Never Meant For You

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Never Meant For You

Just because
you’re my grand obsession
my beautiful poetic muse
doesn’t mean these little words
were meant for you
we both know
there is a clock by my bed
that marks every lonely hour
you’re not by my side
that doesn’t mean
I wrote these words for you
yes, I admit
my lips ache for you
as I breathe your words
crave your prose
which flow through my burning veins
that doesn’t mean these words
were written for you
just because
you’re my north and my south
and I refuse to live
a day without your poetry
as your words fill me with joy
as your rhymes beat with my heart
don’t read between blurred lines
just get over it
these little words were
never meant for you

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187 thoughts on “Never Meant For You

  1. Actually physically dizzy now from reading so much of you and honestly…I feel like I’ve learnt so much. But in an even stranger way, I feel like I already knew all of this about you, but now it’s a little deeper.
    Have a beautiful day, Mr Lonely Author. I mean that from my heart, and you know I do.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I am definitely experiencing that

        Sometimes I sense things. It’s a bit weird but I am slowly accepting it.

        How could you possibly disappoint?


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