch me even more💋. The Like button is still loading, so I’ll press it when it decides to show up.

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