The Spy Who Loves You


The Spy Who Loves You

I sauntered into the royal casino so grand
me a tuxedo chimp so suave and debonair
prepared for a night of dangerous espionage
cause scoundrels were lurking everywhere

I studied the environment to make my move
my instincts led me to the only seat untaken
burly Bartender asked “what’s your poison?”
I smiled, “Chocolate milk stirred not shaken”

a sexy lady crossed long legs that led to paradise
“My name is Sugar Ann Spice and I’m feeling blue”
I flashed a smart smile, “Author, Lonely Author
tonight, lucky lady I’ll be the spy who loves you”

With a wink I suggested a game of naked Twister
would she be interested in taking an odd chance
she admired a roll of silver dollars in my pocket
and dared to ask if that was a gun in my pants

Oh what a painful double cross for Chimpy me
how could this super spy Chimp possibly know?
he imagined wild passions with Sugar Ann Spice
instead this sexy siren turned out to be Dr. No


Warning  to my friends: There are many things I share with my wife Allie.  This Friday April 8th we celebrate our birthdays.  This week the Chimp will be borderline giddy. You can expect to find silly comments on your blogs throughout the week.

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223 thoughts on “The Spy Who Loves You

      1. No no… I have been promised! And if you break that promise, there will be consequences!! 😀 By the way, that is amazing that you two have the same birthday! John and I are the same year but he is 3.5 weeks older. Ahh, I’ll always be the younger one. 🙂

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                  1. Dear chimp !! My heart is so soft n weak to hear any tragedy.gents r some hard hearted n practical i tell u for asking.u know dt i love my all bloggers so can not bear thier tearing.plz dew !!understand.all writers understand emotions of all others.

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                  2. What is mocking d life with me ?one side a depression for hooky n other sida is ur celebration ‘s happieness by which i m trying to divert my mind n go away from tension.may be life is dis type or i m phyco

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  1. Definitely a painful double cross! I thought for sure the debonair spy would find a fun, passionate night. Hopefully, Dr. No didn’t capture the spy and put him in a tank with sharks. Also, I need to try shaking chocolate milk — I’ve tried it stirred for many years and never did the shaking trick. Thanks for the smiles 🙂

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  2. Awwww 😊
    This made me smile giggle laugh outloud lonely Author – what a fun contagious poem..
    Wishing you and your love happy happy moments 🎉💕🎉💕🎉💕🎉
    Love celebrations of any kind 🎉

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  3. Absolutely fabulous! What a hoot to read – Happy Birthday to you and Allie – anyone who can make such fun in a relationship must be very special.
    Two cakes coming right up for Mr. Chimpy Bond and Sugar Ann Spice. Don’t burn the house down with all those candles. 😀

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  4. Bravo! This was a charming story to entertain me 🙂 Sending Big B’day wishes to you both–many happy returns on your special day! Will there be cake??? (I just took an Apple Spice cake out of the oven–I’d be willing share.)

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  5. Happy birthday in advvance n allie .do u both spy eachother.8th april is special for my personal issue.i will tell u after ur a gift u both dearest if u have no objection.

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      1. Thanks to u both chimps.will u celebrate in african forest on a tree.where u will get many followers like u who is decorating all trees with a beutiful golden bed n resting chair at meditarian sea.sure.they r looking way of u both chinps coz chimps r liked by chimps who r in most numbers at africa.ha ha hi hi.

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